Situated at an altitude of 622 m in the Sahyadri Range, Lonavala is a beautiful hill station in the Pune district of Maharashtra. It is one of the top hill stations you must include in Maharashtra tour packages and among the best tourist places to visit near Mumbai & Pune. It is located about 67 km from Pune, and 95 km from Mumbai.

Lonavala has several tourist places in the form of caves, lakes, forts and waterfalls. Lohagad Fort, Rajmachi Point, Bhushi Dam, Kune Waterfalls, Karla Caves, Tikona Fort, Visapur Fort, Bedsa Caves and Tung Fort are some of the best places to include in Lonavala tour packages.

The twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala are the most popular monsoon getaways in India. The best time to visit Lonavala and Khandala is during the monsoon, between July - September when the scenic spots become lush green and the waterfalls are in full flow. more

Distance from Mumbai: 95 Kms

Perched at an altitude of 1,353 m in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is one of the popular hill stations in Maharashtra, and among the best places to visit near Pune & Mumbai. It is about 123 km from Pune, and 243 km from Mumbai. It is one of the must include places in Maharashtra tour packages.

Known for its lovely views, beautiful landscapes, and pleasant weather, Mahabaleshwar is often referred to as the queen of hill stations in Maharashtra. It boasts of many tourist attractions including Pratapgarh Fort, Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar Mandir, Krishnabai Temple, Lingamala Falls, and Panchgani. Several viewpoints are strategically located here to capture the panoramic views created by the majestic Sahyadri Mountains and deep valleys. Arthur's Seat, Wilson Point, Kate's Point, Elephant Head Point, and Bombay Point are some popular viewpoints you must include in Mahabaleshwar packages.

Mahabaleshwar is the source of the Krishna River. Four other rivers also flow from here, before they merge into the Krishna; these are Koyana, Venna, Savitri, and Gayatri. Also, it is famous for the cultivation of strawberries and mulberries. more

Distance from Mumbai: 243 Kms

Panchgani or Paachgani is a picturesque hill station in Maharashtra. Situated 104 km from Pune and 254 km from Mumbai, it is one of the must include places in Maharashtra tour packages, and among the famous scenic places to visit near Kolhapur.

Situated at an altitude of 1334 m, Panchgani is nestled in the middle of five hills in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. It is one of the top hill stations near Pune & Mumbai. Mahabaleshwar was the summer resort of choice for the British, but it was uninhabitable during the monsoons. Panchgani was developed as a retirement place for the British as it remained pleasant throughout the year. It is also said that, during Vanavasa, the Pandavas spent some time in Panchgani and the cave where they stayed in the famous Devil's Kitchen, among the most popular sightseeing places in Panchgani.

Panchgani has several beautiful tourist attractions. Table Land, Parsi Point, Kamalgadh Fort, Devil's Kitchen, Rajpuri Caves, Sydney Point, Mapro Gardens, Dhom dam, etc. are some of the major sightseeing places to visit as part of Panchgani tour packages. Panchgani is dotted with British style old bungalows and Parsi houses. more

Distance from Mumbai: 254 Kms

Situated at an altitude of 800 m in the Western Ghats range, Matheran is one of the top monsoon destinations in Maharashtra and among popular hill stations near Mumbai & Pune for a weekend trip. It is about 94 km from Mumbai, 56 km from Lonavala and 122 km from Pune. It can be visited as part of Lonavala tour packages.

Matheran, which means 'forest on the forehead', is an eco-sensitive region declared by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. It is Asia's only automobile free hill station. Matheran is famous for its 38 viewpoints. Porcupine Point, Panorama Point, Echo Point, Charlott Lake, King George Point, Louisa Point, Monkey Point, Paymaster Park, Panthers' Caves, Rambaug Point, Heart Point, etc. are the some important tourist places in Matheran.

Matheran is home to Matheran Hill Railway, one of the few toy trains in India. The Matheran hill railway, also known as Matheran Light Railway (MLR), is being considered for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Also, this hill station is the birthplace of famous freedom fighter Veer Bhai Kotwal. more

Distance from Mumbai: 94 Kms

Igatpuri is a beautiful hill town in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. About 136 km from Mumbai, and 250 km from Pune, it is one of the top hill stations in Maharashtra, and among the most popular weekend getaways near Mumbai as well as Pune.

