About Dhanaulti

Country: India | State: Uttarakhand

Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 Days

Nearest City to Dhanaulti: Dehradun (60 Kms)

Best Time to Visit Dhanaulti: October to June

Peak Season: November to January & March to May

At a distance of 29 km from Mussoorie, 30 km from Chamba, 60 km from Dehradun, 89 km from Rishikesh, 112 km from Haridwar, 141 km from Srinagar, 224 km from Chandigarh, 258 km from Patiala, 283 km from Shimla, and 309 km from Delhi, Dhanaulti is a picturesque hill station situated in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Lies on Mussoorie - Chamba Road, it is one of the popular weekend getaways from Delhi and among the best offbeat destinations to visit in Uttarakhand.

Situated at an altitude of 2286 m, Dhanaulti is known for its quiet environment and tranquility. Sitting on the edge of Tehri Garhwal District, Dhanaulti shares its west-side border with Dehradun. The long wooded slopes, relaxed outdoors, cool crossing breeze, warm and hospitable inhabitants, lovely weather, and fabulous view of snow-capped mountains, makes Dhanaulti an enticing hideaway for tourists. It is still untouched and becoming an alternative to the crowded Mussoorie and Dehradun.

As per the history, Dhanaulti was a princely state in the Tehri Garhwal region before India's Independence. It was reigned by King Sudarshan Shah from 1815 to 1949 with Tehri as his capital. People from this region actively participated in the freedom struggle and were part of the Quit India Movement. The people also revolted against the rule of the king of Tehri Riyasat. After the revolt, they were successful in getting independence from the Maharaja, and later, the district was merged with the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. After the bifurcation of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2000, the district of Tehri Garhwal became a part of the new state of Uttarakhand.

Away from the city hustle-bustle, devoid of fancy hotels and modern cafe-style eateries, Dhanaulti is the place for those who seek a weekend of privacy in the hills. Eco Park is the main attraction of Dhanaulti. There are two Eco-parks, Amber and Dhara about 200 m apart. There is a facility for visitors to plant a sapling in the memory of their beloved, which is called as memory sapling plantation in Eco Park. Besides, Surkhanda Devi Temple, Camp Thangdhar, Potato Farm, Dhanaulti Adventure Park, Dashavatar Temple, Deogarh Fort, Kanatal Adventure Camp, and Tehri Dam are some of the top places to visit in Dhanaulti as part of Uttarakhand Tour Packages.

Also, Dhanaulti is the base point for numerous treks into the snow-capped Himalayas like Surkanda Devi, Chandrabadni, and Kunjapuri. Camp Thangdhar in Thangdhar village at a distance of 14 km from Dhanaulti is an adventure camp for those interested in mountain adventure.

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is the nearest airport which is about 87 km from Dhanaulti. It has well-connected flights from all the major cities in India. About 60 km Dhanualti, Dehradun Railway Station is the nearest railhead that has well-connected trains from New Delhi, Ujjaini, Madurai, Varanasi, Amritsar, Kochuveli. From here, one can hire a bus or taxi to reach Dhanaulti. Dhanaulti is well connected by a road which is having both AC and Non-AC buses that conveniently operate from the major destinations like Rishikesh, Roorkee, Haridwar, Mussoorie, Nainital, and Dehradun as well.

Being a small hideaway, Dhanaulti has very limited accommodation options. There are few deluxe hotels, and budget hotels along with a couple of guest houses for tourists who want to stay and explore nearby places. Apart from this, one also has the option of staying in Mussoorie and Kanatal, both of which are situated quite close to Dhanaulti that has many hotels in varied budgets.

The best time to visit Dhanualti is winter for sure when this tiny hill station is completely covered in the thick blanket of snow providing varied opportunities to dwell into several adventure activities and camping. For the ones, who are not fond of winters can visit this quaint hill town in summer. during summer, Dhanaulti boasts blooming of rhododendrons, lush deodar and oak trees enveloped in the tranquilizing charm. So, the best months to visit Dhanaulti is from October to June.

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Other Info
Internet Availability: Poor
STD Code: 01376
Languages Spoken: Garhwali, & Hindi
Major Festivals: Details Not Available

How to Reach Dhanaulti

By Air

Nearest Airport: Dehradun - Jolly Grant Airport (87 Kms)

By Train

Nearest Train Station: Dehradun Railway Station (60 Kms)

By Bus

Nearest Bus Station: Dhanaulti Bus Station (0 Kms)

Top 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti


#1 of 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

At a distance of 9 km from Dhanaulti and 35 km from Mussoorie, Surkanda Devi Temple is a Hindu temple situated at Kuddukhal village near Dhanaulti in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand state. Located on Chamba - Dhanaulti Road, it is one of the prominent places of pilgrimage in Uttarakhand and among the must include places in Dhanaulti Tour Packages.

