Top Things to do in Wayanad

Located at an altitude of 2100 m in the Western Ghats, Wayanad is one of the picturesque hill stations in Kerala that has touched the hearts of many with its verdant green surroundings, scenic views, exotic wildlife, stunning waterfalls, rich history & tantalizing aroma of fresh spices. This is the best place to experience nature and serenity as part of Kerala tour packages. Therefore, Wayanad is a diverse tourist destination, offering various activities for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, history buffs, and laid-back travellers.

Check out the top 10 amazing things to do in Wayanad here.

Spot the Wildlife at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the top things to do in Wayanad is to visit the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, among the prominent places of wildlife in Kerala. Spread over an area of 345 sq. km, this sanctuary was established in 1973 and was brought under the Project Elephant in 1991-92. It consists of two wildlife sanctuaries – Tholpetty in the north and Muthanga in the southeast. An integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Sanctuary connects Nagarhole and Bandipur parks in Karnataka, and Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu. The sanctuary is home to around 45 species of mammals, over 330 species of birds, over 55 species of reptiles and amphibians, 170 species of butterflies. While elephant sightings along with glimpses of tigers, panthers, and peacocks, etc. are common, one can also embark on thrilling jungle safaris as part of Wayanad wildlife packages.

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Relive the History at Edakkal Caves

Comprising an area of 2,132 sq. km, Wayanad has a powerful history. As per the historians, organized human life existed in these parts, for at least ten centuries before Christ. If you are a history buff and want to explore the rich history of Wayand then make a trip to the Edakkal Caves. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Edakkal Caves, situated at an altitude of 4000 feet, are dates back to 5000 BC, and among the most prominent places to visit as part of Wayanad tour packages. The walls of these pre-historic caves are adorned with intriguing carvings that will take your breath away, and archaeology enthusiasts will love the intricate designs and elements of this creation. The history of Wayanad and even the entirety of Kerala is said to have been covered in these beautiful carvings.

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Trek to Chembra Peak

Located at an elevation of 2100 m above sea level, Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad & the third highest peak in South India. Nestled amidst the beautiful Wayanad hills and the adjoining Nilgiri hills, Chembra Peak is one of the top trekking places near Bangalore. As it is certainly a rejuvenating affair. It is a moderately difficult task and is recommended for trekkers with good physical fitness. There is a heart-shaped lake on the way to the top of the peak, which is believed to have never dried up. The actual trek starts from the watchtower at the foothill of Chembra Peak which is about 7 km from Meppadi. The peak is about 4 km one way and takes about 2 hours to trek (one way). Earlier, the trek used to be till Chembra Peak. But, now visitors can only trek to the heart-shaped lake.

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Visit Asia’s Second Largest Dam

If you want to plan Wayanad adventure trip then Banasura Sagar Dam must be in your bucket list. Placed in the foothills of Banasura hills, the Banasura Sagar Dam built across Karamanathodu River, a tributary of Kabini River,  is considered to be the largest earthen dam in India and the second largest in Asia. With its scenic beauty and soulful surroundings, this dam has become famous for boating, thrilling trekking trails, comforting boating experience, and picnic spots close to the precious stone waters which are among the top things to do in Wayanad.

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Unwind at Various Waterfalls

Nestled in the Western Ghats of Kerala, Wayanad is a magnificent hill station blessed with scenic surprises like placid lakes, hidden valleys, misty hills and expansive tea and spice plantations. Besides, this charming hill district also houses some of the gorgeous waterfalls of Kerala. When you visit these waterfalls as part of Wayanad tour from Kozhikode, one can hear their gushing water plummeting through the hills, or even feel their soothing mist on your face. Soochipara Falls, Kanthanpara Falls, Meenmutty Falls, Palchuram Falls, etc., are some of the amazing waterfalls to visit in Wayanad. Known for its narrow paths, rough terrains, and rocky slopes, some of the waterfalls are reached only through trekking which gives you a memorable experience.

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Enjoy Bamboo Rafting at Kuruva Island

Also known as Kuruva Dweep, Kuruva Island is a cluster of three islands formed by the delta in the River Kabini and is spread over 950 acres of uninhabited area. It is developed as an eco-tourism project and is one of the popular places to visit in Wayanad. These islands are densely populated with rich flora and fauna. Rare species of birds, orchids, and herbs are the main attraction of the island apart from its breathtaking natural beauty. The main Kuruva Island contains two small freshwater lakes. Visitors can get onto the island via bamboo rafts and walk deep into the island to discover rare species of birds, orchids, flowers and trees.

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Stroll Amidst Beautiful Tea Estates

If you’re wondering what to do during your Wayanad 4 day tour, then a Tea Estate visit is the perfect answer for you. Imagine walking into a picture-perfect tea plantation and inhaling the sweet aroma of your favorite morning drink followed by a piping hot cup of masala tea! Wayand district is popular for producing some of the best blends of tea in the country and take a long walk through these lush tea gardens is the most ideal way to get acquainted with the popular tea culture of Wayanad along with the lives of local people as part of Wayanad packages from Mysore. One can also visit Rippon Tea Factory, and see the entire processing method right from the freshly plucked green leaves to its packaging at the factory

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Spiritual Awakening at Thirunelli Temple

Thirunelly Temple is a 3000 years old temple located in a beautiful valley beneath the Brahmagiri hill in Kerala. It is one of the most ancient places of pilgrimage in Kerala, and among the most popular religious places to visit as part of Wayanad tour from Bangalore. Dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu, the temple is surrounded by mountains and beautiful forests. People believe that Lord Brahma worships Perumal in the temple in the wee hours every day, hence the head priest of the temple leaves a fresh quantity of worshiping materials required for puja in the Thirunelly Temple before closing the temple at night. The temple draws pilgrims from all over Kerala primarily for ancestral rites.

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Try Boating at Pookode Lake

Surrounded by evergreen forests and rolling hills, Pookode Lake is a freshwater lake located close to the Kalpetta – Kozhikode main road in Wayanad, among the top places to visit near Bangalore. The Panamaram stream, one of the main tributaries of the Kabani River, originates from Pookote Lake. Spread across an area of 13 acres, the lake has an abundance of blue lotuses and freshwater fishes. The lake offers a boating facility with pedal and rowboats. Shaped like India’s map, boating in the serene waters of Pookode Lake is a fun activity for all that one must not miss as part of Wayanad tour from Kochi.

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Wonder at Beautiful Sights from Lakkidi Viewpoint

Often referred to as ‘the gateway of Wayanad’, Lakkidi, among the top places to visit near Kochi, is a small hill station located at the crest of the serpentine Thamarassery ghat pass, which features over 9 hairpin curves that start at Adivaram (downhill). The 12 km long ghat road from Adivaram to Lakkidi passing through thick forest leaves a wonderful experience. The lush green hills, gorges and streams on both sides of the passage up the hill are breathtaking sights that one can witness as part of Wayanad 3 day tour. Form Lakkidi, one can get dazzling views of the surrounding cliffs and valleys. Lakkidi is also famous for the Chain Tree, which is a large ficus tree bounded by a chain.

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