5 Popular Beaches to Visit near Mahabaleshwar

Fringed with gurgling rivers, evergreen forests and fascinating hills, Mahabaleshwar is a magnificent hill station in Maharashtra and among the top places to visit near Mumbai during the monsoon season. This pristine hill station is known for its numerous tourist attractions and viewpoints that offer spectacular views of valleys and hills all around. Besides, there are also some stunning beaches that can be visited as a day trip along with this charming hill station. The picturesque view of turquoise waters lapping over the passive shores and breathtaking view of the sun setting below the horizon will take away all the stress and rejuvenate you.

Here are the 5 awesome beaches that can be visited along with Mahabaleshwar.

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Harihareshwar Beach


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Surrounded by Harshinachal, Harihareshwar, Brahmadri and Pushpadri Hills, Harihareshwar Beach is a pristine beach situated on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. This is one of the unspoiled beaches in Maharashtra and among the best beaches near Mahabaleshwar. Actually, Harihareshwar has two beaches – one is situated in front of Harihareshwar Temple, and the other beach is near MTDC Resort. This clean black sandy beach is relatively less crowded and can be visited as part of Mahabaleshwar Tour Packages. The sea here is always turbulent and the coast is rocky. Harihareshwar is also popular pilgrimage center in Maharashtra as it home to the ancient Harihareshwar Temple.

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Diveagar Beach


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Diveagar Beach is a splendid beach on the shores of Arabian Sea in the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. This is one of the popular beaches in Maharashtra and among the top places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Lined with palm and casuarina trees, Diveagar Beach stretches about 6 km long with white sand and crystal clear waters. The beach is perfect place for swimming, sun bathing and surfing. An evening stroll along the beach is particularly a relaxing experience with the light coastal breeze blowing by. The beach also has a sanctuary to the migratory Seagulls at one end.

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Anjarle Beach

Anjarle Beach

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Anjarle Beach is a beautiful and unspoilt white sand beach on the Coast of Arabian Sea in Maharashtra. It is one of the finest beaches in the Konkan region and among the popular weekend getaways from Mumbai. Situated near the estuary of River Jog, Anjarle Beach is about 2 km long and is surrounded by endless rows of coconut palms. The smooth coastline, the blue waters and the white sand create a pristine feel to the place and the ambience is perfect for a family weekend getaway. Kadyawarcha Ganapati Temple is another prime attraction in Anjarle along with the pristine Anjarle beach.

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Kelshi Beach

Kelshi Beach

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Located at the northern most part of Ratnagiri district, Kelshi Beach is a beautiful beach on the Western Coast of India. This secluded beach stretches for about 2.5 km across the Bankot creek. This calm and peaceful beach is an ideal place for people looking for a short beach getaway from the pristine hill station of Mahabaleshwar, among the top places to visit near Pune. With the Utambar hill meeting the sea at this location, Kelshi Beach is the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening while watching a spectacular sunset. The charming little village of Kelshi is also home to a well-known pilgrimage places like Mahalakshmi Temple and Yakub Baba dargah.

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Guhagar Beach


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Guhagar Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra and is also the place where Vashishti River empties into Arabian Sea. Dotted with thick suru plantations and white sand, the beach extends for almost 6 km between two hillocks. The endless expanse of this virgin beach offers an unforgettable vibe of serenity along with the mesmerizing beauty of the Konkan coast and can be visited as part of Mahabaleshwar tour and Lonavala tour. Guhagar Beach is noted for swimming, sunbathing, breathtaking sunset scenes, as well as its tranquil surroundings.

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