Surkanda Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. This temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeth located all over the Indian subcontinent and also a part of the popular Devi Darshan triangle that includes Chandrabadni and Kunjapuri. According to the mythology, the origins of the Surkanda Devi temple can be attributed to Goddess Sati, wife of Lord Shiva who immolated herself in her father Daksha's sacrifice when he embarrassed Shiva by not inviting the couple to the Yajna. When Shiva was passing over this place on his way back to Kailash carrying Sati's body, her head fell at the spot where the modern temple of Surkhanda Devi stands and .....

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#2 of 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

At a distance of 500 m from Dhanaulti Bus Station, Eco Parks are the newly developed twin parks located in Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand. Situated on Chamba-Mussoorie road, it is one of the most visited tourist places in Dhanaulti as part of Mussoorie Tour Packages.

Spread over an area of 13 hectares, Eco Park is divided into two parts namely Amber and Dhara which are situated 200m apart from each other. Both the gardens have been developed and maintained by the Forest Department with the help of the local youth to create employment opportunities for the poor. Covered with deodar and cedar trees, there is no way you can miss casual strolls and small hikes in these gardens.

Located at a height of 7800 m above the sea level, the entire area comprises of a protected population of the deodar trees with wildflower hedges. There is also a tradition known as memory sapling plantation is followed in the park as a part of which one can plant a sapling in memory of their beloved ones. There .....

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#3 of 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

At a distance of 2 km from Dhanaulti Bus Station, Potato Farm is a farm located close to the main market of Dhanaulti. It is one of the best places to visit in Dhanaulti.

Locally called as 'Aloo Khet', the farm is spread across large strips of land, owned by the Government of Uttarakhand and some private farmers. This widespread farmland with stepped potato cultivation is a fabulous tourist attraction in Dhanaulti in a different sense. The production of potatoes is substantial and is supplied to many places outside the state of Uttarakhand. The step taken by the Indian Government to ease the growing pains of the farmer has been transformed by time into a truly striking viewpoint, which mixes terraced cultivation with the backdrop of rolling hills to give a memorable landmark to Dhanaulti.

The famous Potato Farm is also known for photogenic sunsets. The place also offers a panoramic view of the Doon Valley. Here, tourists can spend a good time walking in the green meadows of .....

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#4 of 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

At a distance of 2 km from Dhanaulti Bus Station, Dhanaulti Adventure Park is a theme park located in Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand. Situated in Apple Orchard Resort, it is one of the best places to visit in Dhanaulti especially for adventure enthusiasts.

Blessed with towering hills, snowcapped mountains, and stunning views, Dhanaulti Adventure Park is the abode for an abundance of adventure sports and activities. The varied and rugged landscape of the park used to it's fullest with a variety of thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activities like Ziplining through thickets of forests, mountain biking through winding mountain trails, rappelling and trekking across majestic mountains, camping in the stunning outdoors and much more.

Also featuring the Snow Adventure Zone a sprawling meadow covered with white snow making it the perfect location for a plethora of exciting activities. Sky Walk is the main draw for the tourists, where one has to walk on a 360 feet long wire which is suspended .....

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#5 of 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

At a distance of 50 km from Dhanaulti, Tehri Dam is a multi-purpose rock and earth-fill embankment dam situated near Tehri in Uttarakhand. It is the tallest dam in India and one of the popular tourist attractions in Dhanaulti.

With a height of 260 m, Tehri Dam or Tehri Dam Reservoir is the tallest dam in India and also one of the tallest in the world. Built across Bhagirathi River, the Tehri dam was commissioned in 2006 to provide water for electricity generation, irrigation, and drinking water. It has a sediment trap efficiency of 95 % and was designed to offset 150 years of sedimentation. The length of the dam is about 575 m, crest width 20 m, and base width 1,128 m. The dam creates a reservoir of 4.0 cubic km of about 3,200,000 acre-feet, having a surface area of 52 sq. km. Provides more than 1,000 MW of hydroelectricity, it serves as the world's biggest hydro-electrical project drawing water from two great rivers of the Himalayas- Bhagirathi and Bhilangana.

The dam offers .....

