Best Season to Visit Lachung

October to June is Best Season to Visit Lachung

Peak Season in Lachung

March to May is Peak Season in Lachung

Lachung Weather

Minimum Temperature in Lachung


Maximum Temperature in Lachung


Present Temperature in Lachung

Winter Season:

Sikkim has torrential snowfalls during winter, starts from October to February. The usual temperature will be 4°C to 7°C. This may go down from 4°C during peak winner. Due to this southwest area of this region would not be fine for some travelers. Although Lachung should be experienced during winters, as it looks like a Paradise in India. The beautiful frozen lake makes a special appearance for the city and attracting travelers from all over the world. Some of the surrounding areas would be strictly prohibited and roads might be closed due to heavy rainfalls and landslides. The festivals held in this season are ‘The Mangan Music Festival’ held from December 12th to 14th and Losar festival in February.

Summer Season:

The summer months starts from March to June and considered the finest time to explore Lachung. The pleasant weather brings blooming technical colors of flowers and plants there. It is the season of blooming Orchids and Rhododendrons. This is a surprising visualization if you arrive here in summer. This makes you more joy and this is the secret of Lachung during winter. The temperature may come down to 5°C from 25°C. The weather would be pleasant and this is an unavoidable time of Lachung.

Monsoon Season:

The monsoon appears here with heavy rainfalls during the month from July to September. Annually 1080 mm rainfall is received in this region but it is lesser than South Sikkim. Monsoon doesn’t make you comfortable to explore here. The continuous raindrops cause the temperature to drop to 5°C from 15°C. Roads may be slippery and dangerous to travel. This is an ideal time for bird lovers, one can witnesses different species of birds since they migrate here in this season.