Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 Days

Base Station: Kozhikode

Nearest City to Kozhikode: Kozhikode

Best Time to Visit Kozhikode: November to February

Peak Season: November to February

State: Kerala | District: Kozhikode

Kozhikode Weather: Maximum: 37°C
Minimum: 17°C

At a distance of 179 km from Kochi, 124 km from Palakkad, 176 km from Coimbatore, 113 km from Thrissur, 158 km from Ooty, 241 km from Mangalore, 352 from Bangalore, 376 km from Trivandrum and 213 km from Mysore, Kozhikode (also known as Calicut) is a city in the state of Kerala. It is the 3rd largest city in Kerala and the headquarters of Kozhikode District.

The name Kozhikode is said to be derived from Koyil (palace) Kotta (fort). This is known by various names, for the Arabs it was Kalikat, for the Chinese it was Kalifo. Tipu Sultan, during the conquest of Malabar, unsuccessfully attempted to change the name of the city to Firozabad. Malayalis have always preferred to call it Kozhikode. With the Arabian Sea on the west and Wayanad Hills on the east, Kozhikode is a popular places to visit in Kerala.

According to history, Kozhikode was under the Chera rulers until 1122 AD. The city of Calicut came into existence in the 13th century when the Ernad King Udaiyavar conquered the area around Ponniankar and built a fort at a place called Velapuram, now known as Calicut. The Europeans called him Zamorin. Interestingly, the name Calicut is derived from 'calico,' the fine variety of hand-woven cotton cloth said to have originated from this place. Vasco Da Gama landed at the Kappad sea shore with three vessels and 170 men in 1498. A monument is constructed here to commemorate the historical landing.

Kozhikode was once the capital of the powerful Zamorins and a prominent trade and commerce center. Kozhikode city continues to be a center of flourishing domestic and international trade. Kozhikode city is the marketing center for commodities like pepper coconut, coffee, rubber, lemon grass oil etc. produced in Kozhikode and the neighboring districts of Wayanad, Malappuram and Kannur.

The town is known for its beautiful countryside, pristine beaches, historic sites, calm backwaters, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, timber industry and ayurvedic medicines & ship building. Kappad Beach, Pazhassirajah Museum, Dolphin's Point, Tali Temple, the Jama-at-palli, Beypore, Vadakara, Thusharagiri, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary are the important tourist places in Kozhikode.

Calicut International airport at Karipur, 26 km from the city, is the closest airport to Kozhikode. Calicut airport is well connected with Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Kochi, Goa, Tiruchirapalli and abroad, specifically gulf countries. Kozhikode Railway Station is very well connected with cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. Kozhikode is well connected by bus to many cities in Kerala, Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore.

Best time to visit Kozhikode is from November to May. It usually takes 1-2 full days to explore this area.

Internet Availability: Very Good
STD Code: 0495
Languages Spoken: Malayalam,Hindi & English
Major Festivals: Details Not Available


By Air

Nearest Airport: Kozhikode - Kozhikode International Airport (28 Kms)

By Train

Nearest Train Station: Kozhikode Railway Station (0 Kms)

By Bus

Nearest Bus Station: Kozhikode KSRTC Bus Stand (0 Kms)



At a distance of 1 Km from Kozhikode Railway Station, the Mananchira Square is a historical place, now converted to a recreation center, in the heart of Kozhikode City.

This historic place, adjacent to Manachira has been converted as a park with beautiful plants, artificial hill, shrubs, sculpture, an open-air theatre and a musical fountain. The Palace Tank of former King Mana Vikrama here is a display of fine architecture. The corporation of Kozhikode manages Mananchira Square.

The renovated square today houses important structures such as Commonwealth Trust Factory, Town Hall, Lalitkala Academy Hall, Jama'atpalli Mosque and Muchhandipalli Mosque, the oldest in Kerala.

This is the venue of Malabar Mahotsavam held from Jan 13th to 16th every year, which is a cultural festival that showcases centuries old rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Musical concerts, kathakali, mohiniyattom, ottanthullal, koothu, theyyam and Thira are staged during the festival.


