Bennehole Falls


Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Jog Falls): 77 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 2-3 Hours

Place Location: Close To Sirsi - Kumta Road

Transportation Options: Cab / + Walk/Trek

Travel Tips: Sirsi is the base station to visit this place.

At a distance of 30 km from Sirsi, 30 km from Unchalli Falls, and 77 Kms from Jog Waterfalls, Benne Hole Falls is a wonderful waterfall situated near Kasage village close to Sirsi - Kumta road. It is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Uttara Kannada district, and among the must-visit tourist places in Sirsi.

Benne Hole Fall is formed from the tributary of the Aghanashini River, which flows in the 'Devimane Ghat' region of the Western Ghats. It cascades down from the height of more than 200 feet into a pool around large and small rocks. The waterfall looks churning, creamy white butter hence the name Benne Hole where 'benne' means butter and 'hole' means big stream in Kannada. This location has another plus point for Bird-watchers as they can see birds such as plum headed parakeet, grey jungle fowl, common kestrel, woolly necked stork, jungle owlet, coppersmith barbet, orange minivet, black-headed oriole, and many more.

The waterfall is about 6 km from Sirsi - Kumta road after a village called Kasage. If you are on a Jeep or four-wheeler follow the jeep track towards the last house in Hosur village and then walk about 2 km to reach waterfalls. The regular path takes you to the top of the falls where several small pools are formed by the flow and it's a good place to relax. A diversion is required on the trek path to reach the bottom of the falls and is a little steep.

The ideal time to visit the waterfall is post-monsoon (November - March). In the rainy season, the water level is very high and swimming is extremely dangerous at the falls. Private Jeep is the best mode of transportation. There is no facility for food and accommodation near the falls. Always go in a group and don't go single.

Timings: 6 AM - 5 PM

Entry: Free

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