About Porbandar

Country: India | State: Gujarat

Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 Days

Nearest City to Porbandar: Porbandar

Best Time to Visit Porbandar: October to March

Peak Season: November to February

At a distance of 102 km from Dwarka, 108 km from Junagadh, 127 km from Jamnagar, 130 km from Somnath, 133 km from Okha, 183 km from Rajkot, 193 km from Amreli, 210 km from Diu, 304 km from Bhavnagar, 372 km from Bhuj, 399 km from Ahmedabad, 461 km from Vadodara, and 621 km from Surat, Porbandar is a beautiful coastal city located in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is one of the popular places to visit near Rajkot, and among the must include places in Gujarat Tour Packages.

Located along the banks of the Asmavati River, the city of Porbandar is closely linked with Junagadh in the southwest and Jamnagar in the north. It is an important city in India's history being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. According to mythology, the coastal city is also believed to be the birthplace of Sudama, Lord Krishna's friend and devotee. Traces of late Harappan civilization have also been found here and hence the place becomes of prime importance throwing light on the maritime activities of that time.

In ancient times Porbandar was known to be Pao Bandar, due to its bread factories that used to export Pao roti to Arab countries across the Arabian Sea. Colloquial changes in language result in a name change to Pore Bandar or Porbandar. Earlier, Porbandar belonged to the Jethwa clan of Rajputs and it was a state under the Mughal Governor of Gujarat. Later it came under the rule of the Gaekwads and the Peshwas. Porbandar became the eponymous princely state in British India. Under the Mughals, Peshwas, and the British, Porbandar was an active business center with ships sailing to countries like East Africa, Arab, and the Persian Gulf. After India's independence in 1947, the state was merged with the 'United State of Kathiawar', and eventually became part of Gujarat. The last King of Porbandar was Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji Maharaj.

The city of Porbandar is dotted with numerous religious places and historical buildings which stand as a reminder of the glorious bygone era. The uniqueness of Porbandar city is that it is constructed of a special type of white soft stone hence it is popularly known as 'White City'. The most fascinating feature of Porbandar tour packages is the haveli where Gandhiji was born which has now been converted into a temple called Kirti Mandir. Sudama Mandir, Bharat Mandir, Shri Hari Mandir, Chowpatty Beach, Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Ghumli, Huzoor Palace, and Darbargarh Fort are some of the top places to visit in Porbandar.

Porbandar Airport is the nearest airport which is about 7 km from the Porbandar Railway Station and has well flight connectivity with Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Porbandar Railway Station is well connected by trains with Hyderabad, Bhanvad, Somnath, Howrah, Rajkot, Santragachi, Delhi, Muzzafarpur, Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, and Kochuveli. Porbandar has well-connected buses from all the major cities of Gujarat like Rajkot, Somnath, Dwarka, Junagadh, Bhuj, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, and Diu.

The people of Porbandar celebrate the festivals of Navratri, Holi, and Dussehra with great pomp and fervor. The Porbandar Mela is the biggest fair and a major event held every year in Porbandar. It falls around the months of August-September and attracts a large crowd.

Like most of Gujarat, Porbandar has a hot semi-arid climate with hot summers, rainy monsoons, and chilly winters. However, October - March is the best time to visit Porbandar when the climate is cool and pleasant that is suitable for sightseeing. Better to avoid the monsoon season as the city faces heavy rains, strong winds, and occasional thunderstorms.

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Other Info
Internet Availability: Average
STD Code: 0286
Languages Spoken: Gujarati, Hindi & English
Major Festivals: Navratri, Janmastami, Holi & Porbandar Mela

How to Reach Porbandar

By Air

Nearest Airport: Porbandar (7 Kms)

By Train

Nearest Train Station: Porbandar Railway Station (0 Kms)

By Bus

Nearest Bus Station: Porbandar Bus Station (1 Kms)

Top 10 Places to Visit in Porbandar


#1 of 19 Places to Visit in Porbandar

At a distance of 2 km from Porbandar Railway Station, Kirti Mandir is a memorial located in the coastal city of Porbandar in Gujarat. Situated on Kasturba Road, it is one of the popular monuments of heritage in India, and among the prime Porbandar places to visit.

