Best Season to Visit Ganpatipule

October to March is Best Season to Visit Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule experiences pleasant weather in the Winter season from October to March when the weather is not too hot and humid. This is the perfect time to enjoy the adventure water activities in Ganpatipule like paragliding, swimming, going for a motorboat, water scooter and pedal boat rides, camel rides, etc. Winter is the best time for families and Adventure freaks as well those want a break from the chaos of everyday life.

Peak Season in Ganpatipule

December to January is Peak Season in Ganpatipule

Dussehra season (around October) and New Year time are the peak seasons in Ganpatipule. October is the busiest season in Ganpatipule and attracts a large number of travelers. Hotels prices and activity prices are also very expensive during this season. New Year holiday season attracts a considerable number of travelers and usually, hotels are more expensive during this season due to large influx of travelers heading to this region.

Ganpatipule Weather

Minimum Temperature in Ganpatipule


Maximum Temperature in Ganpatipule


Present Temperature in Ganpatipule

Winter Season (November - February):

In Winter season the temperature varies in the Ganpatipule between 12C and 25C. During this season, individuals can relish all the delightful and magnificent views of Ganapatipule. The weather is agreeably cool and is suitable for reconnoitering the lovely Ganapatipule. Ganpatipule celebrates important Hindu festivals Navratri and Diwali. Navaratri is celebrated for nine nights and ends with the Durga Puja and Dussehra. Traditional dance nights are held, and the air of celebration is palpable. Diwali, the festival of lights, is a delight to enjoy by the beachside, as people light lamps and enjoy the festivities.

Summer Season (March - June):

The temperature usually goes as high as 38.8C during the peak hours of the day, however, the travelers can visit few places a day and can take rest at the Hotel. While the days are hot, the evenings are pleasant and breezy, with the sea breeze cooling the entire town up. With a minimum temperature of 22C, the evenings and nights are comfortable. Keep in mind that the heat may be too much, so summer is not recommended for a family trip to Ganapatipule.

Monsoon Season (July - October):

The average annual precipitation at Ganpatipule is 847mm with most of the rainfall received during the monsoon season. During the monsoon, it rains heavily and it results in cleaning the leave of the trees and everything around, which makes everything look fresh and vibrant. It is a beautiful time of the year. The Ganesh Chaturthi festival, which commemorates the birthday of Lord Ganesha, is a popular festival celebrated in August-September. The entire town comes alive in week-long festivities.