Best Season to Visit Ajmer

October to March is Best Season to Visit Ajmer

Winter season from October to March is the best time to visit Ajmer to explore its magnificent forts, museums, palaces and lakes. winter offers pleasant weather to enjoy tourism in the historical city. This is also the time for both religious and cultural festival which takes place during October and November. Monsoon is also a good season to visit Ajmer when the city is lush green and refreshing with picturesque surroundings. Summer months are too hot and it is not an ideal time to visit this region.

Peak Season in Ajmer

December to February is Peak Season in Ajmer

December to February are the Peak seasons in Ajmer and attracts a considerable number of tourists from various parts of the country. Hotel prices are also very high during this season compared to normal days.

Ajmer Weather

Minimum Temperature in Ajmer


Maximum Temperature in Ajmer


Present Temperature in Ajmer

Winter Season (October - March):

The weather of Ajmer is pleasant during winters. The minimum temperature recorded is 5? and the maximum temperature goes up to 32?. The weather remains cold and pleasant during this time. Winters offer scenic beauties as well as many prestigious festivals and events. Eid, Diwali and Holi are celebrated with equal interest in Ajmer.

Summer Season (April - June):

The tropical climate of Ajmer renders the place hot during the summer months of April and June. Day temperature may range from a low of 30? to a high of 45?. One experiences high levels of humidity during this period. During summers, one should opt for cotton apparel due to the oppressive heat. If you are planning a detour of Ajmer during the summer months, some light woolens will do just fine. Although there isn't a rush, May sees a lot of tourists visiting Ajmer for the annual Urs of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti.

Monsoon Season (July - September):

In the monsoon season heavy rainfalls are witnessed during monsoons with strong winds lashing the region. The monsoon season is a relief from the scorching heat of the summer with moderate rains and lush greenery. Ajmer records an annual rainfall of 557 mm.