Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 Days

Base Station: Pathanamthitta

Nearest City to Pathanamthitta: Trivandrum (106 Kms), Kochi (127 Kms)

Best Time to Visit Pathanamthitta: November to March

Peak Season: August to September & November to February

State: Kerala | District: Pathanamthitta

Pathanamthitta Weather: Maximum: 38°C
Minimum: 16°C

At a distance of 119 km from Kochi, 67 km from Alleppey, 62 km from Kottayam, 96 km from Tenkasi, 109 km from Trivandrum, 162 km from Tirunelveli, 197 km from Kanyakumari and 238 km from Madurai, Pathanamthitta is a beautiful town and the administrative capital of Pathanamthitta District in Kerala. Also known as the pilgrim capital of Kerala, Pathanamthitta is the main transport hub to the famous pilgrim center - Sabarimala.

It is situated in Central Travancore region of Kerala, close to the Western Ghats. Pathanamthitta town is located on the banks of Achankovil and three major rivers of Kerala - Achankovil, Pamba & Manimala flow through the district. Pathanamthitta is a combination of two words Pathanam and Thitta which means an array of houses on the river side.

Pathanamthitta was formerly under the rule of a Pandalam king who had links with the ancient Pandya kingdom from Tamilnadu. These regions became part of this district when Pandalam was added to the princely state of Travancore in 1820. The district was formed on 1st November 1982 and it was carved out of Idukki, Alappuzha and Kollam districts.

Pathanamthitta is close to the Western Ghats and is endowed with scenic landscape comprising of low undulating hills, extensive stretches of lush forests, rivers and charming countryside. Sabarimala is the famous pilgrim center situated in Pathanamthitta. Aranmula, the Kerala Institute of Folklore and Folk Arts at Mannadi, Konni elephant training camp, Pandalam, Perumthenaruvi Waterfall and Maramon are other places of interest.

Pathanamthitta is famous for celebrating a variety of religious and social fairs and festivals. There are numerous churches, temples and mosques built in close proximity. The most popular one is the festival season of Sabarimala that experiences over 4 million pilgrims every year. The 8 days Christian gathering at Maramon in February and the Chandanakudam festival at the mosque in the center of the town is quite famous. Pathanamthitta is also famous for rubber plantations.

Trivandrum Airport (110 km) is the nearest airport to Pathanamthitta. Chengannur (27 km) is the nearest Railway Station to Pathanamthitta. It is one of the important stations on Thiruvananthapuram-Ernakulum broad-gauge line. It has trains from Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Mangalore, Kanyakumari, Kochi, Kottayam, etc. Pathanamthitta is well connected by roadways to all major towns in Kerala. Regular buses are available from Pathanamthitta KSRTC Bus Station to Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Salem, Coimbatore and Thrissur.

Best time to visit Pathanamthitta is from November to March, while the peak seasons are August to September & November to February. It usually takes 1-2 full days to explore this area. It is best to avoid the summer and rainy season.

Internet Availability: Average
STD Code: 0468
Languages Spoken: Malayalam, Hindi & English
Major Festivals: Adoor Gajamela (Jan/Feb),
Aranmula Boat Race (Aug/Sep)


By Air

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum - Trivandrum International Airport (110 Kms)

By Train

Nearest Train Station: Chengannur Railway Station (23 Kms)
Kottayam Railway Station (56 Kms)
Alappuzha Railway Station (64 Kms)

By Bus

Nearest Bus Station: Pathanamthitta KSRTC Bus Station (0 Kms)



At a distance of 7 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Malayalappuzha Devi Temple dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali (another form of Goddess Parvati) is located in Malayalappuzha town near Pathanamthitta.

This temple is believed to be more than 3000 years old, constructed in Kerala style of architecture. The idol of Goddess Bhadrakali is about 5.5 feet tall. More than 100,000 devotees visit this temple every week, with Tuesday and Friday being the most popular days for darshan. The temple is under the administration of Travancore Devaswom Board. The temple has beautiful wall paintings and attractive sculpture work.

It is the only temple in Kerala where the 'Satha Kodi Archana' is performed which is attended by large number of devotees. Malayalappuzha is connected by bus service with Pathanamthitta.


At a distance of 9 Kms from Pathanamthitta, St. George Orthodox Church is located in Chandanapally, about 3 Kms from Chandanapally Jn, past Nariyapuram. It is one of the famous pilgrimage centers in this region.

This church has a wonderful architecture, which is a blend of Christian, Muslim and Hindu sculptured art, gothic style of towers, and roof in Persian style. The famous Festival of Chandanapally is celebrated on May 7th & 8th every year, which attracts lakhs of Pilgrims.