At a distance of 1 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Kozhikode Beach is a favorite place to watch sunset. Its natural beauty makes it a dream place to visit.

Kozhikode Beach has two piers, each more than 100 years old. There is a lighthouse that offers stunning views of the seashore and the Arabian Sea. Here the water is muddy and not really a good place for swimming. However, the shore is relatively wide and an ideal place for spending an evening.

The Lions Park is very close to the Kozhikode beach, has good play facilities for children. Marine Aquarium near the beach is also a good place to visit. Many food stalls are available near the beach.


At a distance of 1 Km from Kozhikode Railway Station, Thali Temple is a 14th century temple dedicate to Lord Siva located in the heart of Kozhiode City.

This temple was destructed by Tippu Sultan and Hyder Ali during their invasion of Kozhikode and was later renovated. The two storied sanctum has artistic stone sculptures and wood carvings with scenes from the puranas. Very high walls and an expansive temple pond are some of the specialties of this temple. The temple complex also houses a shrine for Lord Krishna.

The temple is well known for the 'Revathi Pattathanam', an annual competition of pedagogic skills. The annual festival is celebrated for 8 days in the month of April / May.


At a distance of 1.5 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Mishkal Masjid (also known as Kuttichira Mosque) situated in Kuttichira was built by an Arab businessman called Mishkal in 13th century.

This mosque is built extensively with wood and Italian tiles. The entire structure is supported on 24 carved wooden pillars and there are 47 wooden doors. Nearly 300 people can pray in the ground floor alone. A strong influence of Kerala temple architecture can be seen in the construction of this mosque.

A unique feature of the mosque is a square tank, similar to those in temples. A part of the mosque was destroyed by the Portuguese in 1510. The local ruler has helped in defending and repairing the mosque. The mosque was initially a 5 storied, but after the destruction, it remained as a 4 storied structure.


At a distance of 10 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Beypore Beach is located at the mouth of the Chaliyar River. Now an important port and fishing harbor, this place was also an important trade and maritime centre during the days of the early Arab and Chinese travelers and the Europeans.

The Beypore Beach is a commercial center for ship building and has existed here for more than 1000 years. This boatyard is famous for making a distinctive ship vessel known as 'Uru'. One of the major attractions at Beypore is its magnificent 2 km long stone bridge called as Pulimoodu, built entirely of stones, making a pathway into the sea.

Nearby attractions in Beypore are fishing harbor and Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary (7 kms). Baypore is little close Madras Trunk Road.

Beach | Historical & Heritage

At a distance of 20 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Kappad beach is one of the most charming among Kerala beaches. Vasco da Gama landed on Indian soil on 27th May 1498 at Kappad beach along with 170 men.

There is a monument on the beach that commemorates the landmark event of Vasco da Gama's arrival. This marked the beginning of a new era in the relationship between the Indians and the Portuguese which lasted for 4 to 5 centuries.

The beach is ideal for relaxing and playing around with sand. Devi Temple, which is believed to be 800 years old, is situated on top of a rock near the beach. Karappula River at Elathur close to the beach is a good place for boating. Sunset is a great site to watch here, in the combination of Sea and River.

This place is very close to NH17 towards Mangalore. It is connected by frequent buses from Kozhikode.


At a distance of 0.5 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Parsi Fire Temple is situated at S.M.Street in the heart of the Kozhikode city.

This temple is older than at least 200 years and this is the only Parsi temple in Kerala. Non-Parsis are not allowed inside this temple. This temple was built in typical Kerala style of architecture.


At a distance of 1.5 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Mother of God Cathedral was built in 1513 AD in Roman style of architecture. It houses a portrait of Mother Mary, which is over 200 years old. The church is one of the famous pilgrim centers in the region.

This church is the Headquarters of the Latin Catholic congregation in Malabar. Built in the Gothic style, the church is a tribute to the beauty of Italian architecture and the skill of Indian craftsmen. It is said that Italian architects were brought to Kozhikode to design the church.


At a distance of 1.5 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Muchunti Mosque situated at Kuttichira is the oldest mosque in Kozhikode.

