Offbeat places to visit in Manali

Often called the Valley of Gods, Manali is a popular hill station nestled in the meticulous Beas River valley in Himachal. Among the top places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, this beautiful hill town is a year-round holiday destination that is blessed with picturesque beauty, pleasing weather, jaw-dropping views, lush forests, gushing streams, and sprawling meadows carpeted with flowers. The adventure activities that this pastoral town offers lure a large number tourists every year. Apart from popular tourist destinations, Manali is also packed with some beautiful and peaceful offbeat destinations that offer absolute tranquility, rejuvenation, and peace of mind for those who want to spend some quality time away from the maddening crowds as part of Manali Tour Packages.

Here is the list of some offbeat places to visit in Manali.

Tirthan Valley

Are you looking for a weekend break to get away from Manali’s bustle? Then you must have a trip to Tirthan Valley. Situated at an altitude of 1600 m, Tirthan Valley is located inside the Great Himalayan National Park. The valley derives its name from the Tirthan River, which originates from the glaciers of the Himalayas. It is one of the most beautiful valleys in Himachal Pradesh, and among the top offbeat places to visit near Manali. Stretches from Banjar to Bathad, the valley is dotted with many villages on the river bank and the entire valley is verdant green with alpine grooves and deciduous forest. The valley serves as a base camp for trekkers to start their trekking into GHNP. The valley also has several trekking trails ranging from one day to 8 days starting from Gushaini with the distance varying between 10 to 60 km (round trip). Besides, the valley is perfect place for those who want try Trout fishing, trekking, overnight camping, river crossing, rappelling, as part of Himachal tour packages.

Rumsu Village

Rumsu Village is a tiny hamlet near Naggar and among the best offbeat places to visit in Manali. This charming village is dotted with old wooden houses and a Jagatpati temple. The area around the temple is the center of activity in Rumsu and is an impressive one. Leather boots or apparel are not permitted in the vicinity of the temple. Beware though, as outsiders are forbidden to touch or enter the temple. A visit to this village gives you a quaint experience to see the local village lifestyle in the mountains. One can also see the local villagers selling shawls and rugs that are woven by them during winter. Rumsu is also chiefly known for being the starting point of the trek to Malana. There is a well-defined trail through a forest of deodar, pine, and other trees that leads toward Chanderkhani Pass, among the top places of trekking in Himachal.

Jana Waterfalls

Jana Falls is a magnificent natural waterfall located inside a small village known as Jana near Manali, among the popular weekend getaways from Delhi. Surrounded by deodar trees, pine trees, apple orchards, and spectacular snow-covered mountain peaks, it is one of the best places to visit in Manali for those who want to spend some quality time amidst nature. The first sight of the falls is quite hidden and will be a surprise for the visitor as the water unexpectedly rushes from a cluster of rocks overlooking a wooden bridge. Tourists can enjoy a refreshing bath or you can even leisurely swim in the small pool of this waterfall. Besides, one can get a splendid view of the waterfall and its lovely surroundings from the top of the hill.

Old Manali

Located 3 km uphill from Manali, Old Manali is a charming, laid-back town known for its wooded mountain trails, apple orchards, and scenic spots by the Manaslu River. In comparison to New Manali, it is cleaner and less crowded.  The swaying eucalyptus, gently winding roads, gushing waters of the Manaslu river and beautiful hills of this destination make it the perfect natural retreat. Apart from the bewitching natural retreat, it is also fashioned for a wide array of restaurants and cafes. Visitors can also shop at the local markets here for various ornaments, traditional costumes, artifacts, Music CDs, T-Shirts, and jewelry among other things. Also, it houses a few of the many ancient temples like the Hidimba temple and Manu temple. One can either walk or rent a two-wheeler to make your way through the narrow lanes of Manali, among the best places to visit near Delhi.

Tibetan Monasteries

In Manali, you will find a large Tibetan population and their monasteries which are a testimony to their spiritual beliefs and traditions. Visiting these monasteries is one of the top things to do in Manali as it truly define the Buddhist culture and gives immense peace and pleasure to the visitors. The Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa and Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa are the two famous and well-known monasteries that should not be missed while in Manali,one o fthe popular hill stations near Delhi. Also, there is a Tibetan Handicraft Centre outside the monasteries where local people sell various colorful handicrafts and other artistic items at very reasonable rates.


Situated on the left bank of the Beas River, Jagatsukh is one of the biggest villages in Kullu valley and was the first capital of the erstwhile state of Kullu, among the top places to visit near Chandigarh. Jagatsukh is known for its two ancient temples – Gaurishankar shrine and the temple of Goddess Sandhya Devi. Built in early 8th century, Gaurishankar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a tri-ratha sanctum roofed by a Shikhara. This Village also serves as an excellent base for trekking. The journey to the Jagatsukh village is a wonderful experience for the tourists with Deo Tibba Mountains on the east and the Manali Valley at its below. Besides, Jagatsukh is famous for the annual Chacholi Jatra festival.

Bijli Mahadev Temple

Bijli Mahadev Temple is one of the sacred temples in Himachal Pradesh, and among the best places to visit in Kullu. Located at an altitude of about 2,460 m in Kullu Valley, Bijli Mahadev temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is situated on Mathan Hill and is surrounded by Parvati, Garsa, Bhuntar and Kullu hills. The temple is renowned for its 60 feet high flagpole that sparkles like silver needle in the sunlight. Built in Pahari style, the Bijli Mahadev Temple doors are beautifully carved with sculptures and also there is an impressively carved image of Nandi at the entrance of the temple. Devotees offer prayer to their forefathers at this temple during the new moon day of Shravana month. The place also offers a panoramic view of the Kullu and Parvati valleys below. One can reach the temple by 3 km trek from Chansari village.

Naggar Castle

Located in Naggar, Naggar Castle is a magnificent historical structure built by Raja Sidhi Singh in 1460 AD. It is one of the offbeat places to visit near Manali, and among the must include places in Kullu tour packages. With a fine blend of traditional Himalayan and European architecture, the castle has majestic fireplaces, beautifully built staircases, and meticulous wood and stone works. The castle was converted into a rest house in 1978 and more recently into a heritage hotel that is run by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC). From the castle one could see the far off snow-covered peaks, the delightful Beas valley below and the lush green hill sides dotted with apple orchards. If history and architecture excite you, it is a must visit place during your Kullu Manali Trip. Also, don’t miss to visit the famous folk art museum that houses the paintings of the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich and a hot water spring.

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