At a distance of 10 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Konni is famous as an Elephant Training Center. It is located near Iravan village (less than 1 Km) on SH67 between Pathanamthitta and Pathanapuram.

Located in thick forest environment, this training center was used to train wild elephants. However, this place is not used for elephant trainings any more. The big wooden cages used to put newly brought wild elephant for training are still an attraction. Elephant safaris are available at this place along with adventurous trekking programs. Konni has the largest wild elephant population in Kerala.

This place is connected by frequent bus server with Pathanamthitta.

Historical & Heritage

At a distance of 15 Km from Pathanamthitta, 53 Km from Alappuzha & 57 Km from Kumarakom, Aranmula Snake Boat Race, also known as Aranmula Vallamkali is a popular boat race in Kerala. This is an annual boat race held in Aranmula district of Kerala during the Onam festival in the month of August-September. It is also known as Uthrittathi Boat Race.

Aranmula Vallamkali owes its origin to the Sri Parthasarathy Temple situated on the banks of the Pamba River. The Vallamkali, associated with the annual festival of Sri Parthasarathy, is usually held on the last two days of the festival. The event that attracts tourists from all over the world is conducted not to win any trophy or prize but to celebrate the anniversary of the Sri Krishna idol installation, the main deity at the Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple. It is conducted in the Pamba River in front of the temple to commemorate the crossing of the river by Lord Krishna.

The snake boats .....


At a distance of 15 km from Pathanamthitta, Sri Parthasarathi Temple is one of the most ancient and famous temple in Aranmula on the banks of the holy river Pamba in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala.

Sri Parthasarathi Temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna. It is one of the 108 Divyadesams dedicated to Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu, who is worshipped as Parthasarathi. This temple is believed to be one among the five temples built by the Pandava brothers. The five temples are at Chengannur (Yuddhisthra), Tiruppuliyur (Bhima), Aranmula (Arjuna), Tiruvanvandur (Nakula) and Tirukkodittaanam (Sahadeva). Aranmula temple is said to be built by Arjuna to expiate for the sin of having killed Karna on the battlefield, against the dharma of killing an unarmed enemy.

According to the legend, the temple was first built at Nilakal near Sabarimala and the image was brought here in a raft made of six pieces of bamboo. Thus the place derived .....

Historical & Heritage | Pilgrimage

At a distance of 16 Kms from Pathanamthitta & 40 Kms from Sabarimala, Pandalam is a holy town as it is the birth place of Lord Ayappa in human form. Pandalam is famous for Sri Ayyappa Temple, Pandalam Palace & Pattupurukavu Temple.

Sri Ayyappa Temple:
Also known as Valiyakoikal Temple, it was built in the similar lines of Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala. Pilgrims usually stop here to worship before proceeding to Sabarimala. Makaravilaku is the major festival celebrated at this temple in mid January. Three days prior to the Makaravilaku festival, the sacred ornaments of Sree Ayyappa are taken in a procession from Pandalam to Sabarimala.

Pandalam Palace:
This is the place where Lord Ayyappa has grown up during his childhood. It is located adjacent to Ayyappa temple.

Pattupurukavu Devi Temple:
At a distance of about half Km from Ayyappa Temple, it is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. Annual festival is celebrated on .....


Sabarimala is the most famous Hindu pilgrimage centre in Kerala and India. At a distance of 70 km from Pathanamthitta, this temple is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. It is one of the most visited pilgrim centers in the world with an estimated 45 - 50 million devotees every year. It is the most popular center of pilgrimage in Kerala state.

At a distance of 158 km from Kochi and 178 km from Trivandrum, this temple is one of the oldest temples in India, with history of more than 5000 years old. The temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappan here is situated in the midst of 18 hills, at an altitude of about 3000 feet. It is believed that Lord Parasurama installed the idol of Ayyappa at Sabarimala.

The pilgrimage season begins in the month of November and ends in January (the temple remains closed during rest of the year except for the first five days of each Malayalam month). The devotees following Ayyappa Vratam (Ayyappa Maala - a 41 days Vratam .....

Distance (From Pathanamthitta): 63 Kms
Trip Duration (From Pathanamthitta - Including Travel): Full Day


At a distance of 6 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Manjinikkara Church, also known as St. Stephen's Church is situated on a hillock near Omallur.

