Best Season to Visit Mahabaleshwar

September to January is Best Season to Visit Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar has a moderate climate throughout the year and can be visited any time of the year. However, post-monsoon and winter is the best season to visit Mahabaleshwar to experience the real scenic beauty of this hill station. This is the time the hill station is spread with greenery, lovely views, beautiful landscapes and waterfalls are at their full glory. Also, the activities like boating, horse riding, fun fair games like toy train are usually open after monsoons and this is the best season to participate in the adventure activities.

Peak Season in Mahabaleshwar

October to December & May to June is Peak Season in Mahabaleshwar

October season, December and January is the busiest season in Mahabaleshwar. Most of the tourists planning a visit Mahabaleshwar in Monsoon season. Hotels are usually expensive during monsoon and advance booking at least a month ahead is suggested to plan a hassle free vacation in Mahabaleshwar. December & January season also attracts considerable number of tourists.

Mahabaleshwar Weather

Minimum Temperature in Mahabaleshwar


Maximum Temperature in Mahabaleshwar


Present Temperature in Mahabaleshwar

Winter Season :

Winters in Mahabaleshwar generally lasts from the month of November to mid-March and the climate is cooler. Days are warm and pleasant and the sun is soft and solacing, unlike the urban sun. But during the night, the temperature may fall down to a minimum of 14°C. Mahabaleshwar lures a lot of tourists during Christmas and New-Year eves and the hotels are usually expensive. This is the best time for enjoying the scenic beauty, extravagant activities, like mountain trekking and rope climbing. Also, winter is the time to witness the Strawberries festival here.

Summer Season :

The summer season in Mahabaleshwar stretches from March to June. The temperature can rise up to a maximum of 30°C. The day time at Mahabaleshwar is warmer but one can feel mild and pleasant weather during this time due to its high altitude and constant mountain breeze. This is the reason a lot of tourists from the nearby cities of Pune and Mumbai come to Mahabaleshwar during summer. Hotels are also usually expensive during summer and advance booking at least a month ahead is preferable for hassle-free vacation.

Monsoon Season :

During monsoons (mid-June to September), the weather in Mahabaleshwar remains wet and extremely damp. But the incessant showers enhance the beauty of the hill station and tourists can find many seasonal waterfalls, lush green forests and mist-covered hills during this season. It is the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani for short trips. However, the place virtually becomes uninhabited during this season, except for the locals, due to the continuous downpour. So, one may get huge discounts on hotels.