Famous Things to Buy in Wayanad

Wayanad, nestled in Kerala’s Western Ghats, is a versatile destination that caters to various interests. From exploring the wilderness at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary to immersing in history at Edakkal Caves, trekking to Chembra Peak, and enjoying scenic views at Lakkidi Viewpoint, this hill station offers a plethora of activities for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and leisure travelers. Additionally, visitors can indulge in shopping where one can buy something relevant and memorable as part of Wayanad tour packages.

Here is a list of some famous things to buy in Wayanad.

Tea & Coffee

Wayanad, a picturesque hill station in Kerala, and among the most popular places to visit near Kozhikode, is renowned for its exquisite coffee and tea plantations that produce high-quality brews. Visitors can directly buy freshly harvested tea leaves and coffee beans from plantations or local shops in towns like Kalpetta and Vythiri, supporting the local economy and sustainable practices. Additionally, many plantations offer guided tours, allowing you to explore the cultivation process and taste authentic South Indian coffee amidst the beautiful green landscapes on your next Wayanad tour.


Spices are another popular item that one must buy while in Wayanad, among the best tourist places near Mysore. Known as the ‘Land of Spices,’ Wayanad boasts an abundance of spice plantations along with expansive coffee & tea estates. Almost found in all the local markets of Wayanad, the aroma of these spices is refreshing and adds flavor to your culinary creations. From cardamom and pepper to cinnamon and cloves, the spices of Wayanad are renowned for their quality and flavor. Additionally, guided tours at places like the Wayanad Spice Plantation provide insights into the cultivation and processing of these aromatic and flavorful spices.


Among the famous places to visit near Kochi, Wayanad, known for its thick forests, offers visitors the opportunity to buy natural and organic honey collected by tribal people. This honey, popular in the international market, is unprocessed and pure, making it a sought-after item. Additionally, local people prepare gooseberries dipped in honey, which is another favorite purchase. To acquire this honey, you can visit local markets, specialty stores, or even directly from apiaries, where you can observe the honey extraction process and learn about the fascinating relationship between bees and their environment as part of the Kerala tour.


Handicrafts in Wayanad are a testament to the region’s diverse cultural heritage and the talent of local artisans. These unique creations, ranging from bamboo products to tribal jewelry, offer a glimpse into the area’s rich traditions. Uravu Bamboo Grove, a cooperative society, is one of the best places to visit in Wayanad where visitors can witness the intricate process of bamboo weaving and purchase authentic bamboo handicrafts like baskets, furniture, decor items, and even musical instruments.


Our list is incomplete without mentioning the handlooms of Wayanad, among the best places to visit near Bangalore. The handloom weaving process in Wayanad typically involves using locally sourced natural fibers such as cotton, jute, and silk. Handwoven fabrics, dyed using natural colors, showcase the traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations. Many of the designs are inspired by nature, tribal art, and folklore, giving each piece a unique and authentic character. Visitors to Wayanad have the opportunity to explore handloom weaving centers and cooperatives, where they can witness the craftsmanship firsthand and purchase authentic handloom products.

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