This is one of the major pilgrimage centers for Christian in this region. It was founded by Kassisso Skaria Malpan Elavinammannil in 1925 and was renovated in 1964. The church was built in modern style of architecture. The main altar of the church is dedicated to St. Stephen and the altars on either side are devoted to mother Mary and St. John the Baptist.

The holy Patriarch of Anthioch has died at this place in 1932 while on his visit to India. His mortal remains are kept in this church. The annual festival is celebrated on February 13th.

This place has limited public transport facilities from Pathanamthitta. Hiring a private vehicle is the best way to visit this place.


At a distance of 6 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Kadamanitta Devi Temple is located near Kadamanitta Junction towards Naranganam. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kadamanitta Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Kali.

The annual festival is celebrated for 10 days in April/May, which is famous for Patayani performances. The festival is also auspicious as it marks the victory of Kali over Daariken, an evil character.

Kadamanitta is connected by frequent buses from Pathanamthitta.


At a distance of 6 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Valamchuzy Temple dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneswari is situated on the banks of River Anchankovil. It is one of the oldest temples in Pathanamthitta.

This temple is surrounded by the river of three sides and hence the name - Valamchuzy. This area was once a dense forest with many medicinal herbs. Though exact history of the temple is not available, it's believed to be more than 2000 years old. The temple was severely damaged by the floods in 1096 AD.

The festival of the temple is celebrated for a period of 4 months between Malayalam months of Makaram to Medam (January-April). Makara Barani, Kumbha Bharani, Meena Bharani and Meda Bharani are celebrated during this festival period.

Hill Station

At a distance of 13 km from Pathanamthitta and 16 km from Sabarimala, Ranni is a beautiful hill station in Pathanamthitta district and a fast growing tourist destination. It is the largest rubber producing region in Kerala.

Ranni is derived from similar word in Malayalam which means Queen or Rani. Ranni alias the queen of hill lands is one of the most serene villages blessed with beautiful nature, rivers, hills, forests, good climate and atmosphere. The Pampa River flows through the middle of Ranni town and adds to its natural beauty.

Ranni is also famous for St. Thomas Orthodox Church, also known as Thottamon Church. Established in 1905, this church belongs to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. Dedicated to St. Thomas, this church is known for its architectural beauty which was renovated in 2007. The annual festival of this church is celebrated for 5 days from December 17th to 21st.

Perumthenaruvi is a beautiful natural .....


At a distance of 13 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Maramadi Bull Race is conducted in Anandapalli, near Adoor. This festival is celebrated in the month of August / September.

Maramadi has a history of about 200 years and it is a rural sport connected with the harvest festival. Vast stretches of freshly ploughed paddy fields form the stadium for the race. Every pair of bulls is managed by about three farmers who act as the guides. Almost 30 such units compete in this race.


At a distance of 14 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Maramon Convention is held on the banks of River Pamba in Kozhenchery town (near Kozhenchery Bridge). With participation of more than 200,000 devotees, this is the biggest Christian gathering in Asia.

The Maramon Convention is being conducted annually since 1896, in the month of February. This event is organized by the Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association, the missionary wing of the Mar Thoma Church. The scholars of Christianity from India and abroad participate in this event. Maramon is also famous as the birthplace of Palakkunneth Abraham Malpan, a 19th century leader of the Syrian Church of Malabar.

Kozhenchery is connected by frequent buses with Pathanamthitta.


At a distance of 14 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Chilanthiyambalam Temple dedicated to God of Spider (Chilanthi) is located near Kodumon.

It is believed that this temple was built during the reign of the last king of the Sakthibhadra Kingdom. Goddess Mahalakshmi is also worshipped here. The water of the Chilanthikinar (well) in the premises of this temple is believed to cure skin diseases.

Kodumon is also the birth place of Sree Shakthi Bhadra, author of Ascharya Chudamani.

Kodumon is connected by frequent buses with Pathanamthitta, from where autos can be hired to reach the temple.


At a distance of 24 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Mahadeva Temple (also known as Bhagavathy Temple) is located in Chengannur, on the way to Thiruvalla. It is one of the oldest Mahakshethrams of Lord Shiva. This temple is dedicated to Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati

The temple was constructed in 6 acres land in typical Kerala architecture, many centuries back. But the current structure was renovated by Vanghipuzha Thampuran in 18th century, after it was damaged by a major fire accident. Lord Shiva is found facing East and Parvati Devi is found facing West. The image of the deity is made in Panchaloha.

The specialty of this temple is that the deity gets menstrual period, a unique phenomenon not found in any other temple. Legend tells that Shiva and Parvati came to reside at this place during the goddess's menstrual period.

