Exciting Things To Do in Saputara

Situated at an altitude of about 1000 m on the Maharashtra- Gujarat border, Saputara is a charming hill station nestled in the Sahyadri range of Western Ghats. It is the only hill station in Gujarat and among the well-planned hill stations in India. Dotted with lush green forests, undulating mountains, dazzling waterfalls, dreamy winding roads, stunning landscape, and salubrious climate, this pristine hill station is a perfect escape into the lap of Mother Nature that attracts especially nature lovers. Apart, there are several things to do in Saputara that gives you a fascinating experience and also relaxing vacation as part of India tour packages.

Enjoy Boating at the Saputara Lake

Saputara Lake is a beautiful manmade lake situated at the heart of Saputara in Gujarat. It is one of the popular places to visit as part of Saputara tour packages. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and hilly backgrounds, the lake is known for its boating facilities which draws a huge number of visitors throughout the year. A boat club is built next to the lake from where tourists can hire different types of boats like pedal boats, sailboats, and rowboats to explore the lake and its serene surroundings. A boat trip with your friends or family members in the calm waters of the Saputara Lake is an unforgettable experience that one must try while in Saputara. Also, it is a wonderful place for nature photography where visitors can click some splendid pictures of the sunrise and sunset.

Make a Visit to the Artist Village

Artist Village is an art and traditional center located opposite Saputara Lake in Saputara. Popularly known as Gandharvapur artist, it is one of the best places to visit in Saputara to buy tribal artifacts. Managed by Surya Goswami and Chandrakant Parmar, this village exhibits spectacular artifacts of the native tribes that include bamboo crafts, warli paintings, jewelry, pottery, etc. One can also get a chance to try your hand at creating some of these works of art in their workshops as well. Artist village is often visited by students of fine arts to pick the shades of the craft and get hands-on knowledge about the state of the arts in India.

Trekking to the historical Hatgadh Fort

Lies at an altitude of 3,600 feet in the Sahyadri Mountains, Hatgad Fort is an ancient fort located at Hatgad village in the Nashik district of Maharashtra near Saputara. Situated on Saputara – Nashik Road, it is one of the prominent places for trekking in Maharashtra, and among the top things to do in Saputara. Built-in the 17th century AD by the great Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the fort was built as a watchtower towards the Nashik area and the inner valleys of Gujarat. Managed and maintained by the Archeological Department of Maharashtra, one can see a tombstone, a water tank, remnants of a mansion, dilapidated fort walls, and an arch-shaped structure inside the fort. Tourists can also enjoy beautiful views of the entire valley and Suragana Village from the top of the fort while in Saputara, one of the scenic places to visit in Ahmedabad. Trekking is the only way to reach the fort that takes around an hour to reach the top.

Explore Incredible Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park is a protected area located near Waghai in the Navsari district of Gujarat. Situated on the Vansda-Waghai State Highway, Vansda is one of the major places of wildlife in Gujarat, and among the top things to do in Saputara. The area was established as a National Park in the year 1979. Spread over an area of 24 sq. km, the park is home to many wild animals like leopards, hyenas, wild boar, sambar, and four-horned antelopes. Various types of birds, which are indigenous to the area, are great black woodpeckers, grey hornbills, Malabar trogons, racket-tailed drongos, paradise flycatchers, leaf birds, thrushes, sunbirds, peafowls, and others. Maintained by the South Dangs Forest Division, the landscape of the park is breathtaking with beautiful rolling hills, sweeping valleys and the beautiful river Ambika flows through the northeastern boundary of the park in Saputara, among the most scenic tourist places near Aurangabad. The park also houses large number of tribes living in and around such as the Bhil, Gamit, Warli, Kokni, Kunbi, and Dangi tribes. The best time to visit is post-monsoon season till winter when the forests are lush green and streams are full.

Gliding up the Sunset Point on a Cable Car

Located near Saputara Lake, Sunset Point is a popular viewpoint in Saputara, one of the scenic places to visit near Surat. Also known as Gandhi Shikhar or Gandhi Peak, the point offers a breathtaking view of the sunset over the Sahyadri Mountains. The sky is painted with an orange hue of the setting sun during evenings, which is a spectacular sight to behold. Also, one can get a splendid view of Dang Forest and various tribal villages in the vicinity of Saputara from this viewpoint. There are two ways to reach Sunset Point – one by using ropeway or climbing the hills. Gliding up the point on the cable car is one of the most exciting things to do in Saputara, among the must include places in Gujarat tour packages. Apart, the place also offers some activities like horse riding, camel riding, cycling, and small bike for kids.

Take a Dip in the Stunning Gira Falls

Set on the Saputara-Waghai Road, Gira Falls is a seasonal waterfall located at Wanarchod village near Saputara. Also known as Giradudh, it is one of the gorgeous waterfalls in Gujarat, and among the must visit places as part of Saputara Packages. Cascades from a height of about 75 feet, the waterfall is formed over the Kapri River and eventually drops into the Ambika River that creates a foggy look giving it a charming feel. This place is a great stopover for those travelling from Saputara towards Surat. Tourists can reach the falls by 1 km trekking from the parking place. Also, there are several picnic huts in the vicinity of Gira Falls in Saputara, among the top places to visit near Pune.

Interact With Tribals at Purna Sanctuary

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary in the Western Ghats between the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, India. It is one of the most popular hotspots for bird watchers and among the best places to visit near Saputara during your Gujarat Tour. Spread over an area of 160 sq. km, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the predominantly tribal district of Dangs and was declared as a sanctuary in July 1990. Leopard is the top predator here whose population has been increasing. Wild bulls, elephants, rhesus macaque, bonnet macaque, common mongoose, Indian civet cat, Indian porcupine, four-horned antelope, barking deer, sambar, chital, hyena, and jungle cat are among the other prominent animals found in the forest. The forest is also home to 139 species of birds and 116 species of spiders. Also, the landscape is completely lush green along with thick forests, interspersed with rivers and small tribal villages leaving visitors absolutely enchanted. The main village is at the center of the sanctuary and interacting with the tribal community is one of the exciting things to do in Saputara. Besides, tourists can go for a jeep safari during the sunset where they can observe the animals coming out to feed themselves or in search of food.

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