At an altitude of 1900 feet in the Sahyadri Hills of Western Ghats, Igatpuri is a treat for the eyes as this charming hill station is adorned with beautiful temples, quaint old forts, pleasant climate, majestic mountains, and splendid scenery. This quaint hill town looks even more beautiful during monsoon season with gushing waterfalls, glittering lakes, mist, and the lush greenery. Bhatsa River Valley, Camel Valley, Tringalwadi Fort, Ghatandevi Temple, and Vaitarna Dam are some important places to visit in Igatpuri during your Maharashtra tour.

This hill town has gained popularity among those who seek peace and spiritual rejuvenation, as Igatpuri is home to the Vipassana International Academy of Meditation. Also called as Dammagiri, this Vipassana center is considered to be the world's largest meditation center and is a major attraction in Igatpuri. With many forts in the vicinity, it is a paradise for hikers and trekkers. more

Distance from Mumbai: 132 Kms

Bhandardara is a small hill station and a holiday resort located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. About 157 km from pune & 172 k from Mumbai, it is one of the lesser-known hill stations in Maharashtra, and among the beautiful places to visit near Mumbai.

Situated at an altitude of 750 m on the banks of river Pravara, Bhandardara is a blend of natural beauty, waterfalls, mountains, tranquility, greenery, refreshing air, and pristine ambiance that can be experienced as part of Bhandardara tour packages. Arthur Lake, Randha Waterfalls, Umbrella Falls, Bhandardara Dam or Wilson Dam, and Amruteshwar Temple are some important tourist places in Bhandardara.

Bhandardara provides plenty of opportunities for small treks and hikes for adventure lovers. The most interesting and exciting trek is the small trek to Ratangad Fort. The famous Mount Kalsubai (1646 m), the highest peak in Maharashtra, is a favorite trekking place. Bhandardara can also be visited along with Lonavala tour packages. more

Distance from Mumbai: 165 Kms

Nestled in the lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats, Malshej Ghat is one of the picturesque hill stations in Maharashtra, and among the must include places in Pune Tour Packages. It is about 117 km from Pune, and 141 km from Mumbai.

Situated at an altitude of about 700 m, the place is known for its rugged mountains, trekking trails, amazing waterfalls, and numerous lakes. This stunning mountain pass is an amazing getaway from Mumbai and Pune and lures a huge number of tourists, especially during the monsoon season when the surroundings are come alive with lush greenery and breathtaking waterfalls. Malshej Falls, Harishchandragad Fort, Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, Ajoba Hill Fort, Sindola Fort, etc., are some of the top tourist places in Malshej Ghat.

For the outdoor enthusiasts and the adventure seeker, there are many trekking trails along its scenic hilly routes and waterfalls. The most famous is the trek to Harishchandragad,among the must-visit places as part of Malshej Ghat trip. Ancient temples and fortifications atop the hill add to the experience of the trek. Another trekking option is to climb the 400 steps of Shivneri Fort, the birthplace of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. more

Distance from Mumbai: 126 Kms

Located near the confluence of the River Krishna,and the River Venna, Satara is one of the famous places to visit in Maharashtra in monsoon and among the top places to visit near Pune.

Situated at an altitude of 2320 feet, it is a base station to several tourist destinations like Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani. The district of Satara is lined with amazing temples and forts. The Ajinkyatara Fort is the major historical fort in Satara and was built by Raja Bhoj. About 3,000 feet high, the fort was once an important line of defense in southern Maharashtra, and now among the must-visit places as part of Satara tour packages.

Satara is another popular attraction not to miss in a Mahabaleshwar packages. The Kaas Lake, Kaas Plateau, Thosegarh Falls, Gare Ganapathi Temple, Koteshwar Mandir, and the Abhayankar Vishnu Temple are some important places to visit in Satara. more

Distance from Mumbai: 271 Kms

Positioned on the Maharashtra- Gujarat border, Saputara is the only hill stations in Gujarat, and among the well-planned hill stations in India. It is situated about 77 km from Nashik, and 398 km from Ahmedabad.

