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Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 Days

Base Station: Kalpetta (wayanad)

Nearest City to Kalpetta: Kozhikode (70 Kms)

Best Time to Visit Kalpetta: November to April

Peak Season: November to March

State: Kerala | District: Wayanad

Kalpetta Weather: Summer: Maximum - 35°C & Minimum - 18°C
Winter: Maximum - 22°C & Minimum - 12°C

At a distance of 73 km from Kozhikode, 246 km from Kochi, 180 km from Thrissur, 168 km from Palakkad, 118 km from Ooty and 442 km from Trivandrum, Wayanad is a hill district in Kerala formed in 1980 by carving out areas from Kozhikode and Kannur districts. Kalpetta is the headquarters of the Wayanad district and it is one of the best hill stations in Kerala and also a wonderful summer getaway from Bangalore, Mysore & Kozhikode cities.

The name Wayanad is derived from Vayal Nadu which means the land of paddy fields. It is a picturesque plateau situated at an altitude ranging between 700 to 2100 meters nested among the mountains of the Western Ghats on the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka States. The culture of Wayanad is mainly tribal oriented. This district is one of the biggest foreign exchange earners of the State with its production of cash crops like pepper, cardamom, coffee, tea, spices and other condiments.

Wayanad has a rich history and the hills of Wayanad have several evidences of the New Stone Age civilization. There are pictures and pictorial writings on the walls of both the caves of Ampukuthimala, which lie between Sultan Bathery and Ambalavayal, that provide crucial information about the past era and civilization. In ancient times the land was ruled by the Vedar Rajas. Later Wayanad came under the rule of Pazhassi Raja of Kottayam Royal Dynasty. After becoming the King of Mysore, Hyder Ali invaded this land and brought it under his control. However, it went back to the Kottayam Royal Dynasty during the reign of Tipu Sultan. Finally this region came under the British rule.

Wayanad has a pleasant weather throughout the year and is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kerala. It has several Waterfalls (Meenmutty Falls, Soochipara Falls, Kanthampara Falls), Dams / Lakes (Pookote Lake, Banasura sagar dam, Karappuzha Dam), Wildlife Sanctuaries (famous Wayanad WLS), Peaks / Trekking Destinations (Brahmagiri / Pakshipathalam, Chembra Peak), Hill Stations (like Lakkidi) and several Pilgrimage centers (like Thirunelly Temple).

Wayanad is also famous for Tea and Coffee plantations. Sulthan Bathery and Mananthavady are the largest towns in Wayanad after Kalpetta and these three towns are the base stations to visit different parts of the Wayanad district. Wayanad has the least population density in Kerala. The famous tribal events and folk dance performances by tribes are hosted between February and May. Onam, during August- September, Maha shivaratri and Vishu are the important festivals celebrated in Wayanad.

Kozhikode International Airport (85 km from Kalpetta) is the nearest airport and Kozhikode Railway Station is the nearest railway station 73 km away from Kalpetta. Wayanad is well connected by bus from Kozhikode, Kannur, Ooty and Mysore. There are regular bus services to Kozhikode from major cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Trivandrum.

Best time to visit Wayanad is from September to May while the peak season is from October to March. It usually takes 1-2 full days to explore this area.

Internet Availability: Average
STD Code: 04936
Languages Spoken: Malayalam,Hindi, English, Tamil & Kannada
Major Festivals: Details Not Available


By Air

Nearest Airport: Kozhikode - Kozhikode International Airport (81 Kms)

By Train

Nearest Train Station: Kozhikode Railway Station (70 Kms)

By Bus

Nearest Bus Station: Kalpetta KSRTC Bus Station (0 Kms)


Lake & Backwaters

At a distance of 13 km from Kalpetta and 3 km after Vythiri, Pookote Lake, also known as Pookode Lake is a natural fresh water lake situated close to the Kalpetta - Kozhikode main road (1 Km).

At an altitude of about 2500 feet, this fascinating natural fresh water lake is surrounded with evergreen forests and rolling hills. The lake is a source of numerous varieties of fish. The Panamaram stream, one of the main tributaries of the Kabani River, originates from the Pookote Lake.

