Best Season to Visit Karaikal

October to March is Best Season to Visit Karaikal

Peak Season in Karaikal

December to January is Peak Season in Karaikal

Karaikal Weather

Minimum Temperature in Karaikal


Maximum Temperature in Karaikal


Present Temperature in Karaikal

Winter Season (October - February):

Amongst all the three seasons, winter is the ideal time to visit Pondicherry and witness it in all its glory. Temperature ranges from 23C - 32C. The beauty of the place gets more attractive during the season. Due to this, the winter season in Karaikal gives you a chance to see everything that Karaikal has to offer. The place might also be greeted with light showers of rain from time to time as Karaikal is a coastal city, but these rain showers are in no way a hindrance for visiting individuals.

Summer Season (March - June):

It is sweltering during the summers, with the temperature rising to 40 degrees. The temperature does not fluctuate as much as other cities; however, there is still a difference. The humidity during these months is as high up as 93 percent which in itself makes the weather hot and sweaty. However, this also makes for an ideal temperature to visit the beach and partake in the range of water sports available or take a dip in the considerably cooler waters.

Monsoon Season (July - September):

Temperature averages 25C to 35C. Monsoons also make for the best time to visit Karaikal for its natural surroundings of lush green flora and colorful flowers and plants that all the more stand out due to the fresh rains. The biggest and most important celebration for Karaikal also falls in the monsoon season. Karaikal has an annual average rainfall of about 126 cm. Mangani Festival is one of the most famous festivals of Pondicherry which generally falls in the month of July. It is a one month festival which is devoted to Karaikal Ammaiyar.