5 Best Things to Do in Chikmagalur in May

Situated at an elevation of 3,400 feet at the base of Mullayanagiri, Chikmagalur is a captivating hill station in Karnataka. It showcases the epitome of lush green nature and a delightful environment, providing a respite from the scorching summers of the plains. Overflowing streams, undulating hills, verdant forests, towering mountains, aromatic coffee plantations, and pleasant weather combine to make Chikmagalur a must-visit tourist places in Karnataka, particularly in the month of May when the temperature hovers around a soothing 30 degrees Celsius. This unspoiled hill station is adorned with abundant greenery and boasts numerous attractions that entice visitors with their beauty and grandeur. However, there are several things to do in the month of May as part of Chikmagalur tour packages, adding an extra allure to your visit.

Visit Kemmanagundi

Although May in Chikmagalur is not as scorching as in many other parts of the country, people still choose to visit hill stations. Therefore, a trip to Chikmagalur in May can be truly remarkable if you decide to explore Kemmangundi Hill Station. Situated at an elevation of 1434 m on the Baba Budan range, Kemmangundi is a renowned tourist places in Chikmagalur and one of the finest hill stations near Bangalore. It was named after the Mysore King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV and is famous for its expansive hills, exquisite gardens, pleasant climate, and breathtaking vistas. Some of the prominent places to visit in Kemmanagundi include Raj Bhavan, Hebbe Falls, Z Point, Rock Garden, Kalhattagiri Falls, Baba Budan Hill, and Bhadra Tiger Reserve. Raj Bhavan offers a mesmerizing view during sunset, making it a paradise for photographers. Moreover, the place is also well-known for its trekking routes, mountain trails, and various adventure activities, catering to the thrill-seekers.

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Trek to the Summit of Mullayanagiri Peak

Situated at an elevation of about 6,330 feet, Mullayanagiri stands as the highest peak in Karnataka, providing a mesmerizing panoramic view from its summit. Scaling this peak is a highly favored activity during a Chikmagalur tour, particularly in the month of May. The lush greenery of the Western Ghats, along with the challenging ascent up the steep, narrow paths along the mountain’s edge, creates an invigorating trekking experience that is both thrilling and rejuvenating. Traversing through dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and velvety grasslands on your way to the top, you will be surrounded by picturesque views of rolling hills shrouded in mist, offering ample opportunities for capturing stunning landscape photographs.

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Stroll Around Coffee Plantations

Coffee Plantations

Taking a guided tour of any coffee estate is a must-do activity in Chikmagalur during the month of May. This region holds historical significance as it was the first place in India where coffee was introduced by a Muslim Saint, Baba Budan, in 1670 CE. Known as the ‘Coffee Land’ of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is one of the largest coffee regions in the state, along with Hassan and Coorg, making it one of the tourist places near Mangalore. The coffee plantations here thrive at altitudes ranging from 2,000 to 3,500 feet, producing both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. A leisurely walk through the verdant coffee estates is a perfect way to spend your time in Chikmagalur. The delightful scent of coffee in the air and the picturesque views of endless greenery will leave a lasting impression on you. During the guided tour, you will gain insights into the entire coffee production process, from cultivation to your cup.

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Take a Dip at Jhari Falls

Located along the route to Baba Bundangiri, Jhari Falls, also known as Buttermilk Falls, is a captivating waterfall in Chikmagalur, surrounded by lush forests and coffee plantations. Plummeting from a height of 328 feet, it stands out as a top destination to explore in Chikmagalur during the summer months to escape the scorching temperatures. This area boasts numerous small streams where visitors can take a refreshing dip or enjoy a leisurely bath, making it an ideal spot to unwind with loved ones while in Chikmagalur, among the most scenic tourist places near Mysore. Additionally, embarking on a thrilling jeep ride to Jhari Falls offers a unique and adventurous way to revel in the offbeat charm of Chikmagalur.

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Explore Wildlife at Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a wildlife enthusiast then head to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary while in Chikmagalur, among the most pristine hill stations near Mysore. Covering an expansive area of 490 sq. km, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected region and tiger reserve located in the Chikmagalur and Shimoga districts of Karnataka. Also referred to as Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary, this park is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, boasting a wide range of plant and animal species. Within its boundaries, you can catch a glimpse of endangered creatures such as the Malabar giant squirrel and orangutan. Additionally, the sanctuary serves as a natural habitat for reptiles like the king cobra and Indian rock python. One of the main highlights of this sanctuary is Jagara, a colossal teak tree estimated to be around 300 years old. Furthermore, visitors can partake in various activities including jeep safaris, trekking, bird watching, rock climbing, and water sports along the Bhadra River as part of the Chikmagalur Tour Packages. The ideal time to explore this sanctuary is from October to February.

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