6 Amazing Things to do in Varkala

Varkala is a quaint beach town sitting on top of a cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea in Kerala. It is one of the top Kerala tourist places, and among the secluded beach destinations in India. Though there are so many places in Kerala that could easily leave you stunned in no time, one cannot miss the little town as part of Kerala tour packages as it is home to beautiful beaches, a laid-back atmosphere, and plenty of things to do that will make your trip memorable. This quaint town also has some of the best pocket-friendly hotels for budget travelers.

Here is the list of some amazing things to do in this quaint town of Varkala.

Explore the Varkala Beach & Cliff

Surrounded by stunning cliffs and adorn with golden sand, Varkala Beach along the Arabian Sea is one of the most famous beaches in Kerala. It is probably the main reason for most travelers to go to Varkala. Also known as Papanasam Beach, it is a quite clean beach and is less commercialized while compared to Kovalam and Goa Beaches. Varkala Beach is the only beach in southern Kerala to have tertiary sedimentary formation cliffs next to the Arabian Sea, which is a unique geological feature on the otherwise flat Kerala coast. The beach is famously known for its natural spring that is considered to have medicinal properties, and locals believe that taking a dip in the holy waters of the beach can cure the body of its ailments and the soul of its sins. One can swim and involve in fishing in the pristine water of the beach. Besides, the beach also offers several activities like boat riding, horse riding, parasailing, and jetting that will surely leave you with a memorable experience for a lifetime.

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Seek Blessings at Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple

Visiting Janardhana Swamy Temple is one of the must-do things in Varkala for cultural buffs. Situated on top of a small hillock near Papanasam Beach, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is believed to be 2000 years old. The temple is considered to be very important for ‘Pithrutharpanam’. Apart from seeking blessings at the temple, one can marvel at the fine Kerala art and architecture of the temple, and also take a leisurely walk at the beach nearby. Arattu is the main festival celebrated in this temple for ten days during the months of March-April every year that attracts a lot of devotees as well as tourists. If you are looking for a peaceful place where you can sit at ease and just give rest to both your mind and soul while in Varkala as part of Kollam tour packages, then Janardhana Swami temple is the perfect one for you.

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Enjoy the Gorgeous Views at Kappil Beach

Known as one of the best-kept secrets of Kerala, Kappil Beach is a gorgeous beach to spend a day. Sprawls across 25 acres of land, the thin line of sand beach separates Edava-Nadayara Lake from the Arabian Sea. Watching beautiful orange sunsets while dipping your toes in the pristine waters of the sea from the untouched sandy beaches of Kappil is one of the most calming and soothing things to do in Varkala, among the best places to visit near Trivandrum. The site also offers a backwater experience, where one can hire the boat to cruise along the Kappil Pozhi Lake surrounded by coconut groves. Get on the bridge that is constructed across the lake and you will get the most captivating view of the lake striding toward the blue horizon.

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Learn Some History at Anjengo Fort

Anjengo Fort, also called Anchuthengu Fort is an ancient fort situated at Anchuthengu village near Varkala in Kerala. It is one of the famous heritage places to visit as part of Kerala packages, and among the most popular places to visit near Kochi. Located on the outskirts of Varkala, Anjengo Fort was built in the 17th century by the British East India Company as the first trade settlement in Kerala. The fort served as the first signaling station for ships arriving from Britain. The fort also played an important role in the Anglo-Mysore wars and later, the fort became a key site of the Attingal Rebellion against the British in 1721. The fort has a cemetery that is amongst the oldest in the state and dates back to 1704. Don’t miss to visit a lighthouse located nearby which is around 130 feet tall and offers a magnificent view of the surrounding area. Apart from being historical, this place is beautiful because of its location colorfully surrounded by fishermen’s houses.

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Go for an Ayurvedic Treatment or Yoga

If you want to try some offbeat things to do in Varkala on your Kerala Trip then try Yoga. The little town is scattered with yoga studios, ashrams, and beach retreats that welcome locals and travelers alike to join. From beginners to advanced level classes, the yoga classes are meant to improve and deepen your skills in the lush greenery surrounded by palm trees is simply revitalizing. Also, experience soul searching and meditation with the help of some experienced teachers and gurus. Indeed, one can also try an Absolute Ayurveda treatment that is popular with tourists that detox and cleanses your body and make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed while in Varkala, among the top places to visit in Trivandrum.

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Pay a visit to Ponnumthuruth Island

Visiting Ponnumthuruth Island is one of the most exciting things to do in Varkala, among popular weekend getaways from Kochi. It is one of the most stunning uninhabited islands in Kerala. Spread across an area of 5 hectares, the pristine waters of Akathumuri Lake surround the island making it a perfect retreat for those who need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Home to different types of flora and fauna, it is an ideal spot for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts along with eye-catching vistas. Besides, one can also pay a visit to the 100-year-old Shiva-Parvathi Temple located amongst dense coconut groves, grown over the entire stretch. To reach the island, you can board a makeshift jetty where the walkway to the ferry is made up of coconut husks, mud, and the waste from coconut coir from Nedunganda and cruise through the backwaters.

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