The annual festival is celebrated for 28 days in the month of Dec / Jan. Shivaratri and Chitra Pournami are also celebrated in a grand manner.

Historical & Heritage | Pilgrimage

At a distance of 26 Kms from Pathanamthitta & 10 Kms from Adoor, Mannady is the place where the great freedom fighter 'Veluthambi Dalava' sacrificed his life. The monument of his martyrdom is of great historical importance.

Mannady Devi Temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati is a shrine of historical and religious importance. Pazhaya Raja's family used to worship at this shrine. It is said that the Raja on his way to Sabarimala worships at this temple. This ancient temple is famous for its stone sculptures.

The annual festival celebrated at this temple is Ushabali - in the month of February / March. Mannady is also the venue of the Kerala Institute of Folklore and Folk Arts.


At a distance of 26 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls is a wonderful waterfall formed on Pampa River. It is one of the best waterfalls in Kerala and a famous tourist attraction in Pathanamthitta district.

The Perunthnaruvi means 'The Honey Stream'. This water flows down a rocky bed and falls into a pool through multiple streams from a height ranging from 60 to 100 feet. The stream here spreads over a wide area and makes it a natural treasure. This is a wonderful place to spend few hours swimming and playing in the water and enjoying the spectacular views.

Perunthenaruvi waterfalls can be accessed via Vadasserikkara & Perunad. It is connected by bus service with Pathanamthitta. It is close to the main road and demands little trekking down to reach the place.


At a distance of 28 Kms from Pathanamthitta & 5 Kms from Thiruvalla, Mahadeva Temple (also known as Thrikkaviyoor Mahadeva Temple) located in Kaviyoor is a popular temple dedicated to Lord Siva built in early 10th century. It is one of the oldest Siva Temples in Kerala.

The architecture of the temple is unique and attractive. There are two inscriptions on the basement of the main sanctum dated 950 & 951 AD.

The annual festival is celebrated for 10 days in the Malayalam month of Dhanu (December / January), which is called 'Thiruvutsavam'. A Hanuman Temple is also located in the temple complex. Hanuman Jayanthi, the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman is also celebrated in a grand manner.

Historical & Heritage

At a distance of 29 Kms from Pathanamthitta & 6 Kms from Thiruvalla, Trikkukkudi Rock-Cut Temple located near Kaviyoor is an 8th century Rock-Cut temple built in Pallava style of architecture and a place of great archeological importance

Dedicated to Lord Siva, this temple is one of the three rock-cut temples in Kerala and one of the rare specimens of rock-cut temples in Kerala. It is preserved as a monument by the Archaeological Department. Lord Siva represented in the form of 3 feet high Siva Linga and is enshrined in a square cave. The shrine also contains idols of Ganapathy, Maharshi and Dwarapalakas.

This temple is situated on the banks of the River Manimala. The architecture & sculptures of the temple are unique and famous. This place is connected by Bus with Thiruvalla town, but hiring a private vehicle from Thiruvalla is the most convenient way to visit this place.


At a distance of 29 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Orakkampara Waterfalls is a cute waterfall located near Kottangal (about 2 Kms) in Mallappally Taluk.

This is an unexplored waterfall located in thick forest. This little waterfall is a nice place to spend few hours.

This waterfall is little close to the road from Kottangal towards SH8 (Kozhencherry - Erattupetta). It demands little trekking from the road. Kottangal is connected by few buses from Mallappally (which is 32 Kms from Pathanamthitta via Kozhencheery and Eraviperoor). However, hiring a private vehicle from Pathanamthitta or Ranni (20 Kms) is a good option.


At a distance of 32 Kms from Pathanamthitta & 5 kms from Thiruvalla, St. George Orthodox Church is situated close to the main road toward Ambalapuzha. It is also known as Paliakara Pally.

This is the first church in Thiruvalla. It attracts many tourists because of the beautiful murals on the eastern wall of the altar. Thousands of devotees regardless of religion come and pray at this church. Thiruvalla is the headquarters of the Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church.


At a distance of 29 Kms from Kottayam, 35 Kms from Alappuzha & 33 kms from Pathanamthitta, Sri Vallabha Temple is located near Thiruvalla town (4 Kms) in Pathanamthitta district.

This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is one among the 108 Diva Kshetrams in India. This temple is built in typical Kerala style of temple architecture with fine carvings and murals. The inner sanctum of the temple houses a 6 feet tall idol of Maha Vishnu. The flag staff of the temple is made out of granite and it is about 50 feet tall. A 3 feet idol of Garuda (the eagle vehicle of Lord Vishnu) is installed on top of the flagstaff.

