Vijay Mandir Palace


Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Alwar Railway Station): 10 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1 Hour

Transportation Options: Cab / Auto

Travel Tips: This place is not open for visitors

At a distance of 10 km from Alwar Junction Railway Station, Vijay Mandir Palace is situated in the outskirts of Alwar, Rajasthan.

Maharaja Jai Singh built the Vijay Mandir Palace in 1918. According to the popular folklore, Maharaja Jai Singh was a patron of art and architecture and had a passion for beautiful palaces. He built Yaswant Niwas during his reign which was built in the Italian style of architecture. However, displeased at the outcome of the palace, the king ordered for the Vijay Mandir Palace to be built in the city.

Vijay Mandir Palace is the royal residency of Maharaja Jai Singh. The architecture of the palace is also a major attraction for the tourists. This sprawling place constitutes 105 rooms that are well ornamented. It is surrounded by lush green garden with flowers and trees. Adjoining the palace is the Vijay Sagar Lake, where the beautiful reflection of the palace is seen. It is said that the palace was designed like a ship by Maharaja Jai Singh.

Another important feature of the palace is the Sita Ram Temple that is visited every year by the devotees during Ramnavami. The interiors of the palace are not open to the general public as it's still under the control of Alwar Royal Family.