Best Season to Visit Rann Of Kutch

October to March is Best Season to Visit Rann Of Kutch

Winters season from october to march is the best time to visit Rann of Kutch, mainly because of the full moon nights as the reflection of the moonlight on the white sand turns the place into an absolute paradise. This is the time the most famous Rann Utsav or Kutch Utsav is organised and also the weather is perfect for sightseeing. Better to avoid during summer season because it is very hot in this region. Monsoons will be suitable for nature enthusiast and wildlife lovers as the rains are not severe and is also the time when migratory birds arrive at Kutch in large numbers.

Peak Season in Rann Of Kutch

November to February is Peak Season in Rann Of Kutch

November to February is the peak tourist season in Rann of Kutch. The famous Rann Utsav is organised during the same time and attracts large number of tourists from all over the world. Hotels are very expensive during this season and advance booking at least a month ahead is suggested.

Rann Of Kutch Weather

Minimum Temperature in Rann Of Kutch


Maximum Temperature in Rann Of Kutch


Present Temperature in Rann Of Kutch

Winter Season:

The best time to explore the full glory of thousand hues in this desert area. The days are hot but the temperature dropping down once after the sunset. The place is blessed with the Rann festival during this time and welcoming the travelers to this beautiful desert. And this celebrated from November to February. You can be a witness of full moons during the nights and have a great experience from the desert. During the night the temperature dropping down tills 12C. This would be a great time and experience to be here.

Summer Season:

Summer began from April till the end of June. Summer is not a better time to be here as a traveler. The temperature will rise up to 50C during this time. But the nights are cooler than the days. As it is a desert this is too hot and humid here during summer. This is not a suggestible time to be here those who seek to visit here.

Monsoon Season:

The monsoon arrives here at the end of June and this lasts till the end of September. Showers are not severe here during this period. So that can make you have more relief from the heat. Some of the areas surrounded here start turning to green and Banni Gross land blossoms in this parched region. This is an ideal time to explore some of the sanctuaries surrounded here and can be a witness of migrating birds joining this sanctuary. The district receives an average annual rainfall of 356 mm.

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