Adventure / Trekking

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Distance (From Wayanad): 52 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): Full Day

Transportation Options: Bus / Cab / Walk/Trek

Travel Tips: 1. This place is visited from Thirunelly Temple (7 Kms)
2. Permission can also be obtained from Deputy Conservator of Forests, Mananthavady (Ph: 04936-240233)
3. Food & water should be carried from the Thirunelly Temple (though some streams are available on the way)
4. Limited accommodation available near Thirunelly Temple. Mananthavady has better accommodation facilities.

At a distance of 7 km from Thirunelly Temple, 29 km from Mananthavady, 35 km from Irupu Falls & 52 km from Kalpetta, Pakshipathalam is an eco-tourist spot situated in the Brahmagiri hills of Wayanad district. Situated at an altitude of 1740 m, Pakshipathalam is one of the popular Wayanad tourist places and also one of the best places for trekking in Wayanad.

Pakshipathalam is the abode of large population of several species of birds. It is an ornithologist's paradise. The deep rock caves, formed among the thick blocks of rocks at the northern top end of the Brahmagiri, are the abode of various birds and wild beasts. The hill station of Pakshipathalam was once the meditating area for countless rishis or saints of ancient India. There is also a cave called Munikal Cave, where birds take shelter during night and early morning. The cave is also famous for the endangered species of birds known as 'Edible Nest Swift' which makes its nest with the help of its saliva. There is a small eagle shaped projection where the Garuda, the sacred vehicle of Lord Vishnu, was believed to have been landed.

Pakshipathalam is a challenging tourist spot for any adventure seeking tourist. This can be accessed only by trekking from Thirunelly Temple (about 8 km one way). The 3 hours trek to Pakshipathalam takes you through moist deciduous forests, rolling hillocks, open grasslands, slippery trails, and narrow rocky caves. There is also a watch tower in this place which can be used for watching birds and animals. Night camping is not allowed on Pakshipathalam peak, so trekkers need to come back before sunset.

To visit Pakshipathalam, special permission is needed from Forest Department at Tholpetty/Appapara (5 km from Thirunelly, Ph: 04835-240233). Vehicle and guides can be arranged by District Tourism Promotion Council, Kalpetta (Ph: 04936-602134 / 602712).

The best time to visit Pakshipathalam is from November to April. The entry is closed from February to May due to Forest fires. So, kindly check the status before commencing the trek to Pakshipathalam.

Timings: 6 AM - 6 PM

Entry Fee: Rs. 50 for Indians & Rs. 200 for Foreigners