Best Season to Visit Ravangla

February to June & September to November is Best Season to Visit Ravangla

Peak Season in Ravangla

March to May is Peak Season in Ravangla

Ravangla Weather

Minimum Temperature in Ravangla


Maximum Temperature in Ravangla


Present Temperature in Ravangla

Winter Season:

Winter appears here in the month of October and ends in the month of February. The average temperature in Ravangla is 3C to 10C; this may dip down -0C level. So the nights would be cold and chilly. Winter is considered as the best time to experience the charming weather of this destination. Ravangala receives consistent snowfalls during the night time; days are cool and pleasant for activities occurs here.

Summer Season:

Summer begins from April and spans till June. The temperature hovers between 15C to 25C, this pleasant weather condition spread its splendor. Travelers could have an engaging and thrilling sightseeing and outdoor activities. This makes perfect for any travelers seeking here to visit during summer. So summer also considering a great time of Ravangla.

Monsoon Season:

A moderate rainfall occurs here during monsoon in the month from July to September. Once it begins with moderate falls, this starts to approach here heavily. Ravangla receives an average of 300 cm during the monsoon. The temperature range will be 12C to 17C at this time. The occurring heavy rain would make difficulties in your outdoor activities and will be a problem for sightseeing also. Monsoon is not a good time to explore here.