Dubare Elephant Camp

Wildlife | Lake / Backwaters

Photo Credit: Flickr

Distance (From Coorg): 29 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 2-3 Hours

Place Location: Near Kushalnagar

Transportation Options: Bus / Cab

Travel Tips: Valnoor is about 3.5 Kms from Dubare Elephant Camp and can be visited together.

At a distance of 15 km from Kushalnagar, and 29 km from Madikeri, Dubare Elephant Camp is an elephant training center situated on the banks of the river Cauvery in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. It is one of the most famous places to visit in Coorg, and also one of the top attractions you must include in Coorg packages.

Dubare is a natural island formed by Cauvery River. It is an important base for the Karnataka Forest Department's elephants and among the must include places in India wildlife tour packages. Dubare Elephant Camp is a project undertaken by the forest department and jungle lodges & resorts. This camp has plenty of elephants which are trained under naturalists. The elephants used for Mysore Dussehra are trained at this camp. The trainers explain the various aspects of elephant history, ecology, and biology. Visitors can also participate in various activities involving elephants like feeding the elephants with ragi, jaggery, sugarcane, banana, and coconuts. Tourists can also watch elephants being given a scrub-bath in the river and also watch how oil is applied on their forehead, tusks, etc.

There are opportunities for trekking, elephant rides, coracle ride, bird watching, fishing, and river rafting. River rafting at Dubare is one of the top things to do in Coorg. These activities are hosted by jungle lodges and resorts. The forest department conducts trekking into the forest surrounding the camp along the Cauvery River. Visitors also have an option of going on a coracle boat ride on the River Cauvery here. Do not forget to watch out for the crocodiles sunning on the river banks while enjoying the coracle rides. Fishing is allowed with prior permission from the wildlife society.

The forests of Dubare are home to many wild animals and birds. The sighting of wild Asiatic elephants is regular and there is a possibility of spotting sambar, spotted deer, tigers, leopards, wild dogs, and gaur. Bears are also seen in these forests. The forest is also home to many non-venomous snakes and reptiles. Kingfishers, peacocks, woodpeckers, and peacocks can also be found in the forest.

The best time to visit Dubare Elephant Camp is between the months of September and March. In addition, Nisargadhama and Veerabhoomi are the other main attractions of this area. Jungle Lodges and Resorts maintain cottages at the camp.

Timings of Elephant Interaction: 9 AM - 11 AM & 4.30 PM - 5.30 PM

Entry: Rs. 20 for Person, Rs. 30 for Boat, Rs. 100 for Elephant Bathing, Rs. 20 Elephant Feeding, & Rs. 885 for Elephant Interaction

Day Visit (8.30 AM to 2.30 PM): Rs. 1499 for Indians, & Rs. 2250 for Foreigners (includes Elephant Interaction, Nature Walk, Breakfast & Lunch)