The construction techniques and architectural are in typical Kerala style with Islamic in theme. This mosque (along with many other in Kozhikode) great resemblance to the typical Hindu temple complex with pillars, ventilators and huge tanks, as well as decorative features such as stylized floral carvings and geometric designs.


At a distance of 2 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Sri Kanteswara Temple dedicated to Lord Siva is situated just behind KSRTS Bus Stand in Kozhikode. This temple was established by the great spiritual leader Sri Narayana Guru in the year of 1910.

This is one of the famous temples in Kozhikode and several thousands of devotees visit this temple very year. Lord Subramanya, Lord Ganapathi, Sree Dharma Shastha, Maha Vishnu, Bhagavathi and Navagraha are also worshipped in this temple.


At a distance of 3.5 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Valayanad Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga is situated in Govindapuram. This temple is famous for its architectural beauty.

The Poojas are performed in Kashmiri way of rituals. Lord Siva, Ayyappa and Ganapathy are also worshipped here.

The annual festival is celebrated for 8 days in the month of Makara (January). Annadana program during the festival is very famous.


At a distance of 4 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Bilathikulam Temple dedicated to Lord Siva is a beautiful temple built in the traditional Kerala style.

It is one of the most famous temples in Kozhikode. The temple is well known for beautiful paintings and sculptures. There is a small shrine for Lord Ayyappa and there also a temple pond in the same complex. Male devotees who want to perform Pooja can enter the temple only after taking a bath in the temple tank and wearing wet cloths leaving the chest uncovered.

During festivals, traditional arts such as Koothu, Kathakali, Ottanthullal and Kaikottikali are performed at the temple.


At a distance of 6 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Varakkal Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga is located in West Hill, very close to NH17 towards Mangalore. It is believed that this temple is one of the 108 Devi temples built by Parasurama.

Ganapathy, Dakshinamoorthy and Ayyappan are also worshipped at this temple.
The Navarathri festival is celebrated in a grand manner in the month of September. The main festival of the temple is the Vavu Bali. This temple was once a promotion centre of art and cultural activities of Malabar.

Museum & Gallery

At a distance of 6.5 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Krishna Menon Museum & Art Gallery is located on the East Hill in Kozhikode.

The Museum & Art Gallery was established in the year 1975 and named after the great India leader Mr. V.K. Krishna Menon. Along with the personal belongings and souvenirs of Mr. Menon, the paintings of Raja Ravi, Varma and Raja Raja Varma are also exhibited here. There are also few specimens of wood and ivory carvings. The art section also has few Kerala mural paintings and modern painting. A collection of stone sculptures is also on display in the art section.

Timings: 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM & 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM. Closed on Mondays.

Museum & Gallery

At a distance of 7.5 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, KIRTADS is an Ethnological Museum which houses the tools and devices used by the ancient tribal communities of Kerala.

It houses a large collection of artifacts, costumes, jewellery, household utensils, nets and traps, wood carvings, agricultural tools, musical instruments, and ceremonial paraphernalia of all the Tribal communities in Kerala. It was established in 1973 with an objective to collect a wide range of items of cultural materials from the tribes in order to assist and guide researchers and students perceiving tribal studies.

The Museum also offers information about related publications and tribal music. A good library with books on Anthropology and Sociology is an added attraction.


At a distance of 16 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Mannur Temple dedicated to Lord Siva located in Kadalundi village. The model of this temple is similar to the Siva Temple at Tiruvannur.

This temple is at least 200 years old. It was built as Gajaprathista styled soil structure with extensive carving. The central sanctum is having two levels. Lord Siva is depicted in angry form at this temple. It is believed that Sri Parashurama starts his Siva Linga prathista at Tiruvannur and completes it here every noon. The noon pujas here are therefore considered very special. The annual Sivaratri festival is celebrated in a big way in the month of Feb.

Lord Vishnu, Goddess Parvathi, Dakshinamurthy & Lord Ganesh are also worshipped here.


At a distance of 17 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Narasimha & Parthasaradhi Temples are located in the same compound in Thiruvangoor town situated on NH17 towards Mangalore.


