6 Exotic Places in the vicinity of Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a pristine hill station situated in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Nestled in the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges, it is one of the popular hill stations in India, and among the must-include places in Maharashtra tour packages. Mahabaleshwar is often referred to as the Queen of hill stations in Maharashtra as it is blessed with salubrious weather, evergreen forests, rolling hills, breathtaking viewpoints, serene lakes, strawberry farms, gushing waterfalls, and ancient architectural splendor. This is the source of the Krishna River that flows across Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. Also, there are several scenic places in the vicinity of Mahabaleshwar that one must visit along with Mahabaleshwar tour packages.

Here is the list of exotic places to visit in the vicinity of Mahabaleshwar.


Just 28 km away from Mahabaleshwar, Tapola is a rural hamlet situated at the convergence of the rivers of Koyna and Solshi. It is known for its adventurous jungle treks and scenic beauty. Often called the Mini Kashmir of the West, it is one of the famous Mahabaleshwar tourist places, and among the prominent places to visit near Mumbai. The primary attraction in Tapola is the Shivsagar Lake, a 90 km long water body in fact the reservoir of the Koyna dam. The lake offers boating, water scooter rides, kayaking, and swimming. Jungle treks from Tapola are very popular with trekkers, especially the trek to Vasota Fort is a thrilling activity in Tapola and is fast gaining popularity amongst tourists as part of Mahabaleshwar tour from Pune.

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Placed at an altitude of 1334 m, Panchgani, also called as Paachgani is an exciting hill station and a municipal council located in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Blessed with towering mountains, serene valleys, cascading waterfalls, and dense forests, it is one of the hill stations near Pune, & among the prominent places to visit near Mahabaleshwar. Table Land, Parsi Point, Kamalgadh Fort, Devil’s Kitchen, Rajpuri Caves, Sydney Point, Mapro Gardens, Dhom dam, etc. are some of the major places to visit in Panchgani as part of Mahabaleshwar 3 day tour. Besides, Panchgani also offer you a plethora of adrenaline-activities including paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, speed boating, and horse riding.

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Situated at an altitude of 2320 feet, Satara is a town and the headquarters of Satara district in Maharashtra. It is one of the famous Maharashtra tourist places, and among the popular attractions near Mahabaleshwar. The town derived its name from the seven mountains surrounding the place implying Sat (seven) and Tara (hills). Located near the confluence of the River Krishna and the River Venna, Satara is dotted with amazing temples, forts, and waterfalls. Ajinkyatara Fort, Vasota Fort, Sajjangad Fort, Kalyangad,  Thosegarh Falls, Kaas Pathar, and Vajrai Falls are the must-include places in Satara tour packages.

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Lonavala & Khandala

Lies at an altitude of 622 m in the Sahyadri Ranges, Lonavala & Khandala are the twin hill stations situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra. It is one of the top hill stations in Maharashtra, and among the best weekend getaways from Pune. This pristine hill station is known for its natural beauty, spectacular mountain views, shimmering lakes, historic caves and forts. Lohagad Fort, Rajmachi Point, Karla Caves, Valvan Dam, Lonavala Lake, Bhaja Caves, Rajmachi Fort, Bhushi Dam, Kune Waterfalls, Tikona Fort, Bedse Caves, and Tung Fort are the must-include places in Lonavala tour packages. Lonavala also serves as the perfect monsoon getaway for the people of Pune and Mumbai when the air is moist and cool, the hills are wrapped in a misty layer of thick clouds and the greenery gets a new life renewed with the rainfall.

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Chiplun is a town in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Situated between the Western Ghats, and the Arabian Sea, it is one of the popular Maharashtra tourist places, and mong the prominent weekend getaways from Mumbai. Chiplun has stunning natural beauty, which includes lush greenery and stunning waterfalls. Parashuram Temple, Swatsada Waterfalls, Gowalkot Fort, Nehru Smriti Udayan, Murud-Dapoli Beach, Anjarle Ganapati Temple, Anjarle Beach, Koyna Dam, and Pandava Caves are the top places to visit in Chiplun as part of Mahabaleshwar tour from Mumbai.

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Raigad Fort

About 83 km from Mahabaleshwar, Raigad is a hill fort situated near Mahad in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. This is one of the most popular forts in Maharashtra and among the popular places for trekking near Mumbai. Perched at an altitude of 2700 feet, the fort is a symbol of Maratha pride and one of the great reminders of the history of Marathas. The fort is constructed on an irregular wedge-shaped mass of rock and is inaccessible from three sides. The main structures inside the Raigad Fort are Queen’s Quarters, Public Durbar, Watch Towers, Darwajas, etc. There are approximately 1400-1450 steps leading to the fort, though today a rope-way exists to reach the top of the fort. It is one of the must-include places in Mahabaleshwar 5 day tour.

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