11 Best One-Day Trekking Destinations near Bangalore

Bangalore Trekking

Trekking has become the most favorite weekend activity for Bangaloreans. Fortunately, Bangalore is also gifted with plenty of trekking and adventure destinations in a close proximity to the city. With substantial young population from technology industry, Bangalore trekking sites are often crowded with large number of adventure enthusiasts trying to catch a sunrise view, particularly […]

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Top 10 Weekend Getaways near Bangalore

Bangalore Weekend Getaways within 200 Kms

Bangalore is blessed with plenty of weekend getaways as it’s literally located in the center of South India. Ranging from Trekking destinations to Beautiful Waterfalls, Heritage Sites & Popular Hill Stations, Bangalore offers numerous options to pick a perfect weekend attraction. While each destination offers it’s own charm, Trawell.in tried to pick Top 10 weekend […]

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