Nestled in the Sahyadri range of Western Ghats at an altitude of about 1000 m, Saputara is one of the most popular places to visit near Pune. The lush green forests, undulating mountains, dazzling waterfalls, dreamy winding roads, stunning landscape, and salubrious climate make the picturesque hill station of Saputara a perfect escape into the lap of Mother Nature as part of Saputara packages.

Saputara Lake, Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Saputara Tribal Museum, Gira Waterfalls, Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Artist Village, etc. are some of the prominent tourist places in Saputara. more

Distance from Mumbai: 256 Kms

At a distance of 28 km from Mahabaleshwar, Tapola, famously called the Mini Kashmir of the West, is a rural hamlet with a magnificent Shivsagar Lake in the Satara district of Maharashtra. It is one of the famous tourist places to visit near Mahabaleshwar.

Tapola is situated at the convergence of the rivers of Koyna and Solshi. The primary attraction in Tapola is the Shivsagar Lake, a 90 km long water body infact the reservoir of the Koyna dam. The Koyna Dam is one of the biggest in Maharashtra and the Koyna Hydroelectric Project is the largest completed hydroelectric power plant of India. The lake offers boating, water scooter rides, kayaking and swimming.

Jungle treks from Tapola are very popular with trekkers. There are many unknown forts in the dense forest around the lake in Tapola like Vasota and Jaygad. Tapola is also the base village to the Vasota fort famous for the arduous jungle trek. Vasota located within the Koyna wild life sanctuary is cut off from civilization and can be reached only in a boat. The permit for the trek can be procured from Bamnoli. more

Distance from Mumbai: 261 Kms

At a distance of 109 km from Kolhapur, 88 km from Panjim, 68 km from Belgaum, Amboli is a hill station in Maharashtra situated at an altitude of 690 m (2000 ft). It is the last hill station before the coastal highlands of Goa, and amog the top places to visit near Kolhapur.

This hill station forms the southern range of the Sahyadri Hills. The Konkan coast lies on one side of Amboli, whereas valleys are found on the other three sides. A British Colonel Westrop made a major contribution to the development of Amboli as a hill station.

Amboli is an idyllic hill station that comes alive in monsoon when the area is abounding with waterfalls and mist. Amboli is receiving an annual rainfall of about 750 cm, the wettest region in Maharashtra.

The best time to visit Amboli is between October and February when the waterfalls can be seen gushing down from the hills. The sunset point, Amboli Waterfall, the origin of Hiranyakeshi River, Shirgaonkar Falls, Nagatta falls are worth visiting. The Hiranyakeshi River originates from a cave adjacent to the Hiranyakeshi temple and flows out from the 'Kund'. The Mahadevgad Fort is about 3 km from Amboli. The Nagatta Falls is an excellent location for picnics and relaxing. Amboli has many viewpoints, like the Sea View Point, the Kavelsad Point, the Parikshit Point, and the Mahadevgad Point. Located 10 km from Amboli, the Bauxite Mines are another attraction.

Rickshaws, ... more

Distance from Mumbai: 487 Kms

At a distance of 5 km from Lonavala Railway Station, 93 km from Mumbai & 71 km from Pune, Khandala is a hill station situated in Western Ghats of Pune district in Maharashtra. It lies at an altitude of 625 m at one end of the Bhor Ghat, a major ghat on the road link between the Deccan Plateau and the Konkan plain. Khandala is among popular weekend getaways from Mumbai & Pune and also one of the best hill stations near Pune & Mumbai.

Lonavala and Khandala are the twin hill stations located near to each other and are very popular monsoon getaways in India. Lord Elphinstone, who was the Governor of the Bombay Presidency, developed Khandala along with Lonavala in 1871.There is no reliable historical evidence to suggest the origin of this place and the founding fathers. However, it is well known that Khandala was ruled by Chatrapathi Shivaji and subsequently by the Peshwa rulers, until it was taken over by the British.