The view of this vast expanse of water in the picturesque backdrop is breathtakingly beautiful......

Nature & Scenic

At a distance of 16 km from Kalpetta & 4 km from Pookote Lake, Lakkidi is a Hill Station often called as the gateway of Wayanad. Situated at an altitude of about 700 m, Lakkidi is one of the places with highest rainfall in the India. Lakkidi View Point is one of the prime attractions in Wayanad.

Lakkidi is located at the crest of the serpentine Thamarassery ghat pass. The journey from Adivaram to Lakkidi through 12 km long ghat road passing through thick forest leaves a wonderful experience. There are nine hairpin curves from Adivaram (Downhill) to Lakkidi. The lush green hills, gorges.....

Lake & Backwaters

At a distance of 22 km from Kalpetta, 21 km from Mananthavady, 46 km from Sulthan Bathery, Banasura Dam is the largest earth dam in India and second largest in Asia. The dam was built across the Karamanthodu River, a tributary of Kabani River. This is one of the prime attractions in Wayanad district.

The dam was built in 1979 to support the Kakkayam Hydroelectric Power Project and satisfy the demand for irrigation and drinking water of the region. The reservoir is marked with a cluster of small size islands. These islands with the background of the Banasura hill provide a mesmerizing.....


At a distance of 24 km from Kalpetta & 46 km from Sulthan Bathery, Soochipara Waterfalls (also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls) is located inside thick forest at a distance of 13 km from Meppadi town.

Soochipara Waterfalls is a 3 tiered waterfall, dropping from a height of about 200 meter. The waterfall cascades down into a large pool, which is a good place for swimming. This place is also an exciting trekking destination. Visitors have to trek down for about 2 km to reach the falls from the road point through slippery and rocky path. The trekking is of easy level, which takes about.....


At a distance of 25 km from Kalpetta, 5 km from Bansura Dam & 48 km from Sulthan Bathery, Meenmutty Waterfalls are magnificent falls located near Bansura Sagar Dam. The upper level of the waterfall can be reached by 1.5 km trek from the entry point.

Cascading down through multiple tiers from a height of over 800 feet, it is a spectacular fall situated inside thick forest flowing through rocky platform. The falls has major tiers with varying height. The first tier can be reached by walking for about half km from the parking area / main entrance of the falls. The lower tier is smaller.....

Historical & Heritage

At a distance of 28 km from Kalpetta, 6 Kms from Ambalavayal & 14 km from Sulthan Bathery, Edakkal caves are located on top of a hillock at an altitude of over 4000 feet on Ambukutty Mala. Edakkal caves are one of the prime attractions in Wayanad district.

The caves were rediscovered in 1890 by an archaeologist. The caves have several line drawings belonging to the Neolithic Age dating back to 6000 BC, the earliest drawings being 8000 years old.

The caves can be reached by about 1.5 km uphill trek from the parking area at the bottom. Most of the trekking path is cemented and.....

Adventure / Trekking | Waterfall

At a distance of 32 Kms from Kalpetta, 48 Kms from Kozhikode & 6 Kms from Kodencheri, Thusharagiri waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Malabar region. Thusharagiri literally means 'snow capped mountains'.

Two streams originating from the Western Ghats meet here to form the Chalippuzha River. The river diverges into three waterfalls creating a snowy spray, which gives the name - Thusharagiri'. The highest of the three falls is the Thenpara Fall dropping from a height of 75 meter. The first waterfall can be reached easily while the remaining two falls can be reached.....


Established in 1973, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary was brought under the Project Elephant in the year 1991-92. The sanctuary is bordered with Nagarhole WLS & Bandipur WLS in Karnataka and Mudumalai WLS in Tamilnadu. Occupying an area of 345 sq km, Wayanad WLS is the second largest WLS in Kerala and is now an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The sanctuary was set up with an objective of conserving the biological heritage of the region with due consideration to the general life style of tribes and others whose lives are dependent on the forest. The sanctuary is divided into two.....


