Best Season to Visit Kozhikode

October to March is Best Season to Visit Kozhikode

Peak Season in Kozhikode

December to January & May to June is Peak Season in Kozhikode

Kozhikode Weather

Minimum Temperature in Kozhikode


Maximum Temperature in Kozhikode


Present Temperature in Kozhikode

Winter (October to February):

Winter is the best time to explore the phenomenal attractions of Kozhikode. The temperature turns into the best and friendly for travelers during winter. The temperature will rise up to 15°C during winter. Winter would make you comfortable to participate in the outdoor activities without any trouble of weather. And the peoples also from Kozhikode will give a warm welcome to the travelers who used to come to experience the very special Kozhikode food varieties.

Summer (March to May):

Summer is the time to explore Kozhikode without the crowd. You can find out the hotels at cheaper rate in summer. The temperature will turn up to 40°C in this season. Usually, summers are hot in Kozhikode. ’Thusharagiri Water Falls’ would be an extreme relief from the hot.

Monsoon (June to September):

Monsoon is the ideal time to visit Kozhikode. Kozhikode receives an average of rainfall per year. The temperature will come around 22°C to 32°C during monsoon. Kozhikode looks more greenish surrounding during monsoon season.‘Thusharagiri waterfalls’ is the prime attraction during monsoon and is the good season to enjoy the waterfalls and outdoor activities.