7 Exciting Offbeat Things to do in Ladakh

Ladakh, often called the Land of High Passes, is one of the popular places to visit in India, and among the must-include places in Jammu & Kashmir tour packages. Ladakh is truly a heaven on Earth with its dramatic landscapes, crystal clear lakes, age-old monasteries, barren valleys, amazing people, and culture. However, there is still so much beauty that is untouched in this Himalayan wonderland, with each spot as exquisite and breathtaking as the next. Be it an adventure, nature, tranquility, or simply scenic views, Ladakh has everything in its pocket. For travellers who want a little extra out of place, and try something offbeat, this list will give you every spice you are searching for in Ladakh as part of India tour packages.

Camp at Uletokpo

Situated at an altitude of 3040 m in the Sham Valley of Ladakh, Uleytokpo is a perfect place for those who want to experience serenity and tranquility in Ladakh. This lesser-known attraction lies on the way to Lamayuru fills up with lush greenery in summer and cools down to whites in winter. This is the perfect place for offbeat travellers as Uleytokpo is a camping base that dips into the charm of the Indus River. It is also one of the oldest sites of Ladakh where one can experience the culture and tradition of the place. Besides its stunning natural beauty, the place is also home to Lamayuru Monastery, Rizdong Monastery, Alchi Monastery, Likir Monastery, and Mangyu Temple. One can camp here in the readily available tents or cottages for a day or two and enjoy the serene snow-clad mountains and gushing waters of the Indus River.

Stay at Monastery

Don’t just visit the popular Ladakh attractions but also make sure to visit the beautiful Buddhist monasteries, instead stay overnight at any one of them! Enjoy a stay at these sacred monasteries overnight which enables you to attend early morning prayers, a moving rejuvenating experience, and we strongly recommended it. During your stay, you can get a closer look at the life of Lamas, follow their disciplined routine, and will come to know about the rich history of their monasteries and region. Also, you can explore the dark prayer halls with centuries-old frescoes, often lit by a single lovely shaft of sunshine from a skylight that gives you a unique experience that will leave you spellbound.

Soul Search with Vipassana

For all those in search of peace and tranquility while in Ladakh, join one of the Vipassana camps and meditate in the lap of nature. It is one of the best offbeat things to do during your Ladakh Trip. Cut yourself from the maddening clutter around you and spend some quiet time within yourself at these meditation centers. In Ladakh, several monasteries and camps provide both three-day beginner sessions as well as advanced programs. You can enroll at one of the designated Vipassana campuses or join the Meditation Tour for a rejuvenating experience.

Relax at the Chumathang Hot Springs

The high elevation and rugged terrain of Ladakh are undoubtedly not easy for infrequent travellers. In addition, you can feel very tiresome and challenging if you have been exploring the place on foot. Stop by the Chumathang Village to soak your body and soul in the natural hot springs of the Indus River to get a relaxing break from a long, tiring journey. One can also enjoy some delicious local foods at the dhabas lined up near the springs.

Watch Exotic Birds at Tso Moriri

Watching exotic birds at the Tso Moriri is another offbeat thing to do while in Ladakh. Grab your binoculars and head towards the Tso Moriri for bird watching. Located in the Changthang region, one can spot several bird species including Bar-headed Goose, Red-Crested Pochard, Crested Grebe, and Brahmini Duck. Also, the breathtaking landscape and environs of the Tso Moriri are a photographer’s paradise where you can capture some postcard pictures. Besides, enjoy the picturesque landscape of Purga Village en route to the 16-mile Tso Moriri.

Visit the Turtuk Village

Placed near the Indo-Pakistan Border, the tiny Himalayan hamlet of Turtuk tops the list of stunning offbeat places waiting to be explored in Ladakh. Located on the banks of the Shyok River, Turtuk is circumscribed by Nubra Valley and is the last northernmost village in India. Before becoming a sovereign part of the Indian territory, it was a part of Baltistan and later it was occupied by Pakistan till 1971. This tiny village is truly untouched by most and was opened to tourists only as recently as 2010. The village is known for its colorful apricot plantations that are extremely delicious and are popularly known to be the best apricots in India. One can witness the beautiful views of magnificent mountains, green valleys, and cold desert landscapes while in Turtuk. Besides, one can explore the local culture of Ladakh by visiting this village. The homestays, local food, and friendly locals of the village are sure to delight you and give you a wonderful experience to cherish forever as part of the Ladakh Tour.

Visit the Donkey Sanctuary in Leh

A visit to Donkey Sanctuary is one of the top offbeat things to do in Ladakh. Opened in 2008 by Sonam Dorje and Joanne Lefson, a South African photojournalist, the main motive of this sanctuary is to accommodate the neglected donkeys in Leh and provide shelter, food, and medical facilities for disabled and old donkeys. The interesting part of this sanctuary is that the visitors can also feed the donkeys with carrots and sugar that makes them happier to eat. Dotted with very artistic and colorful signboards, hoardings and paintings, the sanctuary is truly an essence of humanity which is run-on donations and favors by concerned travelers and animal lovers.

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