At a distance of 10 Kms from Kalpetta, Pallikkunnu Church is a Latin Catholic Church in the name of ' Our Lady of Lourdes '. It is a famous Pilgrim centre in north Kerala.

Pallikkunnu Church was built by the early English settlers in 18th century in European style. Surrounded by a wonderful garden, the church is situated in a beautiful location.

The annual festival of the church is celebrated for 3 days starting from Feb 10th every.....

Hill Station

At a distance of 5 km from Lakkidi, 12 km from Kalpetta and 64 km from Kozhikode, Vythiri is a small Hill Station situated in Wayanad district of Kerala. It lies at an altitude ranging between 3750 to 4500 feet and is a beautiful summer resort in Kerala state.

Vythiri is a classic blend of old world charm, peaceful environs & modern amenities. Vythiri is famous for its evergreen rain forests and plantations of coffee, tea, rubber, cardamom and pepper. The forests of Vythiri are home to a wide variety of wildlife. The bird watchers can enjoy exploring this place and get a chance to look.....

Adventure / Trekking

At a distance of 17 Kms from Kalpetta, Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad & third highest peak in South India at an altitude of 2100 metres. This place is a trekker's paradise. Chembra Peak is part of the Wayanad hill ranges in the Western Ghats.

Trekking to the Chembra Peak is a challenging task and recommended for experienced trekkers. Prior permission is required from the forest office in Meppady to the peak. A heart shaped lake on the way to top of the peak is a major attraction. The actual trek starts from the watchtower at the foot hill of Chembra Peak which is about 7.....

Lake & Backwaters

At a distance of 17 Kms from Kalpetta, Karappuzha Dam located near Vazhavatta (3 Kms) is the second biggest earth dam in India.

The reservoir with partially submerged hills forms several green islands which makes it an ideal place for birds. The water with the backdrop of mountains makes this place extremely beautiful.

Vazhavatta is connected by few buses with Kalpetta. But Meenangadi town (7 kms from Dam) on Kalpetta - Sulthan Bathery road has frequent bus facility. Private transportation can be availed from Meenangadi to reach the Karappuzha Dam.

The road to Karapuzha.....


At a distance of 20 Kms from Kalpetta, Manikavu Temple is located in Choothupara near Meenangadi. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Shiva.

The Shiva Linga at this temple is believed to be Swayambu. The special feature of this temple is that that water is poured continuously over Shiva Linga through a stream. The amount of water remains the same even in monsoon.....

Hill Station

At a distance of 26 km from Kalpetta, 99 km from Kozhikode, 95 km from Ooty and 116 km from Mysore, Sulthan Bathery, previously known as Sulthans Battery, is a town and municipality in Wayanad district of Kerala. Situated at an altitude of 930 m it is a cute hill station in Kerala and also a transportation hub.

Earlier, Sulthan Bathery was known as Ganapativattom. It was also known as Kidanganadu, because the Kidangans lived here. It derives its present name from Tipu Sultan of Mysore who captured the Jain temple here and used it as his battery in the 18th century, hence the name.....


At a distance of 21 Kms from Kalpetta, Maha Ganapathi Temple is located in Sulthan Bathery town. Dedicated to Lord Ganesh, this temple is believed to have been built eight centuries ago. Before the conquest by Tipu Sulthan, Sulthan Bathery was known as Ganapathivattam.

The annual festival is celebrated for 8 days in the month of Jan/Feb. This grand festival hosts several cultural programs like Chakyarkoothu and Ottanthullal. Kalampattu is performed during the third and the fourth days. On the concluding day, the image of the deity is taken out in a big procession accompanied by.....

Museum & Gallery

At a distance of 11 km from Sulthan Bathery & 5 km from Edakkal Caves, 22 km from Kalpetta, Wayanad Heritage Museum is located in Ambalavayal village.

This is one of the best heritage museums in Kerala. The museum houses fascinating items from tribal communities dating back to the second century AD. It has a rare collection of several ancient instruments & tribal artifacts like jewellery, hunting and fishing weapons, farming instruments, a fine collection of 14th - 16th century sculptures, etc. Ancient terra cottas, stone weapons and local art are also on display at the museum......