Also known as the Temple of Fame, Kirti Mandir is built in honor of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in his birthplace in the city of Porbandar, Gujarat. The foundation stone of Kirti Mandir is said to be laid in 1947 and the building was completed in 1950, by which time Gandhiji was no more. The ancestral house of the Gandhi family, where Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869 is just adjacent to the Kirti Mandir. It was here that Bapu's grandfather Uttamchand Gandhi, father Karamchand Gandhi, and his uncle Tulsidas Gandhi lived with their respective spouses and children. They had all served as Prime .....

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#2 of 19 Places to Visit in Porbandar

At a distance of 1 km from Porbandar Railway Station, Sudama Mandir is a Hindu temple situated in the center of Porbandar city. Located near Kirti Mandir, it is one of the revered sites in Gujarat, and among the most visited Porbandar tourist places.

Sudama Temple is dedicated to Sudama who was the childhood friend of Lord Krishna and is the only temple in India dedicated to him. The temple was built by Shri Ram Devji Jethwa of the Jethwa dynasty between 1902 and 1907 CE. It is said that during the construction of this shrine, the funds were exhausted and the people of Porbandar had to host various drama shows to raise the required funds. The temple holds a lot of historic and religious importance that lures a large number of devotees, especially the newly married Rajasthani Kshatriya couples who visit the temple to take the blessing as part of Porbandar sightseeing packages.

Situated .....

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#3 of 19 Places to Visit in Porbandar

At a distance of 8 km from Porbandar Railway Station, Shri Hari Mandir is a well-known temple located at Virpur locality of Porbandar, Gujarat. Situated opposite to Porbandar Airport, it is one amongst the premier educational institutes providing Vedic Education in India and one of the must-visit places in Porbandar.

Also referred to as the Sandipani Vidyaniketan, Sri Hari Mandir is actually an institution that provides Vedic education and practical training in rituals of Hinduism to Rishikul students. The construction of the temple was started by Sri Bhaisri in the year 1992. It was completed in the year 2006 and an event called 'Sandipani Mandir Mahotsav', was conducted to mark the inauguration of Mandir. There are various students that have enrolled themselves and receive the Vedic knowledge about the different Hindu rituals. Just like a Buddhist monastery, this Gurukul serves as a home, school, and workplace for the students that are receiving the Vedic knowledge.

Covering .....

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#4 of 19 Places to Visit in Porbandar

At a distance of 2 km from Porbandar Railway Station, Porbandar Beach is a stunning beach on the coast of the Arabian Sea in the city of Porbandar. Also called Chowpatty Beach, it is one of the serene beaches in Gujarat, and among the must-visit places during Porbandar tour.

Also known as Willington Marina Beach, Porbandar Beach is a favorite hangout amongst the locals. The sandy stretch of Chowpatty Beach is an ideal place for tourists for a lazy afternoon stroll or to sit and enjoy watching the waves. The tranquil waters of the Arabian Sea and mesmerizing sunsets attract a lot of visitors during the dusks. Along with that, one can also visit the ancient port of Porbandar where you can see many ships and boats winding and unwinding.

Reconstructed in 2003, the beach has a well-laid walking track and good seating arrangements for visitors. There is also a skating rink for children .....

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#5 of 19 Places to Visit in Porbandar

At a distance of 2 km from Porbandar Railway Station, Huzoor Palace is a royal palace situated in Chowpatty Beach of Porbandar. It is one of the historical palaces in Gujarat and among the top places of sightseeing in Porbandar.

The Huzoor Palace was built by Rana Natwarsinhji, the last ruler of the princely state of Porbandar during the early 20th century. Also known as Raj Mahal, it stands near the sea shore at Marine Drive. Huzoor Palace is still used as the residence by the successors of Maharaja, who reside in London. Tourists are not allowed inside the palace, but they can enjoy the grandiosity of the palace from outside.

This sprawling palace is built in the European architectural style with several wings and a sloping roof. The windows are very large with views of the sea. The ornamental porticos in the facade are semi-circular in shape, built with neoclassical columns. Further, the scenic beauty of the palace is enhanced with beautiful fountains and gardens. During .....