Khandala is known for its panoramic beauty, deep valleys, lush greenery, waterfalls and lakes. It is situated at the end of the Bhor Valley and serves as a popular hiking destination. Duke's Nose, Rajmachi Fort, Visapur Fort, Korigad Fort, Tung Fort, and Tikona Fort are the major trekking places in Khandala. Amrutanjan Point, Ryewood Park, the Bushy dam, Valvan dam, Kune Falls and Rajmachi Point are the some other tourist places in Khandala.

It is also well known for various cave temples like Bhaja ... more

Distance from Mumbai: 93 Kms

At a distance of 39 km from Igatpuri, and 73 km from Nashik, Suryamal is a serene hill station located in the Thane district of Maharashtra. It is one of the offbeat hill stations in Maharashtra, and among the best places to visit near Pune.

Suryamal, located at an elevation of 1800 feet, is a captivating hill station renowned for its picturesque beauty, peaceful ambiance, and verdant surroundings. The area is abundant in natural marvels, attracting nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. The dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and sweeping views offer an ideal retreat for those seeking solace from urban chaos. Suryamal can be visited along with Igatpuri tour packages.

The pristine hill station of Suryamal is known for its rich biodiversity making it an ideal destination for nature lovers. As the highest peak in the area, Suryamal attracts trekking enthusiasts who are rewarded with encounters with vibrant flowers, rare medicinal plants, and a plethora of bird species as they navigate through the dense forests. The hillock offers awe-inspiring views of the verdant mountains and valleys, leaving visitors breathless. This tribal village remains untouched by modernization, providing a glimpse into rural life and the local culture.

In close proximity to Suryamal lies the Amala Wildlife Sanctuary, spanning over 15 acres. This sanctuary is home ... more

Distance from Mumbai: 127 Kms

At a distance of 28 km from Bhandardara, and 61 km from Igatpuri, Karoli Ghat is a mountain ghat located near Bhandardara. It is one of the most scenic monsoon treks in Maharashtra, and among the must-include places in Bhandardara tour packages.

Karoli Ghat serves as a route connecting Samrad Village to Dehne Village, utilized by locals for trading purposes during both winter and summer seasons. This picturesque trail boasts numerous small and large waterfalls, enchanting jungle paths, river streams, and other breathtaking natural sights. Running parallel to the base camping area of Sandhan Valley, this ghat offers a unique experience to those who traverse it.

Sandhan Valley, a 200-foot deep and 3-km long water-carved valley near Samrad village, lies on the western side of the stunning Bhandardara region. The valley remains inaccessible during the monsoon due to the risk of flooding caused by heavy water flow in its narrow confines. The allure of this valley during the rainy season remains largely unexplored, akin to a hidden mystery. Visitors can witness a 700-foot reverse waterfall from the top and later while descending through Karoli Ghat.

Embarking on the Karoli Ghat Trek presents one with an adventurous journey, especially during the monsoon in Maharashtra. Satisfy your thirst for adventure in the valley by engaging in activities such as river crossing, rappelling, rock climbing, and cliff jumping. ... more

Distance from Mumbai: 180 Kms

At a distance of 60 km from Pune,and 109 km from Lonavala, Lavasa is a picturesque planned hill resort located in the Pune district of Maharashtra. It is one of the most preferred weekend getaways for people in Maharashtra, and among the must-include places in Pune tour packages.

Spreading across 7 hills, covering an area of 25000 acres in the Mulshi Valley, Lavasa is a perfect blend of beauty and infrastructure that is being developed by HCC. The plans for this private township were unveiled by Ajit Gulabchand in 2006, and is claimed to be India's first planned hill station since independence. Modeled on the Italian town of Portofino, this modern day hill station is an enjoyable retreat for all its visitors and has a lot to offer to its tourists from picturesque sceneries to an extremely well-developed infrastructure including hotels, resorts, educational institutes, malls, residential property, IT companies etc.

Lies at an altitude of 640 m, this incomplete city has been controversial for multiple reasons including procurement of land, harm to the environment, and loans acquired through political corruption. In late 2010, the Indian Environment and Forests Ministry ordered that construction cease because the project violated environmental laws. As of 2023, a resolution plan has been approved by the National Company Law Tribunal, with Darwin Platform Infrastructure Ltd being declared as the successful bidder responsible ... more

Distance from Mumbai: 183 Kms

At a distance of 57 km from Panjim, and 139 km from Kolhapur, Sawantwadi is a scenic town situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Situated on the National Highway (NH17) that connects Mumbai and Goa, it is one of the most scenic places to visit near Kolhapur.

