Must Try Foods in Jaipur

Among the top places to visit in Rajasthan, Jaipur is famous for its splendid royal palaces, ancient forts, vibrant street markets, and fascinating culture. Just like the diverse culture, the Pink City is wildly popular for its delectable cuisine and is always on the wishlist of every foodie soul who travelled to Jaipur as part of India tour packages. From Dal Baati Churma to Laal Maas, Keema Baati, Ghewar, and Lassi, Jaipur has a variety of tantalizing dishes in its arsenal for you. So, are you ready for a gastronomical ride through the platters of this royal capital? I’m going to introduce you to some popular Rajasthani foods that you must try while in Jaipur.

Dal Bati Churma

Dal Baati Churma is one of the famed dishes of Rajasthan that you must try during the Jaipur tour. These are three different dishes served as a combined meal known as Dal Baati Churma. Dal is a yellow lentil curry, baati is baked bread dipped in desi ghee and churma is a sweet dish made of flour and sugar. No Rajasthani occasion is complete without baati churma, hence it is regarded as the signature dish of Rajasthan.  The famous signature Rajasthani delicacy is served in almost every restaurant of Jaipur, be it a fine dine or a roadside dhaba.

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Keema Baati

Arid Rajasthan, where historically wars and famines went together, developed diverse culinary traditions which include simple, rustic dishes that make generous use of ghee, oil, aromatic spices, and dried fruit. And, one such traditional delicacy from Rajasthan is ‘Keema Baati’. It is stuffed with minced meat, and hard, unleavened bread called Baati. The keema is cooked with a large number of spices on a slow flame till done. The Baati cuts the heat from the Keema and the mutton gravy, which is served separately, helps in softening the baati. This simple yet amazing dish has a perfect balance of flavors and is a must-try while in Jaipur as part of Golden Triangle Tour Packages.

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Ghewar is the most popular traditional sweet dish from the land of Rajputs. Specially made on the traditional festival Teej, it is a disc-shaped cake made with all-purpose flour soaked in sugar syrup. It is available in different varieties like plain, mawa, and malai which are loved by people from different cultures and countries. According to Ayurveda, the months of Shravan and Bhadrapada i.e. July-August-September are predominated with Vata and Pitta which causes dryness and acidity in the whole body, resulting in restlessness and mood swings. The highly sweet and ghee-laden Ghevar provides relief from the acidic and moist environment. Thus, they have a calming effect on the mind as well as the body. Bombay Mishthan Bhandar, Laxmi Mithan Bhandar, Aggarwal Sweets, Kanha Caters, and Doodh Mishthan Bhandar, etc. are some of the famous shops selling the best Ghewar in Jaipur, one of the most famous places to visit near Delhi.

Laal Maas

If you are crazy about non-vegetarian food and love to explore new delicacies in Jaipur then you must try a traditional Rajasthani Non-vegetarian dish, Laal Mass. It is a mutton curry cooked in yogurt and typical Rajasthani spices, especially red chili resulting in a die-hard spicy dish on your plate, but a must-try out for its royal flavor. Earlier, this traditional Jaipur food was usually made using game meat such as wild boar or deer, and chilies were used to veil the gamy odor of the meat. It was a favorite among the royalties. This tantalizing dish best goes with Roomali Roties, bajra roti, or plain rice and is eaten in the winter months. Take this yum challenge to tempt your taste buds only in Jaipur, among the must-include places in the Rajasthan tour.

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Gatte Ki Subzi

The demographics of Rajasthan state have a strong influence on its cuisine. It is evident in this recipe, especially with the usage of besan dumplings, as an alternative to vegetables, and even the gravy is generally made with curd or yogurt due to the unavailability of locally grown fresh vegetables and fruits. Using gram flour as an ingredient, the gram flour dumplings are cooked in traditional yogurt curry which retains the specialty and spiciness of Rajasthan. It tastes excellent when it is cooked in pure ghee. One must try this traditional and authentic dish of Rajasthan as part of the Jaipur tour packages.

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Pyaaz Kachori

Each region has its own & unique specialty which is either served for breakfast, main course, or as an evening snack. Pyaaz ki Kachori is very native to Rajasthan, especially the Jaipur region, and is famously served as street food with other chaat recipes. One of the favorite snacks of locals, it is a crisp and flaky deep-fried snack recipe made with plain flour and onion stuffing. The best place to relish these hot snacks is Rawat Mishtan Bhandar, the city’s world-famous snack spot. Full your mouth up with yummy Onion Kachori bites this time in Jaipur, one of the must-visit places as part of Rajasthan tour packages.

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If you are in Jaipur and looking for some refreshing taste, then Lassi is one of the better options which leave you refreshingly fresh and also surprisingly full. Though it is a famous drink of Punjabis, the Rajasthani’s also know how to serve a totally delicious glass of Lassi. Available in both sweet and sour, it is made by beating yogurt and dress up with a thick layer of malai served in earthen glasses. This chilled drink is one of the most liked drinks by people in summers when they feel thirsty. There are many places in Jaipur where you get this Lassi, but one must try it at the Lassiwala shop.  Jaipur is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Delhi.

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