At a distance of 18 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary (locally known as Kadalundi Nagaram) is located at Malappuram (near Beypore). The sanctuary is situated on a cluster of small islands in Kadalundi River.

The sanctuary is inhabited by more than a hundred species of residential birds and about 60 varieties of migratory birds. It is also known for a wide variety of Fish, Mussels and Crabs. Birds like terns, gulls, herons, sandpipers, whimbrels and other exotic birds are most common species at this place.

The sanctuary covers an area of about 3 Sq. Kms and it is a place of great scenic beauty. The Kadalundi River meets the Arabian Sea near this place. December to April is the best time to visit this place. Visit in early hours of the day for best sighting of the birds.

Hill Station

At a distance of 35 km from Kozhikode, 126 km from Thrissur, 200 km from Kochi and 396 km from Trivandrum, Thiruvambadi, also spelled as Thiruvambady, is a major hilly town in Kozhikode district of Kerala. It is located on the banks of Iruvanjippuzha which is a tributary of Chaliyar River.

This town was established during the British rule. The other name for Thiruvambadi is Malayoram as it is located at the foothills of these hills. Thiruvambadi is graced by the nature with beautiful mountains, valleys and waterfalls. Agriculture is the main occupation of the natives of this town. The main cash crops of the region are rubber, coconut, arecanut, paddy, ginger, turmeric and pepper. The major attractions surrounding the area are Thusharagiri Waterfalls, Arippara waterfalls, Urumi Hydro Electric Dam, Kozhippara waterfalls, Vellarimala and Poovaranthodu. Arippara Falls is a famous tourist spot in Anakkampoyil, which is located at a distance .....


At a distance of 38 Kms from Kozhikode, Payyoli Beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sands located in Payyoli village close to NH17 towards Mangalore (before Vadakara).

Payyoli is one of the most outstanding tourist spots in this region with several thousands of tourists visiting the beach every week. The beach is ideal for water sports and sun-bath. The beach has a stretch of coconut palm trees which enhances the beauty of this lovely beach. This is a good place for swimming.

Trikkottur Perumalpuram Temple is nearby attraction. This is the home town of India's sprint queen P.T Usha.

Payyoli is connected with frequent buses from Kozhikode.


At a distance of 42 Kms from Kozhikode, Kolavipalam Beach is situated at Kolavipalam between Vatakara & Payyoli. Located to the south of Murad River, this beach is known as Turtle Beach. It is the closest beach to Bangalore City at a distance of 312 km.

The turtles found in the beach are the famous Olive Ridley turtles. The best season to find turtles is September. The great stretch of coconut groves along the beach enhances the charm of the beach. This place is close to Vadakara on NH17 towards Mangalore. It is connected by frequent buses with Kozhikode.

Historical & Heritage

At a distance of 45 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Vadakara or Badakara is a small coastal town located on NH17 towards Mangalore.

Vatakara is the land of Kalarippayattu (Martial Arts). Vadakara is known as the birth place of Thacholi Othenan, the legendary warrior. Kottakkal near Vadakara is famous for Kunjali Marikkar who fought against the British. Vadakara boasts a great martial tradition and was a flourishing trade and commerce centre in ancient times.

Kottakal Bhagavathy Temple is located in the heart of the town near the old bus stand, the temple is known for its festival called Thera.

Adventure / Trekking | Waterfall

At a distance of 32 km from Kalpetta, 48 km from Kozhikode & 6 km from Kodencheri, Thusharagiri Falls is a scenic waterfall located in Kozhikode district of Kerala, India. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Malabar region and also one of the best places to visit in Kozhikode. This is among the well-known Wayanad tourist places, especially visited in monsoon season.

Thusharagiri literally means 'snowcapped mountains'. Two streams originating from the Western Ghats meet here to form the Chalippuzha River. The river diverges into three waterfalls creating a snowy spray, which gives the name - Thusharagiri. The highest of the three falls is the Thenpara Fall dropping from a height of 75 meter. The first waterfall can be reached easily while the remaining two falls can be reached from the first one by trekking through thick forest. A 5 km upstream trek will take one to the origin of the stream.

