Best Season to Visit Mandvi

October to March is Best Season to Visit Mandvi

Winter season from October to March is the best time to visit Mandvi to explore its beautiful beaches. This is the time the weather remains and cool and pleasant which is perfect for sightseeing. Uttarayan and International Kite Festival are the most popular festival celebrated in Gujarat as well as in Mandvi during the same time. Summer months tend to be very harsh and is not comfortable to explore beaches.

Peak Season in Mandvi

November to February is Peak Season in Mandvi

December to January is the peak tourist season in Mandvi. December time attracts a large number of tourists to this beach destination to celebrate their Christmas and New year events. January is a festive season (Uttarayan and International Kite Festival) in Mandvi and People from various states of India also take part in the festival and fly beautiful kites.

Mandvi Weather

Minimum Temperature in Mandvi


Maximum Temperature in Mandvi


Present Temperature in Mandvi

Winter Season:

Ideally winter is the best time to explore here. It starts in the month of October and spans till February. This is the highest peak season of Mandvi. The temperature will rise around 36░C from 25░C. The climate would be theácharm and pleasant. Sometimes rains are approaching this coastal region to experience the beauty of this place. This makes more joy to the travelers.

Summer Season:

The weather used to get high during this time. Hot and humid climate occurs at this time. Summer starts here in the month of March and continuous till May. This is not a preferable time to explore this region. The temperature can become 40░C here. And this is not a peak season here, so who can plan their trips to here for a budget trip. The Mandvi beach can make you find some relief from the heat.

Monsoon Season:

Monsoon lasts till August from June. During monsoon, the temperature amount will be 31░C to 37░C. Rainfalls occur 4-5 days a month. In a year, the rainfall is 1539 mm. The place has an average humidity and the weather would be pleasant and nice for sightseeing. As it is off-season you can find out the hotels and packages with decent rates.