Ensuring Your Dog’s Safety When Traveling by Plane

Traveling with your dog was once a very frustrating thing for pet owners. But nowadays, as more airlines are offering some excellent services, pet owners are happy to travel with their dogs during the flight. As per the Trip Advisor’s survey, 53% of 1000 people said that they love to carry their pets in the flight. In short, pet travel is increasing day by day. 

While traveling with your most faithful companion, ensure the safety of your dog. Recently, we have seen the death of many dogs during the flight. So, it is necessary for you to keep your dog in a safe and secure condition. 

Inside this article, we are going to discuss the safety tips that you must know and follow while carrying your dog with the flight. So, what are you waiting for? Let us start our discussion. 

1. Have a perfect crate

Following are the things that you have to consider while buying a crate for your dog that can be used during the air travel:

  • Look for a crate that has a large size so that your dog can easily stand or sit in it.
  • Have a container that has absorbent material at the bottom.

Your dog may get pesky due to the noise in the cargo area. In this condition, make sure that your dog is behaving normally. 

So, having a suitable crate for your dog not only ensures his or her safety but also gives it comfort. 

2. Put food and water inside the crate

Your dog will be in the cargo area during the air flight. So, in the mid-flight, if it needs food or water then, what you will do? In this case, you have to put some food and water inside the crate in a small plastic bag. Outside the crate, leave instructions about how to feed your dog.

So, if someone noticed that your dog is hungry; then, the employees in the cargo area will feed your dog. Also, keep small toys that your dog likes inside the crate. 

One additional thing to make sure your dog is secure is to attach a public note outside the crate. It can help you in finding your dog in case the crate gets lost.  

3. Know the temperament of your dog

Booking a direct flight is always beneficial for you and your dog. It may cost you a few bucks more, but it saves both time and efforts of changing flights. So, you can handle your dog without any worries.

But at the same time, booking a direct flight of more than 5 to 6 hours can be harmful to your dog’s health. 

Does your dog have a temperament of sitting at one place for 5 to 6 hours? So, considering your dog’s temperament and behavior, you have to book a plane ticket. 

4. Book the dog-friendly airlines

Different airlines have different rules for pet travel. One thing that you must take care of is to read the rules and guidelines of the particular airline before booking the ticket. 

Reading the guidelines will help you in knowing all the necessary information such as cost of traveling with your pet, when to arrive at your airport, cargo area temperatures, the weight limit of the pet, etc. 

If you have studied all these factors thoroughly and booked the flight ticket, you will not face any difficulty while traveling with your pet. 

Many air companies don’t allow you to travel with your pet if you violate their rules. You may be thinking which is the best airline for carrying your dog without any issues?

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5. Check the temperature conditions in the cargo area

The most crucial safety tip while traveling with your dog is to check the temperature of the cargo area in which your dog is to be kept.  Generally, the temperature of the cargo area inside the plane lies between 5º to 35º.

In some situations, you may find that temperature is very less and your dog can’t face the extreme temperatures changes in the cargo. The behavior of your dog at different temperatures is also an essential factor that you have to keep in mind while traveling via plane.

6. Feed your dog properly

You must concern about your dog’s health during the flight. Feeding your dog 4 to 6 hours before the plane is the best thing that you can do. Giving a light meal to your dog is the best deal, and by doing this, you can avoid any surprise poop during the flight. 

Some airlines may demand health certificate of your dog before the plane takes off. Some airlines can ask you rabies vaccinations certificate of your dog. 

7. Know the breed of your dog

Do you know that airline has restricted some races of the dogs? Airlines have restricted all the snub-nosed breeds of the dogs. These snub-nosed breeds may suffer from Cancer and other health diseases when carried in the plane. 

Below is the list of dogs that are not allowed in American Airlines:

•    Boxer

•    Pug

•    American Bulldog

•    King Charles Spaniel

•    Shar-Pei

•    Shih Tzu

•    Lhasa Apso

As per the airline, the restriction on the breed types of dogs may vary. 

8. What is the weight of your dog?

Airlines do not allow dogs in the cabins whose weight is more than 20 lbs. So, if you are carrying your dog in the cabin then, make sure its weight is less than 20 lbs. But airline carriers allow some exceptions to these rules. Southwest airline does not have any restriction on the weight of your dog. That means you can carry a dog without looking at its weight. 

9. Know the pick-up and drop-off locations

Another important safety tip that you must know is aware of the pick-up and drop-off locations. Most of the time we know where to drop our dog during the take-off time but, we don’t know where to pick them. So, it is highly recommended to ask the airline employees about both these locations. For example, if you’re flying with United Airlines, then remember the United Airline ticket number to make sure you can find your dog easily. Knowing these locations will help you in finding your dog at the cargo.

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10. Be in touch with the flight attendant

You may be feeling very safe about your dog, but who knows what can happen with him or her inside the cargo. Your dog may want to eat food or may want to go to the bathroom. To ensure all the things are going perfectly with your dog, ask the flight attendant about your dog condition. Most of the airlines are good at their customer service, and the flight attendant can check the security and behavior of your dog whenever you ask them. 


Dogs are our faithful companions, and their safety during the flight must be our main priority. In this article, we have shared some safety tips that you must know while traveling with your dog. If you follow the above tips, then you can ensure the safety of your dog in the next flight.