White Water Rafting - Shivpuri

Adventure / Trekking

Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Rishikesh Railway Station): 16 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): Half Day to Full Day

Transportation Options: Bus / Cab

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 16 km from Rishikesh Railway Station, Shivpuri is a small town located on the Rishikesh - Bhadrinath Road. Shivpuri is famous for White Water Rafting apart from its ashrams and temples. It is also one of the top tourist places in Rishikesh.

Shivpuri is also known for its numerous camps and as the major River Rafting destination in Rishikesh. At Shivpuri, tourists can indulge in a number of Activities like River Rafting, Camping, mountaineering and Jungle Trekking. Visitors will also have the opportunity of learning the techniques of yoga and meditation during their stay in Shivpuri.

Shivpuri is the starting point of the most popular River Rafting trip on Ganges River. Rafting from Shivpuri is the most ideal river rafting stretch in Rishikesh. Rafting from Shivpuri till Lakshman Jhula is a 16 km stretch and covers some of the most exciting Grade III, IV Rapids for approximately 3 hours. This adventurous trip covers exciting rapids like roller coaster, golf course, club house, etc. The rafting is supported by excellent safety standards and well trained guides.

The Rafting season in Shivpuri starts in Mid-October and ends in June. Shivpuri Rafting is ideal for non-swimmers. Shivpuri Rafting trip can be enjoyed by friends, families, college groups, corporate groups and everyone aged 14 years and over. This rafting trip is an adventurous experience and less risky compared to other river rafting trips in Rishikesh.

The 3 hour rafting stretch is the most incredible one as it covers maximum rapids within a short distance.

Rafting Cost: Rs. 1850 per person for 2 days and 1 night with accommodation, Rs. 650 per person without accommodation

This cost includes pick-up from Rafting office in Rishikesh, travel to Shivpuri, cost of rafting, guide and all required equipment.