6 Historical Forts near Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a picturesque hill station located in the Satara district of Maharashtra.  Often referred to as the Queen of the hill stations, it is one of the popular hill stations in India, and among the must-include places in Maharashtra tour packages. Nestled in the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges, Mahabaleshwar captivates everyone with its natural splendor, majestic viewpoints, gushing waterfalls, salubrious weather, serene lakes, breathtaking waterfalls, rolling hills, strawberry farms, lush green forests, and historical forts. The forts in & around Mahabaleshwar have their unique charm and exceptional stories that not only attract history lovers but also nature lovers, offbeat travellers, and trekkers because of its scenic beauty and mystical aura as part of Mahabaleshwar Tour Packages.

Pratapgarh Fort

Pratapgad, also known as Pratapgarh, is one of the popular forts near Mahabaleshwar. It is one of the best places of heritage near Mumbai and among the popular Mahabaleshwar tourist places. Lies at an altitude of 1080 m, Pratapgad was built in 1656 by the great Maratha leader Chhatrapati Shivaji to guard the Par pass. The fort stands as the witness of the historic Battle of Pratapgarh between Shivaji and Afzal Khan, the commander of the Bijapur Sultanate. Within the fortified walls lie four lakes, a watchtower, two temples, a cultural library, and a statue of Shivaji Maharaj. Today this fort has become a famous tourist spot near Mahabaleshwar as it is still in fairly good condition that continues to draw visitors year-round as part of Mahabaleshwar tour from Mumbai.

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Pandavgad Fort

Situated at an altitude of 4177 feet, Pandavgad Fort is a hill fort located in Wai Taluk of Satara district in Maharashtra. Among the top Panchgani tourist places, the fort is believed to have been built by Shilahar King Bhoj-II in 1191-1192. The fort was under the rule of Adil Shahis, then Marathas, thereafter Aurangzeb, and finally under the British Empire in 1818. Sprawling over six acres, this square-shaped fort has a couple of rock-cut water cisterns, Lord Hanuman Temple, Goddess Pandjai Temple, and three grinding wheels. The main feature of this fort is that it has the natural protection of a sharp rock that is about 6 m high. One of the prominent places to visit as part of Mahabaleshwar tour from Pune, the fort offers some stunning views of the surrounding hills, plains, and nearby villages.

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Kamalgad Fort

Situated at an altitude of 4511 feet, Kamalgad Fort is one of the popular forts situated near Wai in Maharashtra. Also called Bhelanja or Kattalgad, it is one of the popular places of heritage in Maharashtra, and among the must include places in Panchgani tour packages. Built during medieval times, the fort was under the rule of the Marathas before being taken over by the British. The fort covers a flat area of nearly 3-4 acres and is surrounded by thick woods and steep rocks. There are no buildings on the top. The only structure on the top is a well sunk right through the rock, into the soil below which still has water. The fort offers panoramic views of the magnificent Dhom Dam, dense woods, and lush green vegetation.

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Sajjangad Fort

Placed at an altitude of 914 m, Sajjangad Fort is an ancient hill fort and a pilgrimage place situated in Satara near Mahabaleshwar. It is one of the popular places to visit in Satara and among the must include places in Mahabaleshwar Packages from Kolhapur. The fort was built by the Bahamani Sultans between 1347-1527 AD and was later conquered by Adil Sha in the 16th century AD. Then the fort came under the rule of Adil Shahi rulers, the Mughals, and Marathas. Previously known as Parali Fort, it was renamed to Sajjangad after Shivaji Maharaj requested Sri Ramdas to set up his permanent abode here. The Sajjangad fort has two main gates and comprises two lakes, temples of Lord Rama, Hanuman, and Anglai Devi, a Math, and the tomb of Swami Samarth Ramdas. Apart from spiritual and historical ambiance, the fort also offers a splendid view of the nearby villages, Satara town, Urmodi Dam, and its catchment area.

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Raigad Fort

Raigad Fort is a majestic hill fort located near Mahad in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. About 83 km from Mahabaleshwar, it is one of the most popular forts to visit as part of the Mahabaleshwar tour, and among the best places to visit near Kolhapur. Situated at an altitude of 2700 feet, the fort is a symbol of Maratha pride and one of the great reminders of the history of Marathas. Built on an irregular wedge-shaped mass of rock, the main structures inside the fort include Queen’s Quarters, Public Durbar, Watch Towers, Darwajas, etc. One of the main attractions of the Raigad Fort is a magnificent statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji, sited opposite the ruins of the main market avenue. The tombs of Shivaji and his dog Waghya are situated near the avenue. Tourists need to climb around 1400-1450 steps leading to the fort, though today a rope-way exists to reach the top of the fort.

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Murud-Janjira is an island fort situated near Murud in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. This is one of the top places to visit in Alibaug, and also one of the popular heritage places to visit near Pune and Mumbai. Janjira Fort is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on all sides and is one of the strongest marine forts in India. The original structure was built in the 15th century by a Koli chief as a defense against pirates and thieves. Spread over 22 acres, the fort has 19 rounded bastions, still intact. The main gate of fort faces Rajapuri on the shore is a huge structure. There is a small gate towards the open sea to escape from the enemies. There are hidden passageways for emergencies. The turrets and towers of the fort were used for keeping ammunition. Earlier the fort was a full-fledged living place with all the necessary facilities like palaces, quarters for officers, a mosque, two small 60-foot deep (18 m) natural freshwater lakes, etc. One cal also see a deep well with cold and sweet water, a wonder of nature amid the sea as part of Mahabaleshwar 3 day tour.

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