Best Season to Visit Ratnagiri

October to February is Best Season to Visit Ratnagiri

Winter season from October to February is the best time to visit Ratnagiri to explore the most beautiful beaches and historical monuments. During winters the temperature remains cool and is an ideal time for visiting beaches. Monsoon and Summer are not the good seasons to visit Ratnagiri because Monsoon receives heavy rainfall and summer month are hot and humid in the region.

Peak Season in Ratnagiri

December to January is Peak Season in Ratnagiri

December to January around New Year time is the busiest season in Ratnagiri and attracts a huge number of tourists to this region to celebrate their New Year party. Hotel prices are very expensive during this season and advance booking at leastone month is recommended.

Ratnagiri Weather

Minimum Temperature in Ratnagiri


Maximum Temperature in Ratnagiri


Present Temperature in Ratnagiri

Winter Season (October - February):

The weather is predominantly cool and dry and is a good time to explore the city and indulge in adventure tourism at the beaches, of which there are plenty in Ratnagiri. The beauty of the place during the season gets more enhanced. Tourist is assured a pleasant atmosphere to explore and have lots of fun. The lows at this place during the winter season hover around 15C. October and November are the months of festivals like Dussehra, Ganesh Puja and Diwali which are celebrated with great enthusiasm here.

Summer Season (March - May):

It is sweltering during the summers, with the temperature rising to 38C. It rains during the summer months too, which hampers your visit to the beaches. The day time of the place is quite scorching and irritating but the night brings some relief to the people. Even though local sightseeing to various forts, forests and waterfalls is not convenient during summers, there are other things you can indulge in. One of them is the famous and exclusive seafood cuisine of Ratnagiri.

Monsoon Season (June - September):

The monsoon season at the place comes with the month of June and till the month of September, the season persists. Heavy rainfall occurs during the season. The atmosphere during the monsoon season can be pleasant. The charm of the place during this time is superb. The waterfalls are at their best as it increases the beauty of Konkan region manifold.