Best Season to Visit Kanchipuram

July to August & November to March is Best Season to Visit Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram has humid and tropical weather throughout the year, so, Monsoon (July to August) and Winter (November to March) is the best time to visit Kanchipuram to explore the ancient temples and monuments. If you wouldn't mind the rains, visiting Kanchipuram in Monsoon is the best time to enjoy the lush paddy fields and is the perfect season for sightseeing. Winters are chilly and conducive to travel and sightseeing. Winter is also the best time to celebrate the religious festivals in Kanchipuram like Pongal, Maha Shivaratri and Brahmothsavam (May).

Peak Season in Kanchipuram

July to August & May to June is Peak Season in Kanchipuram

July to August, Pongal & Brahmotsavam (May to June) is the peak seasons in Kanchipuram. Pongal is a major festival celebrated in Kanchipuram and attracts a large number of travelers during this time. Another prominent festival in Kanchipuram is Brahmotsavam, which is a ten-day long festival celebrated in the month of May. Maha Shivratri is also the busiest season and many travelers visit Kailasanathar Temple of Kanchipuram during this season.

Kanchipuram Weather

Minimum Temperature in Kanchipuram


Maximum Temperature in Kanchipuram


Present Temperature in Kanchipuram

Winter (October - February):

Winter is the best time to explore Kanchipuram. The climate will be like other parts of South India at this time. Temperature goes up to 29C at this time. Winter is the peak tourist season in Kanchipuram.

Summer (October - February):

Certainly, summer is a suggestible time to visit Kanchipuram. During summer here is also a festival season. The prime attraction during this time is Masi Mahotsav. Temperature goes up to 30C to 39C during the summer. Peoples who can visit here during summer is like to explore the pilgrimage festival.

Monsoon (June - September):

Monsoon contains heavy rainfall in this period. And this place will be cool breezed. This is the time to explore those who like to do dark tourism. During monsoon, some of the areas will be flooded and are not advisable to normal tourists. The temperature will come up to 34C during this time.