This temple is famous for the traditional Kathakali performances almost every night and it is perhaps the only temple in Kerala where Kathakali is regularly performed as a ritual offering to a deity, after the evening Pooja

The annual festival of the temple is celebrated in Feb / Mar and the Utharaseeveli festival is celebrated for one day on Mar / Apr.

Distance (From Pathanamthitta): 33 Kms
Trip Duration (From Pathanamthitta - Including Travel): 2 Hours


At a distance of 35 Kms from Pathanamthitta & 10 Kms from Chengannur, Parumala Church located on a small island on the banks of Pampa River near Mannar, close to SH6 (12 Kms from Thiruvalla). The church is known as St. Peters and St. Paul's Orthodox Church.

This church contains the mortals of St.Gregorios of Parumala (known as Parumala Thirumeni) who was the first declared saint of Malankara Orthodox Church (Indian Orthodox Church). It is one of the famous pilgrimage centers for Christians in Kerala. Most of the current structure of the church was built in early 19th century.

The annual festival (Ormapperunnal) is held on November 2nd every year. Devotees from all over the state attend the special prayers offered on this birthday festival of the saint.

This place can be reached by bus from Chengannur and Thirunalla.


At a distance of 38 Kms from Pathanamthitta & 11 Kms from Thiruvalla, Chakkulathukavu Temple is located in Neerettupuram village, on SH12. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga (an incarnation of Goddess Parvati). It is one of the famous and richest temple is this region.

Rivers Pampa and Manimala flow on either side of the temple. The temple has more than 3000 years of history. But current structure was renovated in 1981. Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Vinayaka and Navagrahas are also worshipped at this temple.

All Fridays are important days to worship the goddess here. On Fridays, the female devotees bring their relatives addicted with alcohol, drug or gambling. Once they swear by touching Devi's sword to renounce the habit, it's said that they completely get away from those bad habits for ever. The main festival is 'Thirkkarthika' celebrated in the Malayalam month of Vrischikam (November / December).


At a distance of 39 Kms from Pathanamthitta & 10 kms from Thiruvalla, St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church located in Niranam (popularly known as Niranam Valiyapally) is a parish under the Niranam Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. Founded by St. Thomas in 54 AD, this is one of the most ancient churches in the world. It also contains the mortal remains of St. Thomas.

The present structure was constructed in 1912, and later strengthened in the year 2000. Huge granite Cross, relics of St. Thomas, remains of the old church and the golden cross are the special attractions of the church. The feast of Assumption of St. Mary celebrated on Aug 15th and the Feast of Nativity of St. Mary celebrated on September 8th are important festival of the church. The Feast of St. Thomas on Dec 21st, the Feast of St. Behanan on Dec 27th and the Feasts of Marthoma II and Marthoma V on May10th are also celebrated in a grand manner here.

This place is connected by bus from Thiruvalla.


At a distance of 40 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Nilackal, located on Pathanamthitta - Pampa route, on the way to Sabarimala is famous for Mahadeva Temple and Marthoma Sleeha Church.

The Mahadeva Temple dedicated to Lord Siva is one of the famous Siva temples in this area. It is located on the banks of Pampa River.

The Marthoma Church dedicated to St. Thomas is believed to have been constructed in 54 AD by S. Thomas himself. It is also known as Arapally (half completed church), and it is one among the 7 and half churches founded by the Apostle Thomas. However, the old church was completely destroyed and a new church was constructed near by.


At a distance of 47 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Ayyappa Temple located in Achankovil is one of the popular Ayyappa temples in Kerala. It is situated on Pathanamthitta - Tenkasi road.

This temple is believed to have been built by Parasurama. Here, Lord Ayyappa is seen with his two wives, Poorna and Pushkala. This ancient temple is located in dense forests of Kandamala, where the God is said to have given 'Darshan' to a worshipper who performed long penance. This temple is also famous for snake bite treatment. The sandal paste in the hands of Lord Ayyappa is believed to have miraculous healing power for snake venom and it is available 24 hours.

This temple celebrated two important festivals - called Mandala Pooja (December / January) and Ravathi (January / February).

Lake & Backwaters

At a distance of 70 Kms from Pathanamthitta, Kakki Reservoir is a scenic dam built across Pamba River. The reservoir is surrounded by valleys and forest of great natural beauty.

The forest surrounded by the reservoir has rich wildlife population, like Tigers, Elephants, Deers etc. January to May is the best time to visit this place.

There is very limited public transportation available to reach this place. It's advisable to hire private vehicle from Pathanamthitta.

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