Best Season to Visit Karwar

October to February is Best Season to Visit Karwar

Peak Season in Karwar

December to January is Peak Season in Karwar

Karwar Weather

Minimum Temperature in Karwar


Maximum Temperature in Karwar


Present Temperature in Karwar

Winter Season (October-February):

Winter and spring from October to February are the best time to visit the town. Weather remains moderately cold during these months and the temperature varies from 26C to 18C. Winters in Karwar are mild. Hence, the weather is tranquil, pleasant and enjoyable. During this season tourists can enjoy Karavali Utsav in February.

Summer Season (March-June):

The temperature usually goes as high as 36C during the peak hours of the day, the temperature fluctuates between 30 C to 37C. Karwar experiences hot and humid weather during summers therefore it is not regarded as a good time to travel to Karwar. The climate can be very hot with the temperature soaring high.

Monsoon Season (June-September):

Moderate rainfall is the characteristic of the season. Monsoon is a good time to visit Karwar. Rains, too, are mild in Karwar and hence can be very enjoyable. There is not much heat in the atmosphere and you can comfortably enjoy the beach. During the entire year, Karwar aggregates up to 3796.9mm (149.5") of precipitation.