Best Season to Visit Chikmagalur

September to April is Best Season to Visit Chikmagalur

The most popular trekking destination Chikmagalur can be visited any time throught the year. however, October to June is the best time to visit Chikmagalur to experience the real beauty. This is the time the hill district is spread with serene environment, lush green forests and tall mountains. This is also the time to participate in trekking, hiking, sightseeing and outdoor activities. Though summer is also a good season to visit Chikmagalur, it is usually crowded with large number of tourists. Summer is a good season for planning offbeat tour in Chikmagalur, "Bhadra Sanctuary Tour with River Tern Lodge" is the best offbeat tour. Due to limited availability, this tour is arranged on request, check availability with team and block the tour.

Peak Season in Chikmagalur

March to May is Peak Season in Chikmagalur

New Year time and summer are the busiest seasons in Chikmagalur. New Year holiday season also attracts number of tourists and hotels are usually very expensive during this time. Summer is the busiest season in Chikmagalur with large number of tourists visit this hill station to spend summer vacation. Hotels are also usually expensive during summer and advance booking at least a month before is suggested to plan a hassle free vacation.

Chikmagalur Weather

Minimum Temperature in Chikmagalur


Maximum Temperature in Chikmagalur


Present Temperature in Chikmagalur

Winter Season :

Winter in Chikmagalur spans from December to February when tourists can experience the pleasant temperature around 14°C. Winter forms the peak season in Chikmagalur and leads to the most significant tourist footfall in the year. Though the nights might turn out to be colder, the weather is extremely delightful during this period and is perfect for the local tour to various places in the town. The coffee plantation visits are also a highlight during the winter season in Chikmagalur.

Summer Season :

Lasts from March to May, Summer is the good time to explore Chikmagalur when the weather is pleasant and the temperature doesn't exceed 35°C. While these might seem to be high temperatures, it should be noted that Chikmagalur is much cooler than its surrounding cities as hilly terrain and the fresh breeze that flows in through the Palakkad gap of the Western Ghats keeps the temperature in check. Due to which it is often considered as a perfect destination to escape the heat by the city dwellers. This pleasant temperature calls for tourists who want to escape the scorching heat of the plains and to walk or trek the various trails leading to beautiful scenic locations in Chikmagalur. Hotels are also usually expensive during summer and advance booking at least a month ahead as this is the peak tourist season in Chikmagalur.

Monsoon Season :

The monsoon season in Chikmagalur lasts from June to September that brings an average annual rainfall of 1886 mm. This is an ideal time to visit Chikmagalur for those looking for bargains and want to spend some time away from the tourist crowd as this is the lean season in Chikmagalur. If u don't mind the rains, this is the best time to witness the hill station in its prime with lush green meadows, meandering streams, cascading waterfalls and mist-clad peaks. However, the frequent showers hamper sightseeing and the ghat road leading to the station gets slippery, caution should be taken while driving up to the town.

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