5 Stunning Rainforests in India

There are a lot of tourist places in India to explore right from marvelous historical structures and sparkling sandy beaches to high mountains and lush green valleys. However, what we hardly seem to talk about is the rainforests of India. From upper Assam to the southern states of Karnataka and Kerala all the way to Andaman and Nicobar islands, travellers are fortunate enough to encounter several astonishing rainforests in India that are home to some of the finest flora and fauna. These rainforests make for excellent places to visit as part of India tour packages, especially for those staunch nature enthusiasts, and wildlife lovers. Here is the list of some incredible rainforests in India where you can explore the flora and fauna that are intensely hidden in the thick jungles.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

With its azure waters, exotic beaches, secluded islands, evergreen tropical rainforests, vibrant flora, and fauna, Andamans is among the most trending honeymoon destinations in India. Besides, the Union Territory is also home to some of the most beautiful tropical rainforests in India, which protect around 84.4 percent of the Andaman Islands. Receives an average rainfall of 2000 mm throughout the year, these rainforests are home to some of the most diverse and endangered varieties of flora and fauna that have migrated from neighboring countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, etc. Also, the woods in the forest offer amazing hiking and trekking opportunities that lure a large number of wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers from all over the world. November to February is the best time to explore these tropical rainforests of Andaman Islands. One can also visit some popular tourist places in Andamans including Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach, Cellular Jail, Ross Island, Neil Island, and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

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The northeastern state of Assam is home to the most isolated, dense, and unspoiled rain forests in the whole of India. These isolated rainforests are characterized by low-lying hills with dense forest cover throughout the year and an average height of 900 meters. Although the forests are majorly in Northern Assam, traces of the same are found in the neighboring Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, and Tripura.  These dense jungles are home to many species of wild monkeys like Rhesus Macaque, Assamese Macaque, Slow Loris capped Langurs, Pig-tailed Macaque, Stam-tailed Macaque, and Hoolock Gibbons, along with a significant population of wild elephants. Kaziranga National Park, North Cachar Hills, and Dibrugarh are the top places to visit in Assam to explore these dense jungles. The best season to visit these rainforests is from October to April.

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Western Ghats

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Western Ghats is a mountain range that covers an area of 160,000 sq. km in a stretch of 1,600 km parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, traversing the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. It comprises national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and reserve forests. A stretch of moist deciduous forests can be found in the northern part of the Western Ghats covering a total area of around 30,000 sq. km mostly in Maharashtra and Karnataka. The forest is home to around 1100 species of animals among which elephants have the largest population. Eravikulam National Park, Silent Valley National Park, Chandoli National Park, and Kudremukh National Park are some of the best places to visit in South India to explore the deciduous forests. However, the most alarming factor about these forests is the depleting forest cover due to high urbanisation and commercialization in the region.

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Brahmaputra Valley

The northeastern region of India is known for having some of the densest tropical rainforests which are still unaffected by human population and commercialization. Bramhaputra Valley is the most renowned place for these rainforests. This valley is home to the most alluvial soil in the country, and hence these forests are considered the most productive regions in India. Apart from the lush greens, the Brahmaputra Valley is also known for being home to stupendous flora and fauna which includes golden langur, hispid hare, hoolock gibbon, and stump-tailed macaque. This rainforest also has a huge elephant population. Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaziranga National Park, and Manas National Park are the top places to visit to explore these rainforests.

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Evergreen Forests are every nature lover’s delight as these forests have something rejuvenating to offer. A few of such marvels are present in the state of Odisha, India. The forest has its origin in the Gondwana land, hence, it is home to an ancient biota in these forests. Although these evergreen forests in Orissa are neither endangered high nor an ecoregion rich in biodiversity, it is still home to huge vertebrates including Tiger, Elephant, and Gaur. Stroll through the woods, follow every trail of nature, and savour every moment at the place amidst the dry deciduous forests which host a variety of flora and fauna are some of the top things to do as part of the Orissa tour package.

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