Best Season to Visit Pathanamthitta

October to March is Best Season to Visit Pathanamthitta

Peak Season in Pathanamthitta

August to September & November to January is Peak Season in Pathanamthitta

Pathanamthitta Weather

Minimum Temperature in Pathanamthitta


Maximum Temperature in Pathanamthitta


Present Temperature in Pathanamthitta

Winter (October to February):

Winter is the perfect time to visit Pathanamthitta. This is the time the weather is pleasant and you can explore all the places in Pathanamthitta without any disturbances. Gavi is the prime attraction of Pathanamthitta. Winter makes Gavi covered with fogs and this condition will make you come back again to Gavi.


Summer (March to May):

Probably summer would be hot. But during this time you can explore Gavi as the best location. The temperature will turn around 39°C during the summer. The high level of hotness may make it uncomfortable for sightseeing. If you are planning a summer vacation in Pathanamthitta choose Gavi as your prime location to be cool and stress free days.

Monsoon (June to September):

Since the area is located in the Western Ghats. It receives heavy rainfall during the summer season. Rainfalls occur 9 months in a year, June and July are the highest rainfall reporting months. After July the rainfalls slightly slower during this time ‘Perinthanaruvi waterfalls’ will be filled with more water and also other destinations will reflect its greenish splendor.