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#6 of 19 Places to Visit in Porbandar

At a distance of 3 km from Porbandar Railway Station, Tara Mandir is a planetarium located in the coastal city of Porbandar in Gujarat. Also known as Nehru Planetarium, it is one of the major tourist attractions in Porbandar.

Nehru Planetarium was established in the year 1977 and is dedicated to the Non-Cooperation Movement that was led by Mahatma Gandhi. It is one of the two planetariums in India initiated by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. This planetarium was built with the donations made by a renowned Gujarati philanthropist, Nanjibhai Mehta. The prime aim of Tara Mandir is to empower the young minds by providing them with the knowledge of the aeronautical science and celestial bodies.

A delight for science lovers of all ages, the main attraction of the Nehru Planetarium is its shows, which seek to illustrate facts and information about various planets, stars and celestial bodies that are present in the solar system. It has an overhead round screen where the different .....

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#7 of 19 Places to Visit in Porbandar

At a distance of 17 km from Porbandar Railway Station, Jambavan Cave is an ancient cave located at Ranavav near Porbandar city of Gujarat. Situated near Saurashtra Cement Factory, it is one of the historical places in Gujarat and among the most visited tourist places in Porbandar.

Also known as Jambavant Cave or Jambuvant ki Gufa, this cave was the resting place of the warrior Jambuvan, who had his own special role in both the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is believed that this is the place where Lord Krishna and Jambuvan fought for the Syamantaka jewel for 28 days. Legend says that Satrajit was the proud possessor of a precious gem named Syamantaka which had mystic powers. Once his brother Prasena went out in the forests for hunting wearing the jewel and was attacked by a lion to obtain Syamantaka. Later, the lion gets killed by Jambuvan who takes the precious stone from him and gives it to her daughter. On the other side, Satrajit accuses Lord Krishna for killing his .....

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#8 of 19 Places to Visit in Porbandar

At a distance of 1 km from Porbandar Railway Station, Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is a sanctuary located amid the city of Porbandar. It is one of the smallest bird sanctuaries in India, and among the must-visit places during your Porbandar trip.

Spread over an area of 1 sq. km, this unique water-dwelling, surrounded by trees and plants is declared as a sanctuary in the year 1988 under the governance of Porbandar municipality. An eminent naturalist named Peter Jackson was the pioneer behind the establishment of this sanctuary. Later, in the year 1990, the sanctuary came under the possession of the Forest Department and as a result, it was listed under Section 18 of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 of Gujarat State Government.

It is the only bird sanctuary in the country, where mankind and nature create a unique atmosphere. Situated in the periphery of a small lake, this small .....

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#9 of 19 Places to Visit in Porbandar

At a distance of 40 km from Porbandar and 65 km from Dwarka, Harsiddhi Mata Temple is an ancient Hindu temple located atop Koylo Dungar hill at Gandhvi village near Porbandar, Gujarat. En route to Dwarka from Porbandar, it is one of the oldest temples in Gujarat, and among the popular places of sightseeing in Porbandar.

Also known as Harshal Mata Temple, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Harsiddhi, the Happy Mother. The goddess is considered one of the aspects of Amba and Kalika, the Hindu Devi. She is also known by the names like Harshal, Harshad, Harshat Shikotar, Sikotar Momai, and Vahanvati Mata. The original temple atop the hill is said to have been built by Krishna himself. Krishna wanted to defeat the demon Jarasandha, so he prayed to Amba Mata for more powers. With the blessings of the goddess, Krishna was able to defeat the Asuras. After his success .....

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#10 of 19 Places to Visit in Porbandar

At a distance of 3 km from Porbandar Railway Station, Bharat Mandir, also known as Temple of India, is situated opposite to Nehru Planetarium in Porbandar. It is one of the must-visit places in Porbandar, especially for history buffs.

Referred to as 'Temple of India', it is one among its kind in India as it is dedicated to motherland 'Bharat'. This two-storeyed temple is built in a rectangular shape. The hall of this temple has a huge relief map of India on the floor. The temple houses stone carvings and brass reliefs of heroes from Hindu mythology on the pillars. The place also has statues of Indian freedom fighters. To get an insight into the rich cultures and traditions of the country, this temple is a must-visit.

Timings: 9 AM - 12 PM & 3 PM - 6 PM

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