Best Season to Visit Palakkad

October to March is Best Season to Visit Palakkad

Peak Season in Palakkad

November & May to June is Peak Season in Palakkad

Palakkad Weather

Minimum Temperature in Palakkad


Maximum Temperature in Palakkad


Present Temperature in Palakkad

Winter (October to February):

Winter is the most suggestible time to explore Palakkad and the place will be cool and warm during this time. The weather would be more pleasant to explore the places located in Palakkad. Most of the tourists are choosing winter to spend at Palakkad as it has Phenomenal attraction and pleasant weather. The temperature used to turn up to 22°C. December and January is the coldest time. If you are looking to explore Palakkad in the winter season, make your arrangements in advance.

Summer (March to May):

Palakkad reporting its high temperature up to 35°C during the summer season. It also receives significant rainfalls in this season. The temperature won’t disappoint you during outdoor activities. The place is famous for its Dams and hill stations. And the place is close to Coimbatore, so you can easily reach at Palakkad without any troubles in your travel from your origin.

Monsoon (June to September):

Monsoon is the best time to spend your time in Palakkad. Palakkad receives highest amount of rainfall in this season. The temperature will reach around 30°C in this period so the weather would be pleasant and the surroundings are greenary.