Historical & Heritage | Pilgrimage

At a distance of 24 km from Kalpetta & 1 km from Sulthan Bathery Bus Station, Jain Temple located in the heart of Sulthan Bathery is a famous landmark in the town.

This temple is believed to be constructed in 14th century. The town of Sulthan Bathery was earlier known as Ganapathi Vattam and had 12 traditional Jain streets in and around the town.

The temple is known for its wonderful architecture and sculptures. It was built with large granite pillars that are extensively carved. The temple is mostly plain from outside with few nice carvings in the inner section. There is a.....


At a distance of 24 kms from Kalpetta & 3 Kms from Mananthavady, Valliyoor Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga is a famous temple in the region. Goddess Durga is worshipped in three different forms in this temple - Vana Durga, Jala Durga and Bhadra Kali.

The major festival of the temple is celebrated for two weeks in February / March which attracts thousands of devotees. The dance performed by the local tribal with the music of native instruments is a major attraction of this festival. The traditional ritual art of Kalamezhuthu and different folk art forms are also performed.


Nature & Scenic

At a distance of 26 Kms from Kalpetta, 35 kms from Irupu Falls & 32 Kms from Sulthan Bathery, Kuruva Island (also known as Kuruva Dweep) is a 950 acre protected river delta system on the Kabini River. At a distance of 13 Kms from Mananthavady, this is a popular tourist destination.

The island is uninhabited. Rare species of birds, orchids and herbs are the main attraction of the island apart from it's breathtaking natural beauty. Several migratory birds are also seen on the island. The main island contains two small fresh water lakes. Kuruva is being developed as eco tourism.....

Historical & Heritage

At a distance of 30 Kms from Kalpetta, Pazhassi Raja's Tomb is located in Mananthavady. This tomb is the memorial of the 'Lion of Kerala' Veera Pazhassi Raja, a descendent of Kottayam Royal family.

Pazhassi Raja organized guerilla warfare against the British around the year of 1800 AD and he is remembered for his bravery. Pulpally Cave near by is the place where the Pazhassi Raja took refuge until he was captured by the British in 1805. The tomb marks the point where he was cremated after being shot by the British.

Pazhassi museum located nearby has a sword which is believed.....


At a distance of 32 Kms from Kalpetta and 25 Kms from Sulthan Bathery, Seetha Lava Kusha Temple is located in Pulpally. This is the only known temple dedicated to Lava and Kusha, the sons of Lord Rama.

The primary deity of the Pulpalli temple is Sita Devi. It is believed that Sita was staying here during her exile at Valmiki Ashrama. The Sita Devi idol here is known as -Jadayatha Amma-. It is believed that Lava and Kusha grew up in this place. The original name of this place was Sisumala and later changed to Sasimala.

Many devotees consider Sasimala as a sacred place because.....


At a distance of 37 Kms from Kalpetta, 51 Kms from Kozhikode & 11 Kms from Kodencheri, Arippara Waterfalls on Eruvanhippuzha River is located near Nellipoyil (1 Km) and Pathankayam Waterfalls (3 Kms), in Thiruvambadi panchayat of Kozhikode district.

This place is surrounded by great natural beauty, with water flowing through huge flat rocks and dropping at different places (usually 10-20 feet high). Thick green forest on both shores of the river enhances the beauty of the place. A pool is formed at bottom layer of this long cascading falls which is a good place for swimming. Visitors.....


At a distance of 37 Kms from Kalpetta, Thrissilery Shiva Temple is located at a distance of 8 Kms from Mananthavady, about 3 Kms from SH17D towards Tholpatti.

The architecture of this temple is similar to the Vishnu Temple at Thirunelly. It is believed that the performance of ancestral rites at Thirunelly remain unfinished unless followed by offerings at this temple. There is a shrine for Jala Durga in the temple premises, which is believed to have been installed by Parasurama. The temple tank here never dries.....


At a distance of 37 kms from Kalpetta & 12 kms from Sulthan Bathery, Chethalayam Waterfalls are located near Kidangand, towards Pulpalli from Sulthan Bathery. This is also an exciting trekking route.

