Best Season to Visit Porbandar

October to March is Best Season to Visit Porbandar

Porbandar has a hot semi-arid climate with hot summers, rainy monsoons, and chilly winters. However, the winter season from October to March is the best time to visit Porbandar to explore its numerous religious places and historical buildings. Winter season is the time the climate is cool and pleasant that is suitable for sightseeing. Better to avoid monsoon season as the city faces heavy rains, strong winds and occasional thunderstorms.

Peak Season in Porbandar

November to February is Peak Season in Porbandar

Navratri (around October) and New year time is the busiest tourist season in Porbandar. Navratri is a major festival celebrated in Porbandar with full joy and passion and New year is also the busiest season in Porbandar because a large number of tourists from various parts of India visit this beach destination to celebrate their New Year event.

Porbandar Weather

Minimum Temperature in Porbandar


Maximum Temperature in Porbandar


Present Temperature in Porbandar

Winter Season:

During winter the weather would be pleasant and looks nice. This is the best time to explore Porbandar. October to February is the winter months. The temperature will range between 10C to 36C during this time. This is the best time to explore Badra wildlife sanctuary and Porbandar bird sanctuary. This is the peak season of Porbandar, if you are looking for a holiday package to Porbandar book it in advance and confirm the best holidays.

Summer Season:

It is the hottest season in this area. Summer starts here in the month of March and continuous till May. The temperature used to rise up to 40C during this time. Summer is not a peak time and not a better time to explore here. The hot and humid conditions will be high in this region during winter; this may affect your outdoor activities. Due to the offseason, you can make better deals with the packages and hotels here.

Monsoon Season:

Those who can enjoy the amazing weather condition of this area during monsoon, This starts here in the month of July and span till September. The place looks pretty, the hot and humidity used to decrease in this area at this time. Monsoon brings an enjoyable atmosphere after a hot and humid climate. This is an ideal time to explore Porbandar. Precipitation here is about 629mm.