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#6 of 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

At a distance of 15 km from Dhanaulti Bus Station, Camp Kanatal / Camp Thangdhar is an adventure camp located at Kanatal near Dhanaulti. Situated on Chamba-Mussoorie Road, it is one of the best adventure campsites in Dhanaulti, and among the must include places as part of Dhanaulti Tour Packages.

Situated at an altitude of about 8300 feet, Camp Kanatal, is one of the most exciting and famous places to visit in Dhanaulti for camping lovers and adventure junkies. It offers plenty of outdoor activities like rock climbing, snow camping, trekking or mountain biking. For those who wish to relax, stargazing, and bird-watching are the most relaxing things to do while staying in this camp. The camp also organizes bonfires, buffet meals, indoor-outdoor games and barbeque nights, etc.

Surrounded by pine and deodar trees, the camp also graciously provides sightseeing service to the nearby tourist destinations. The stunning and picturesque 180-degree view of the snow-clad Garhwal Himalayas .....

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Hill Station | City

#7 of 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

At a distance of 33 km from Mussoorie, 157 km from Chandigarh, 231 km from Delhi, 144 km from Ambala, 225 km from Shimla and 278 km from Nainital, Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand and also the headquarters of Dehradun district. Dehradun is located in Doon Valley in the foothills of Himalayas nestled between two of India's mightiest rivers - the Ganges on the east and the Yamuna on the west. It is one of the wellknown destinations to experience the Tourism in Uttarakhand and also one of the popular tourist places near Delhi.

The history of Dehradun city is linked to the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is believed that after the battle with Ravana, Lord Rama and his brother Laxmana visited this site. Dronacharya, the legendary Royal guru to the Kauravas and Pandavas, is believed to have been born and resided in this region. .....

Distance (From Dhanaulti): 60 Kms
Trip Duration (From Dhanaulti - Including Travel): Full Day

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Hill Station

#8 of 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

At a distance of 33 km from Dehradun, 187 km from Ambala, 197 km from Chandigarh, 278 km from Delhi, 263 km from Shimla and 310 km from Nainital, Mussoorie is a popular hill station in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state. This is one of the most popular hill stations in Uttarakhand and also one of the best tourist places near Delhi. Mussoorie is one of the well known tourist destination not to miss in your honeymoon trip.

Kempty Falls, Camel's Back Road and Dhanaulti are among the must include places in your Mussoorie tour packages. Mussoorie is situated atop a horseshoe crest on the mountains of Garhwal at an average altitude of 1880 m. Mussoorie offers commanding views of the underlying Doon Valley and the magnificent Himalayas. The highest in the region is Lal Tibba in Landour, .....

Distance (From Dhanaulti): 29 Kms
Trip Duration (From Dhanaulti - Including Travel): Full Day

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Pilgrimage | Adventure

#9 of 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

At a distance of 26 km from Haridwar, 42 km from Dehradun, 74 km from Mussoorie, 201 km from Chandigarh and 233 km from Delhi, Rishikesh is a holy city on the banks of the River Ganges and is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is one of the top pilgrimage sites in India and among the best places to visit near Delhi. It is also a popular 2 day trip from Delhi and is also base for several trekking trails in Uttarakhand state.

Rishikesh is the gateway to the upper Garhwal region and the starting point for the Char Dham pilgrimage (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath). Rishikesh is situated at an elevation of 356 m above sea level and consists of three distinct areas known as Rishikesh, Swargashram and Muni .....

Distance (From Dhanaulti): 89 Kms
Trip Duration (From Dhanaulti - Including Travel): Full Day

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#10 of 10 Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

At a distance of 26 km from Rishikesh, 54 km from Dehradun, 86 km from Mussoorie, 192 km from Chandigarh and 208 km from Delhi, Haridwar or Hardwar is an ancient religious city in the Haridwar district of Uttarakhand. Haridwar is one of the best tourist Places to visit in Uttarakhand apart from being a popular pilgrimage site in India and also one of the well known tourist places near Delhi. Haridwar is another popular attraction not to miss in a Uttarakhand tour package.

Haridwar, literally translated as Gateway to God, is one of the seven holiest places for Hindus, located on the banks of River Ganges. It is the place where river Ganga descends to the plains. Haridwar is situated at an altitude of 314 m. It serves as a gateway to the Char Dham destinations of Uttarakhand which are Badrinath, Kedarnath, .....

Distance (From Dhanaulti): 112 Kms
Trip Duration (From Dhanaulti - Including Travel): Full Day

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