Reasons That Make Kashmir Heaven on Earth

Lies between the Karakoram Range and the Pir Panjal, Kashmir is one of the most amazing places in the world due to its natural beauty and picturesque locations. Blessed with snow-covered mountains, enchanting valley views, natural beauty, countless gardens with terraced lawns, amazing landscapes, crystal blue rivers, and silver lakes, Kashmir has every right to be called the ‘Heaven on Earth’. Attracting thousands of tourists throughout the year, it is one of the most popular places to visit in India and among the must-include places in Honeymoon Tour Packages. The beautiful Kashmir region is resplendent with white beauty in winter and the colors of nature in autumn, spring, and summer. The beautiful scenery and the unspoiled nature provide such a mesmerizing view that a person feels that he has come into another place. If you have doubts about why Kashmir is called Paradise on Earth then check the below-mentioned reasons will be able to change your mind.

Picture-perfect Landscape

Kashmir is one of the most charming places in the world that is dotted with picture-perfect landscapes. From the majestic Pir Panjal ranges to the meandering rivers and verdant meadows, every inch of the Kashmir Valley is filled with beautiful, unspoiled pieces of nature. Moreover, the scented aroma from the Kashmir cypress tree branches only elaborates the beautiful landscape and makes the atmosphere even more heavenly. Every corner that you can find has abundant nature and you will feel pressurized by the beauty to click a picture and put in a postcard. Those who have witnessed the quaint landscapes of Kashmir as part of India tour packages will never ask why Kashmir is called heaven on earth.

Pristine Lakes

Kashmir Valley is also famous for its tranquil lakes, especially the city of Srinagar which is home to the stunning Dal and Nageen Lakes. These crystal clear silver still lakes have no words to describe them. Among the most popular places to visit in Srinagar, Dal Lake is made up of 3 different lakes that have no resemblance to an ordinary lake due to its channels, coasting islands, houseboat businesses, etc. It looks more like smaller islands in a huge water body. There are off-shoot lakes including the Nagin Lake and Wular Lake, and it is the biggest freshwater body in the entire continent of Asia! Mansar & Surinsar, Tsokar Lake, Pangong Lake, Tso Moriri Lake, Gadsar Lake, Gangabal Lake, and Mansabal Lake are the other lakes in Jammu & Kashmir. The serene ambiance and sounds of Shikara, getting on a boat while riding towards the towering mountains on the lake will give you an excellent idea of why Kashmir is truly a paradise.

Verdant Valleys

Surrounded by sweeping mountain slopes, never-ending streams of rivers, and huge waterfalls, the stunning valleys of Kashmir are elegant and pleasant that makes you feel like being in heaven on earth. There are so many verdant valleys such as Kishtwar, Markha, Suru, Shyok, Nubra, Nageen, Betaab, Dha Hanu, Poonch, etc. in Kashmir that are unspoiled pieces of nature, that echo nothing but beauty on every level. Besides, these impeccable and untamed valleys located amid sublime mountains are carpeted with quite wild blossoms of different hues that make a heavenly climate while the fine breeze blows in the valleys making you feel an evident vitality through the body and soul. Also, these verdant valleys of Kashmir offer several activities that draw several adventure enthusiasts as part of Kashmir tour packages.

Fairytale-like Autumn

Apart from Summer and winter, Autumn is another best time of the year to visit Kashmir as everything will be vibrant. With energetic and soft wind, Kashmir portrays a makeover of warm pallets during the fall offering golden sun, amber, and scarlet hues of the trees adding an amazing charm to the landscape. The burnt orange of the autumn and the roads in Kashmir lined with the annual sheddings of nature, actualize what most of us have only seen in the Windows screen savers. If you are planning a trip to Kashmir and are not in the mood to face the cold winter, then autumn is the time to visit this heavenly place.

Most Romantic Winters

Kashmir, Heaven on Earth, is one such place in India where one can experience most fascinating snowfall throughout the winters. The great white winter of Kashmir is worth every second as the soft and smooth snow falling on the sleepy mountain peaks forms a white carpet of snow over the grassy meadows. You can also experience the snowflakes falling on the blooming floras, treetops, hillocks, and stunning valleys. Besides, Kashmir also offers several adventure activities in several stunning valleys during winters that attracts large number of adventure enthusiasts. If you are a snow lover, then it is one of the spellbinding places to see snowfall in India during winters.

Highest Gondola Ride

Started jointly by Jammu and Kashmir government and Pomagalski, a French organization, Gulmarg Gondola is the second-highest and largest cable car line in the world, and among the top places to visit in Gulmarg. The 5 km gondola ride is another undeniable reason that Kashmir is genuinely called the ‘Heaven on Earth’ as it lets you witness panoramic views of the beautiful Gulmarg hill station, and the other pristine water bodies in the background with the transcending snow-capped Himalayan mountains as it goes higher and closer to the Apharwat Mountain. The ride also offers splendid views of Khilanmarg, Gulmarg, LOC, Pir Panjal and Nanda Devi ranges that draw thousands of tourists especially nature lovers, adventure seekers, fun lovers, and photo fanatics as part of the Gulmarg tour packages.

Asia’s Largest Tulip Garden

Spring is one of the best seasons to visit Kashmir Valley when grass finally begins to grow, and the Tulip flowers bloom all over the valley, adding a splash of beautiful colors to the whole landscape. Spread over an area of about 30 hectares, the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar is the most vital tulip nursery in the country but also the largest tulip garden in the entire continent of Asia. It is a seven-terraced garden where one can spot 48 varieties of tulip flowers during spring. Tulip Festival is the major and annual event celebrated in this garden that exhibits a range of flowers. A peaceful stroll in these gardens is another reason to call the stunning Kashmir Valley – Paradise on Earth.

Authentic Kashmiri Cuisine

Just like the stunning landscapes, the food in Kashmir is heavenly. With rich flavors and intense colors, authentic Kashmiri cuisine is a perfect blend of three different cooking styles including Muslims, Mughals, and Kashmiri Pandits. From the luscious Ghoshtaba and Rogan Josh that has been exported worldwide, and to the finest ceremonial feast called Wazwan, Kashmir’s rich dishes soaked in traditions have developed through the ages. The other top mouth-watering delicacies include Dum Aloo, Panner Chaman, Kashmiri Muji Gaad, Mutton Yakhni, Modur Pulao, Sheermal, and not to mention the healthy hot cup of Kahwah that is brewed with saffron and several other spices and is considered a must-try beverage of Kashmiri cuisine.

Warm Hospitality

The people of Kashmir are known for their warm and friendly nature. As soon as you set foot in the Kashmir Valley, you will find the locals to be welcoming and greeting you with a huge smile on their faces. They are so hospitable and charm you with their courtesy, and friendliness to make guests feel comfortable. To enhance the quality of your trip beyond sightseeing, the best way is to speak and spend some time with the local people to understand their culture and hospitality.  Also, they are the best guides in experiencing local dishes and local costumes.

Thrilling Adventure Activities

If you are in Kashmir and want to indulge in adventure activities, then the Paradise of Earth won’t disappoint you as Kashmir is one of the perfect places for adventure activities. From trekking on windy and narrow, steep paths, to skiing on the thrilling slopes, camping in the mountains, experiencing river rafting, paragliding, gondola rides, and horse riding adventures, and visiting the beautiful green forests, Kashmir is a true paradise on earth for adventurer lovers as it lets them explore the extensive terrains of the majestic Himalayas.

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