Best Season to Visit Chidambaram

July & October to March is Best Season to Visit Chidambaram

Peak Season in Chidambaram

July & December to January is Peak Season in Chidambaram

Chidambaram Weather

Minimum Temperature in Chidambaram


Maximum Temperature in Chidambaram


Present Temperature in Chidambaram

Winter (October - February):

Winters are the best time to explore Chidambaram. December, January and February are the driest time in Chidambaram. And it is the best time to explore here. In the month of February, the grandeur Nataraja temple is set to receive the dancers across India with perfect backdrop and stage. This is the time of festivals and explosion of pilgrimage tourism.

Summer (March - May):

Summers are the hottest time in Chidambaram. The temperature ranges between 30C to 40C in Chidambaram. This would be hectic for some of the travelers like old age peoples and kids. Summer is not much suggestible for these peoples. But Chidambaram is wealthy with its pilgrimage sites. So those who can visit Chidambaram during summer to explore its pilgrimage attractions.

Monsoon (June - September):

South western rains meagerly reaching into Chidambaram. But retreating northeast monsoons are quite heavy, accompanied by cyclone storms, especially in the months from October to December. But on the other hand, the estuaries and the river's brim over with monsoon rains and the emerald green fields are any photographer's delight.