This is one of the smallest water falls in this region, but popular among trekkers. It is less known waterfall due to its accessibility. One has to trek for about 4 Kms from Kidangand to reach the falls. The falls is located near Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and bird watching is also an interesting activity here. The falls may completely get dried in summer, so the post monsoon season is the.....


At a distance of 39 kms from Kalpetta, 12 kms from Irupu Falls and 12 kms from Nagarhole National Park, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1973 and brought under the Project Elephant in the year 1991-92. The sanctuary is bordered with Nagarhole WLS & Bandipur WLS in Karnataka and Mudumalai WLS in Tamilnadu. Occupying an area of 345 sq. km, Wayanad WLS is the second largest WLS in Kerala and is now an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The sanctuary was set up with an objective of conserving the biological heritage of the region with due consideration to the general.....


At a distance of 45 Kms from Kalpetta, 28 kms from Irupu Falls & 22 kms from Mananthavady, Thirunelly Temple is located in a beautiful valley beneath Brahmagiri hill range close to Kerala - Karnataka boarder (near Kutta, close to Nagarhole National Park).

This 300 years old temple is surrounded by Kambamala, Karimala and Varadiga hills. Lord Vishnu is the main deity at this temple. This temple is a fine specimen of classical Kerala temple architecture. Around 30 granite columns and granite paved floor makes the temple an architectural wonder. Lord Ganapathy, Hanuman, Lord Shiva,.....

Nature & Scenic | Pilgrimage

At a distance of 46 Kms from Kalpetta & 23 kms from Mananthavady, Papanasini is a holy mountain stream located near Thirunelly Temple (1 Km). It is believed that a ritual dip in the sacred water of the stream would wash off all the sins.

There is an interesting tale behind the stream attaining the power of Papanasini. When Garuda (the eagle vehicle of Lord Vishnu) was flying with Amrita Kumba, Brahma was in the process of consecrating Vishnu's idol at Thirunelly Temple. Garuda noticed it and circled over the ceremony and dropped few drops of Amrita into the stream and the stream.....

Adventure / Trekking

At a distance of 52 Kms from Kalpetta, 35 kms from Irupu Falls, 29 kms from Mananthavady & 7 Kms from Thirunelly Temple, Pakshipathalam is located atop the Brahmagiri Hills at an altitude of 1740 meters. It is also a challenging trekking path and a place of great natural beauty.

Pakshipathalam is the abode of large population of several species of birds. Rare species of birds can be sighted from the watch tower here. There is also a cave called Munikal Cave, where birds take shelter during night and early morning. There is a small eagle shaped projection where the Garuda was believed.....


At a distance of 248 km from Bangalore, 110 km from Mysore, 75 km from Madikeri, 48 km from Virajpet, 32 km from Gonikoppal, 20 km from Nagarhole National Park, 10 km from Kutta & 10 km from Srimangala, Iruppu Falls is a magnificent waterfalls situated in Brahmagiri Hills between Srimangala & Kutta in Coorg district of Karnataka State, bordering the Wayanad district of Kerala. It is one of the best waterfalls in Karnataka and a popular tourist attraction of Coorg region.

The Irupu Falls or Iruppu Falls are also known as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls locally. It is formed by Lakshmana Teertha,.....

Distance (From Kalpetta (wayanad)): 60 Kms
Trip Duration (From Kalpetta (wayanad) - Including Travel): 3-4 Hours


At a distance of 10 km from Kutta, 20 km from Iruppu Falls, 62 km from Kalpetta, 88 km from Mysore, 88 km from Madikeri and 218 km from Bangalore, Nagarhole National Park is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in South India. Also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, it is spread across Mysore and Kodagu districts in Karnataka. It was converted into a sanctuary in the year 1955 covering an area of 258 sq. km and subsequently enlarged to include the adjoining areas of Mysore district and now extends over an area of 643 sq. km.

Nagarhole got National Park status in 1988 and declared as.....

Distance (From Kalpetta (wayanad)): 62 Kms
Trip Duration (From Kalpetta (wayanad) - Including Travel): 4 Hours/Half Day

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