Stunning Waterfalls in Wayanad that You should not miss

Positioned on the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Wayanad is an enchanting hill station located at an altitude of 2100 m in the Western Ghats of Kerala. It is one of the popular hill stations in Kerala and among the prominent places to visit near Bangalore. This pristine hill station is known for its tantalizing aroma of fresh spices, exotic wildlife, stunning waterfalls, marvelous temples, placid lakes, a tranquil environment, and exciting trekking trails. The gorgeous waterfalls in Wayanad are very popular among tourists for their breathtaking natural beauty which adds an extra appeal to this destination.

Check out some of the majestic waterfalls in Wayanad.

Soochipara Waterfalls

Soochipara Waterfall is an exquisite waterfall located inside the thick forest near Meppadi town in the Wayanad district of Kerala. Also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfall, it is one of the waterfalls in Kerala, and among the must-visit places as part of Wayanad 3 day tour. Formed over the Iruvazhinjipuzha River, it is a 3 tiered waterfall dropping from a height of about 200 m and cascading down into a large pool, which is a good spot for swimming. The route between Meppadi and Soochipara is lined up with beautiful tea estates with a breathtaking backdrop of Chembra Peak, among the must-include places in Wayanad tour packages. The drive to Soochipara itself is a wonderful experience. Tourists need to trek down from the road point for about 2 km through a slippery and rocky path that takes around 30 minutes to reach the waterfall.

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Meenmutty Waterfalls

Situated near Banasura Sagar Dam, Meenmutty Waterfall is one of the gorgeous waterfalls in Wayanad, and among the best waterfalls near Bangalore. It cascades down through multiple tiers from a height of over 800 feet. The first tier can be reached by walking for about half a km from the parking area / main entrance of the waterfall. The second tier can be reached by trekking up through steps built over boulders. The half km path runs along with downstream of the river and offers wonderful views of the stream and thick vegetation. The third tier is the toughest and needs some walking through the stream on slippery rocks with help of ropes. From the top of the waterfall, one can get some splendid views of Banasura Sagar Dam and surrounding valleys as part of Wayanad tour from Mysore. It is one of the great places for trekking in Wayanad.

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Thusharagiri Waterfalls

About 32 km from Kalpetta, Thusharagiri Waterfall is a scenic waterfall located in the Kozhikode district of Kerala. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Malabar region and among the most popular places to visit in Wayanad. Two streams originating from the Western Ghats meet here to form the Chalippuzha River which diverges into three waterfalls creating a snowy spray, gives the name – Thusharagiri, which means ‘snowcapped mountains’. The highest of the three falls is the Thenpara Fall dropping from a height of 75 meters. The first waterfall can be reached easily while the remaining two falls can be reached from the first one by trekking through thick forest. The stunning backdrop of the misty mountains and verdant plantations makes it an unforgettable sight. The place also offers challenging trekking and rock-climbing opportunities that draw adventure seekers as part of the Wayanad Tour from Kozhikode.

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Arippara Waterfalls

Another mesmerizing waterfall that comes to our list of waterfalls in and around Wayanad is Arippara Waterfalls. Formed over the Iruvanjipuzha River, this least popular waterfall of Kerala is located near Nellipoyil village in the Kozhikode district. Surrounded by great natural beauty, the water flows through huge flat rocks and drops at different places (usually 10-20 feet high) and forms a pool at the bottom which is a good place for swimming. It is one of the best places to visit as part of Wayanad honeymoon packages, especially for nature lovers, and among the must-include places in Kerala packages.

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Kanthanpara Waterfalls

Kanthanpara is a quaint little waterfall located near Meppadi in the Wayanad district of Kerala. Situated near Soochippara Waterfall, it is one of the popular waterfalls in Kerala and among the must-include places in Wayanad tour from Bangalore. Kanthanpara waterfall drops down from a height of about 100 feet and is widely acknowledged for its secluded and serene vibe. The cool, sparkling water at this waterfall is sure to soothe all who wish to rejuvenate in a silent environment. The tea gardens on both sides elevate its beauty and provide an excellent spot for soft trekking too. Besides, the place is also a paradise for bird watchers as the area is close to the Meppadi forest range under the South Wayanad Forest Division, which is home to different species of birds, especially Malabar gray hornbill, Common flame back woodpecker, White-cheeked barbet, and White-throated Kingfisher.

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Chethalayam Waterfalls

Chethalayam Waterfalls is a beautiful waterfall located near Kidangand, towards Pulpally from Sulthan Bathery. It is one of the lesser-known waterfalls in Kerala and among the top waterfalls near Mysore. It is a seasonal waterfall but it is ideal for trekking Its surroundings offer several vantage points for bird watching. One can also see spotted deer, sambar, gaur, elephants, and sloth bear, as this waterfall is situated close to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, among the top places to visit as part of Wayanad family trip. One has to trek about 4 km from Kidangand to reach the falls. The Forest Range Office at Chethalayam issues visitor passes to the waterfall.

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Kadachikunnu Waterfalls

About 23 km from Kalpetta, Kadachikunnu waterfall is one of the lesser-known falls in Wayanad, among the top hill stations near Bangalore. It is accessible from the Meppadi-Vaduvanchal Road. The tourists have to trek for 2 km in the forest to reach this waterfall. The peak point of the waterfall offers stunning views of Nilambur Forest and the Wayanad region. It is one of the waterfalls that should not be missed during the Wayanad Trip, especially for those who want to spend some time midst of Mother nature, and away from the touristy crowd.

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Palchuram Waterfalls

Palchuram Waterfall is a stunning waterfall located on the border of the Wayanad and Kannur districts in Kerala. Surrounded by dense forests, this four-tier waterfall is cascading down from a height of about 300 meters and forms a natural pool below which is safe for swimming. It is one of the most prominent waterfalls in Wayanad, among the top places to visit near Mysore. It is a mere 5 km from Kottiyoor which is located on Mananthavady Road. Many adventure enthusiast tourists prefer to reach the fall by trekking through the dense deciduous forests surrounding it. Visitors should be careful while visiting the waterfall as the route is not that safe, and is inhabited by exotic fauna.

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