Thrilling Adventure Sports to Try in Kashmir

Blessed with fast flowing rivers, high altitude passes, fabulous mountain slopes, lovely forests and breathtaking snowclad Himalayas, mountains, Kashmir is one of the popular tourist places to visit in India and among the must-include places in Honeymoon Tour Packages. The incredible topography of Kashmir make it one of the ideal destinations for adventure lovers and thrill seekers who visit the place to explore its stunning landscape and feel one with nature. Whether it’s camping, rafting, skiing, trekking, safari or paragliding, adventure sports in Kashmir get a new dimension here. If you too have the soul of an adventurer, it’s time to start making plans and explore Kashmir tour packages offered by


Golfing is one of the best outdoor sports to try in the verdant valleys of Kashmir due to its pleasant weather. Kashmir has four world-class golf courses that offer the most amazing view of the landscape they are the vast, lush golf courses at Srinagar, Gulmarg and Pahalgam whichwill leave any golf lover spellbound. With the picturesque backdrop of the snow filled mountains, Gulmarg is the best place to try Golfing in Kashmir. Located at an elevation of 2,650 m, Golfing in Gulmarg Golf Course is unique and most popular amongst golfing enthusiasts as it is famed as the highest 18-hole golf course in the world surrounded by an invigorating environ which is covered with enormous Chinar and Pine trees. For golfing, tourists can borrow golf balls and sets from local professionals with permission from the tourism department. April and November are the best months to enjoy Golfing as part of Kashmir tour packages.


During winters, Kashmir looks even more beautiful with snow-capped mountains and snow-carpeted meadows and trees. The lofty mountain peaks and the shimmering snow provide tourists with the ideal setting to enjoy skiing. Gulmarg, the popular hill resort of Kashmir, is the perfect place for skiing as it is regared as one of the best skiing destinations in India as well as in Asia. Gulmarg attracts enthusiastic skiers from all over the world between January to mid-February. If you are a beginner, the modest slopes at Patni top are great place for skiing whereas for expert skiers, Shark Fin, located on the back of Mount Apharwat, is the best place for powder skiing. The necessary equipment’s for skiing are available on hire on the spot from the Government-run ski shop. Apart from Gulmarg, one can also enjoy skiing in Pahalgam, among the top places to visit in Jammu & Kashmir. Tourists can indulge in various skiing activities like snowboarding, hockey skiing, and ice skiing.


Regarded as the “Paradise on Earth”, the northernmost state of our country justifies its identity with its astounding beauty. Trekking is one of the exciting ways of exploring the spectacular beauty of Kashmir with its meadows, lakes, valleys, orchids, and remote villages. The lofty glaciers and the rich flora and fauna along the way make your trekking even more exciting. While the summer treks promise a mesmerizing sojourn into the mountains, the winter treks are everything you desire if you are a snow enthusiast. The Great Lakes Trek which covers Gangabal, Kishansar, and Vishansarlakes, is one of the most famous treks in Kashmir.  Tarsar Marsar Trek, Naranag Mahlish Trek, Naranag Gangabal Trek, and Kolahoi Glacier Trek are the other popular treks in Kashmir. July to September is an ideal time for trekking in Kashmir.

River Rafting

If you are seeking an extremely challenging yet fun-filled activity during your holiday in Kashmir, then River Rafting is the perfect activity to indulge in. Raft through the gorgeous rivers, tackling several whirlpools surrounded by deep green valleys, which make your journey more challenging, and cannot be forgotten by anyone. The invigorating river rafting in Kashmir involves rapids from grade 1 to grade 4. The rafting in Lidder River, Sindh River, Indus River, and Jhelum River is very popular in Kashmir where people enjoy this activity tremendously. One can hire an experienced guide to make your whole ride easy to complete that giving you a lifetime and memorable experience as part of Kashmir Tour Packages.


Amidst the serene mountains and green forests, Paragliding is a popular aero sport adventure activity in Jammu and Kashmir. This activity is offered at various locations such as Ashtanmarg, Sonmarg, Gulmarg, and Srinagar, but the best place for Paragliding is Sanasar, located 19 km from Patni Top. Here, one can glide over the beautiful and majestic landscape of Jammu surrounded by the majestic snowclad Himalayas which is an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. With a backdrop of snow-capped Himalayas, a low-flying ride will land you in enchanting meadows while a high-flying ride will give you 20 uninterrupted minutes of pure bliss of the mighty snowcapped Himalayas. There are many operators for conducting paragliding activities and the package includes camping, meals, and training. May-June and September-October are the best times for paragliding in Sanasar. Explore the Srinagar tour packages provided by

Mountain Biking

If you want to explore Kashmir crazily and innovatively, then Mountain Biking is the suitable one for you. Cycling on Himalayan terrains, beside lakes, on green meadows, and the foothills is the best way to explore the natural beauty of Kashmir. It also offers ample opportunities for cyclists to test their skills and endure challenging routes. Tackling the trails requires physical stamina, strength, and a strong mountain bike. Also, make sure that you are physically strong to indulge in mountain biking. Gulmarg to Pahalgam, Srinagar to Gulmarg, Pahalgam to Srinagar, Srinagar to Sonamarg, and then to Wular are some of the main mountain biking routes in Kashmir. One has to hire a mountain bike with the proper gear to do cycling on the rugged and crazy terrains of the Himalayas.

Shikara Ride

A visit to Kashmir is incomplete without taking a Shikara Ride in Srinagar. To experience the surreal beauty of the Kashmir, then take a Shikara Ride on the pristine Dal Lake, among the top places to visit in Srinagar. A shikara ride amidst the serene ambiance gives you a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. With the backdrop of snow-capped Pir Panjal Mountain ranges, one can get the spellbinding views of sunrise and sunset during your ride. Besides, these boats are also used as a floating market by locals where they sell varieties of flowers, fruits, and handicrafts. Apart, these boats are also used for sightseeing and bird watching. So, don’t miss out the Shikara Ride while holidaying in Kashmir.

Hot Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride is one of the best ways to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the Kashmir from the top, like a bird. It is one of the best aero sports in Kashmir and also the most ancient method of navigating between the clouds. The best places for Hot Air Balloon in Kashmir are Suru Valley and Zanskar Valley. The 2-3 hours ride takes you to a height of up to 3000 feet. Apart from Suru and Zanskar, the other greatest spot in Kashmir for a Hot Air Balloon Ride is Zabarwan Hills in Srinagar. Here, the ride usually takes you over 25 feet above the ground that lasts for 10 minutes and gives you the greatest views of Dal Lake and Mughal Gardens on the banks. A group of 4-8 people together can enjoy hot air balloon ride in Kashmir at a time. Winter is the best time to enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Kashmir that attracts thousands of tourists from all over world.

Wildlife Safaris

Apart from natural beauty and stunning valleys, Kashmir is also known for several exotic flora and fauna that played a major role in the growth of Jammu & Kashmir tourism. Home to 5 national parks, 38 protected reserves, and 14 wildlife sanctuaries, the state shelters for many rare and unique animal species right from the exotic snow leopard to the jeopardized Kashmir stag. If you are a wildlife enthusiast and want to explore the wildlife in Kashmir, then take a wildlife tour offered by the parks to spot some animals including bharal, red fox Himalayan black bear, shapu, markhor, leopard, etc. to make your holiday even more exciting. It is one of the best adventure activities during your holiday in Kashmir.

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