7 Spectacular Beaches in Gokarna

Gokarna is a small town located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is one of the prominent places of pilgrimage in Karnataka as well as in South India. The town is also a popular destination for beach lovers with its rippling waves, azure water, glittering sands, and palm trees lining the vicinity. One can indulge in several adventure activities like banana boat rides, parasailing, snorkeling and much more. Also, there are quite a few food shacks and stalls that line the beaches that offer delicious sea foods. If you want a holistic, fun-filled, relaxing, and rejuvenating holiday in Karnataka, then Gokarna is the perfect place for you. Check below the list of some popular beaches that one must-visit as part of Gokarna tour packages.

Om Beach

Renowned for its Om-shaped appearance, Om Beach is one of the prime places to visit in Gokarna, and among the best beaches in Karnataka. The beach attracts a huge number of tourists with its long stretch of white sandy beach, and mesmerizing view of the sunset. It is also an ideal place for sunbathing and swimming. Known for its beautiful rock creations, Om Beach is the center for several water sports activities such as boating, surfing, water-skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides, which will surely spike your adrenaline to an altogether new level. Also, its azure waters are ideal for an exciting dolphin spotting trip while in Gokarna, among the most sacred places to visit near Hubli.

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Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach is one of the serene beaches in Gokarna and among the must-visit Gokarna tourist places. Situated to the south of Om Beach, this beach got its name from the half-moon shape of the landscape. Known for its striking calmness, this beach is a perfect retreat for romantic couples and solitude seekers. Also, the beach provides myriads of activities like swimming, kayaking, paddle boats, trekking, camping, etc. Besides, it is one of the beaches which you can walk up to it in a scenic trek starting from Gokarna Beach and covering the famous five beaches of Gokarna, among the top places to visit in Karnataka.

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Gokarna Beach

Perched on the coast of the Arabian sea, Gokarna Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Karnataka and is among the famous places to visit near Mangalore. Surrounded by emerald green forests, the beach is a favorite among travelers who seek a peaceful vacation with their loved ones. As per religious custom, most pilgrims usually visit the temple after a dip in the waters of Gokarna Beach. Tourists can also walk to the top of the hill from where one can have a panoramic view of the beach and Gokarna Town. Besides, one can also indulge in various water sports activities like surfing, jet skiing, and snorkeling.

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Kudle Beach

Sandwiched between Om Beach and Gokarna Beach, Kudle Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the Arabian Sea coast, and among the must-visit places during your Gokarna Tour. This long sandy beach is relatively more vibrant than other beaches. It is a long stretch of fine sand and blue sea which is quite isolated and is therefore perfect for those looking for solitude and serenity. Besides, there are several cafes and shacks to stay and enjoy local delicacies.

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Paradise Beach

Located south of Half Moon Beach, Paradise Beach is one of the best beaches in Gokarna, and among the must-include beaches in Karnataka packages. Fondly called the ‘Full Moon Beach’, it is one of the favorite beaches for leisure travelers looking for absolute isolation. This southernmost beach of Gokarna stretches around 150 m long and is the perfect destination for swimming and camping. Since 70% of the beach is surrounded by rocks, this place attracts photographers as it provides some panoramic views to capture. Tourists can reach this beach via motorboat from Om Beach and Half Moon Beach in Gokarna, among the top places to visit near Bangalore.

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Baada Beach

Baada Beach is located remotely around 10 km away from the Kumta bus stand. It is touted as the cleanest beach in Gokarna and is one of the most beautiful beaches near Mangalore. The beach is surrounded by hillocks on two sides and has some boulders in the middle of the beach. As the beach is crowd-free, it feels like you are walking on a private beach. There are some huts and cottages on the shore which you can visit and relax when tired after that long stroll or game of volleyball.

Nirvana Beach

Nirvana Beach is one of the unexplored beaches in Gokarna located on the coast of the Arabian Sea. With its very long shoreline and less crowded, it is one of the best beaches to relax and spend some time in solace at Gokarna, among the scenic places to visit near Mysore. Also, this beach has a picturesque view and is ideal to spend a day sunbathing or with the family. Besides, you are suggested to carry food and water if you are travelling to Nirvana Beach as there are no such facilities available. It can also visited as part of Goa tour packages.

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