The small picturesque town of Sawantwadi is situated amidst the Sahyadri Hills and the Arabian Sea. Located in the vicinity of Moti Lake, it is well known for the centuries-old traditional art of making wooden toys, Ganjifas (the name given to an ancient card game), and Laquerware. It is popular stop for people commuting to Mumbai or Goa for refreshment and rest.

The 2 storied Royal Palace of Sawantwadi is truly an architectural masterpiece that effortlessly merges the English arches with the native workmanship and the vibrant red laterite stones. The Palace has a beautiful fašade square at the center covered with an immaculate lawn and is surrounded with rooms on all four sides which is now converted into a museum in 2005 by Lt. Her Highness Rajmata Satvashiladevi Bhonsle. The museum houses photographs and paintings of the Royal family, Coronation of the kings over the years, artworks by king and queen, furniture used by the family, sculptures collected by the royal family and our very own Ganjifa Playing Cards.

While in Sawantwadi, visitors can visit Chitarali to buy wooden toys as well as other handicraft items including jewellery ... more

Distance from Mumbai: 494 Kms

At a distance of 61 km from Lonavala, and 79 km from Pune, Tamhini Ghat is a mountain passage located between the villages of Mulshi and Tamhini in Maharashtra, India. It is one of the stunning mountain passes in Maharashtra, and among the most scenic places to visit as part of Pune 2-Day Trip.

The Tamhini Ghat road cuts through the Sahyadri range to connect Mulshi to Tamhini, offering an enchanting route in Konkan from Pune. Spanning approximately 15 km, this captivating mountain pass is renowned for its picturesque and leisurely drives. While still a hidden gem, Tamhini Ghat is steadily gaining popularity as a weekend retreat from Mumbai and Pune.

Tamhini Ghat is celebrated for its stunning surroundings, expansive panoramic views, charming waterfalls, scenic lakes, and dense forests. This breathtaking mountain pass transforms into a lush green paradise during monsoon, adorned with numerous waterfalls and streams. Driving along the roads with sweeping vistas in the backdrop promises an unforgettable experience for visitors to Tamhini Ghat.

The captivating Tamhini Waterfall stands as the highlight of this mountain pass. Also known as the Valse, it tumbles down from considerable heights, forming a serene pool at its base. In addition to trekking, sightseeing, and picnicking, visitors can indulge in swimming or refreshing dips in the water. Andharban is one of the many viewpoints situated in the area, ... more

Distance from Mumbai: 139 Kms

At a distance of 15 km from Ellora Caves, and 37 km from Aurangabad, Mhaismal is a beautiful hill station in located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. It is one of the unexplored hill stations in Maharashtra, and among the top places to visit near Aurangabad.

Mhaismal is situated at an altitude of 1067 m amidst the Sahyadri Ranges. Also titled as the 'Mahabaleshwar of Marathwada', Mhaismal is a hill station that gets its name from a nearby village, Maheshmal. Mhaismal is a perfect blend of the undefiled nature and the breathtaking terrains. Mhaismal is renowned for its temples, gardens, valleys, caves, and forts, all contributing to its intrinsic natural allure. It offers a serene retreat for city dwellers seeking a peaceful weekend escape from Mumbai, Aurangabad, or Pune.

The hill station features a plateau adorned with lush greenery, hills, and forest cover, making it a haven for photographers and nature enthusiasts. It is also celebrated as a Botanical workshop due to its diverse flora and fauna. Like most hill stations, Mhaismal boasts several viewpoints such as Sunset Point, Valley View, and Necklace Point. The Valley Viewpoint provides a panoramic view of the green slopes and valleys, while Necklace Point offers a glimpse of the countryside and is a popular tourist attraction, complete with tea and snack stalls.

Visitors can also explore the Girija Devi temple, Balaji temple, ... more

Distance from Mumbai: 333 Kms

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