Widely known as the 'trekker's paradise', the place offers challenging .....

Distance (From Kozhikode): 48 Kms
Trip Duration (From Kozhikode - Including Travel): 4-6 Hours


At a distance of 51 Kms from Kozhikode & 3 Kms from Vadakara, Lokanarkavu Bhagavathy Temple is famous for beautiful murals and carvings.

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, the main temple is believed to be more than 1500 years old. There are also two separate shrines dedicated to Vishnu and Siva. It has great historical importance as Thacholi Othenan, the legendary martial hero of Kerala, used to worship here every day.

Pooram celebrated on Meenam (Mar / Apr) and Mandala Ustavam celebrated for 41 days on Vrischikam (Nov / Dec). This is the only temple where a folk dance called Poorakkali is performed during festivals. The dance, performed during the festival resembles the martial art Kalarippayattu.

Timings: 5 AM to 11 AM & 5 PM to 8 PM.


At a distance of 53 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Ponmeri Temple dedicated for Lord Siva is located near Villiapally, about 6 Kms from NH17 between Kozhikode and Mangalore. It is one of the oldest Siva temples in Kerala.

The temple is constructed in traditional Kerala architectural style. The wooden and stone carvings in this temple are very beautiful. There are paintings depicting the story of the churning of the ocean of milk from the Puranas. Lord Vishnu, Brahma, Aaditya (Sun), Lord Ganesh, Subrahma are also worshipped at this temple.

Ponmeri Utstavam is the main festival celebrated in this temple, where Ottam Thullal is the main attraction.

Frequent buses run between Kozhikode and Mangalore. Once can get down at Vadakara and avail public/private transportation to reach this place.

Adventure / Trekking

At a distance of 13 km from Muthappanpuzha, 63 km from Kozhikode Railway Station and 33 km from Thiruvambady, Vellarimala is a mountain range in Kerala, spread across Thiruvambady Panchayat in Kozhikode district and Meppadi Panchayat in Wayanad district. It lies at an altitude of 2200 m and is a popular hill resort around Kozhikode.

Vellari Mala is part of the popular Camel's Hump Mountains of the Western Ghats. The tallest peak in this range is called Vavul Mala and is situated an altitude of 2339 m. The meandering flow of the River Chaliyar through the rocky terrain of the hill range adds to the mystic beauty of the place by creating many waterfalls and cascades. Vellari Mala is a trekker's paradise but it is also a great picnic spot for a relaxing experience with family and friends.

Trekking to Vellari Mala starts from Muthappanpuzha, 3 km from Anakkampoyil, which is about 50 km .....

Lake & Backwaters

At a distance of 57 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Peruvannamuzhi Dam is a beautiful picnic spot with great natural beauty amidst hills. The reservoir meets the drinking water needs of Kozhikode, Quilandy and Vadakara.

Boating facilities are available at the reservoir of the dam with speedboats and rowboat. There is a small island in the reservoir of the dam with a bird sanctuary & crocodile farm. One can closely observe the giant crocodiles maintained by forest department here. There is a garden named 'Smaraka Thottam' created for the memory of the freedom fighters of the region.

Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM.

Lake & Backwaters

At a distance of 58 Kms from Kozhikode Railway Station, Kakkayam Dam is a picturesque dam and a good picnic spot. This area has rich wildlife population and also an excellent trekking & rock climbing destination.

Kakkayam offers challenging trekking and rock climbing experience along the Kuttiady River. The Urakkuzhi waterfalls located in the Urakkuzhi ghat area is an added attraction. This place offers breathtaking views of the valleys with numerous waterfalls.

The best time to visit this place is November to March. Few direct buses are available from Kozhikode.

Hill Station

At a distance of 73 km from Kozhikode, 246 km from Kochi, 180 km from Thrissur, 168 km from Palakkad, 118 km from Ooty and 442 km from Trivandrum, Wayanad is a hill district in Kerala formed in 1980 by carving out areas from Kozhikode and Kannur districts. Kalpetta is the headquarters of the Wayanad district and it is one of the best hill stations in Kerala and also a wonderful summer getaway from Bangalore, Mysore & Kozhikode cities.

