Best Season to Visit Pushkar

October to March is Best Season to Visit Pushkar

The climate of Pushkar is typically dry throughout the year. However, Winter months from October to March is the best time to visit Pushkar. Winter season offers pleasant weather to enjoy tourism in Pushkar. Monsoon receives intermittent rainfall and this is also a good season to explore the city. Summer is too hot and should be avoided.

Peak Season in Pushkar

December to February is Peak Season in Pushkar

December to February is the peak tourist season in Pushkar and attracts a large number of tourists from various parts of the country. Hotel prices are also very expensive during this season due to the large inflow of tourists.

Pushkar Weather

Minimum Temperature in Pushkar


Maximum Temperature in Pushkar


Present Temperature in Pushkar

Winter Season (November - February):

The Winter season of the city is quite pleasant. Generally in the winter season, the town witnesses a maximum temperature of almost 22C and the minimum temperature is 8C. Carry heavy woolens while traveling. Nights bring forth the cooler temperatures, and this makes for perfect conditions for sightseeing and visiting the numerous temples in the city. Novembers in Pushkar are also awfully crowded due to the famous Camel Fair which takes place in the town. The fair is known for not only its celebration of Camels and a variety of shows but also as an important trade fair. During this time, several markets come together to trade their goods be it spices or clothing. Typical fair games, shows and other cultural activities are also displayed and open for all to enjoy.

Summer Season (March -June):

The temperature during summer ranges from 25C to 45C. The aridity preserves monuments but parches the throat. A budget visit in summer can happen but you need to remain hydrated, avoid the midday sun and use sunscreen generously to avoid sunburn. A summer evening amidst the humdrum of temple bells and prayerful smell and sight would remain a pleasant experience.

Monsoon Season (July - October):

Pushkar monsoons are green, cool and rain fed. It is pleasurable to view the beautiful landscape centered by the vast Pushkar Lake. The maximum temperature hovers around 34C and the minimum temperature goes till 25C. Pushkar receives an average rainfall of 500mm throughout the year. Plants, grass and saplings sprout up in various shades of green. Splash in puddles, or stand under awnings to cool your soul drinking hot tea or coffee and enjoying spicy Rajasthani snacks. The monsoons can only add to the fun of your journey.