Wayanad is also one of the top Kerala tourist places to visit. The name Wayanad is derived from Vayal Nadu which means the land of paddy fields. It is a picturesque plateau situated at an altitude ranging between 700 to 2100 meters nested among the mountains of the Western Ghats on the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka States. The culture of Wayanad is mainly tribal oriented. This district is one of the biggest foreign .....

Distance (From Kozhikode): 70 Kms
Trip Duration (From Kozhikode - Including Travel): 1-2 Days

Historical & Heritage

At a distance of 155 Kms from Kozhikode, 86 Kms from Mangalore & 40 Kms from Kasaragod, Hosdurg Fort is an ancient structure located near Kanhangad town (4 Kms). It is at a distance of 13 Kms from Bekal Fort. This Fort is also known as Kanhangad Fort.

This Fort is believed to have been constructed by Somasekhara Nayak of the Ikkery Dynasty. The fort is surrounded by a high brick wall with round bastions. Only the ruins of the fort remain now. The fort premises are now being used for several public offices. Temples like Karpooreshwara Temple dedicated for Lord Shiva & Sri Lakshmi Venkataramana Temple are located within the Fort. The Nityananda Ashram is also located to the south-west of the Fort.

Historical & Heritage

At a distance of 167 Kms from Kozhikode, 72 Kms from Mangalore & 27 Kms from Kasaragod, Bekal Fort is the biggest and best preserved fort in Kerala. The fort is built on 35 acre headland on the shores of Arabian Sea, rising to a height 130 feet. Bekal Fort is among the top visited Kerala tourist places.

This fort is more than 300 years old and is believed to have been built by Sivappa Naik of the Ikkeri dynasty in1650. There is also another belief that it was originally built by Kolathiri Rajas and later captured by Sivappa Naik. The fort was occupied by Hyder Ali in 1763 AD and later by British.

The important features of this fort are the Tank with its flight of steps, the tunnel opening towards the south, the Observation Tower. There is also a mosque built by Tipu Sultan just outside the Bekal Fort. The Bekal Fort Beach adjacent to the Fort is added attraction.

Bekal Fort is about 6 Kms from NH47 between Kasaragod & Kozhikode .....


At a distance of 167 Kms from Kozhikode, 73 Kms from Mangalore & 28 Kms from Kasaragod, Bekal Fort Beach is situated near Bekal Fort (about 1 Km). It is one of the best Kerala Beaches situated in Kasaragod district.

It is one of the best maintained beaches in this region. The beach is a vast expanse of white sands dotted with palm trees. Two huge sculptures with beautiful murals have been set up in the beach. The beach is illuminated with electric bulbs during night so that people can enjoy the beach even after dusk.

There is a water park for children on the premises which is an added attraction. The beautiful walkway allows the visiting tourists to explore the beauty of the Arabian Sea and panoramic view of the surroundings including Bekal Fort.

Historical & Heritage

At a distance of 177 Kms from Kozhikode, 56 Kms from Mangalore & 8 Kms from Kasaragod, Chandragiri Fort situated on the banks of Chandragiri River is a 17th century Fort spread across 7 acres, now in ruins.

In earlier days, the Chandragiri River was considered to be the border of two powerful kingdoms Kolathunadu and Thulunadu. When Thulunadu was captured by the Vijayanagara Empire, the Kolathunadu kings lost the Chandragiri region to them. During the decline of the Vijayanagara Empire the area was administratively looked after by the Keladi Nayakas of Ikkeri. When the Vijayanagara Empire fell in the 16th century, Vengappa Nayaka declared independence.

The fort changed hands over the years from Shivappa Nayak to Hyder Ali of Mysore and then to the British. Now it is a protected monument under the State Archaeology Department. The Fort offers a breathtaking view of the River, Arabian Sea & the Sunset from Vintage Point.

House boat cruise through the picturesque chandragiri .....

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