Gohar Mahal / Gauhar Mahal - History, Timings & Entry Fee


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Distance (From Bhopal Junction Railway Station): 4 Kms

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1 Hour

Place Location: In The Peer Gate Area

Transportation Options: Bus / Cab / Auto

Travel Tips: None

At a distance of 4 km from Bhopal Junction, Gohar Mahal, also spelt as Gauhar Mahal is an ancient palace located in the Peer Gate area of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Perched on the banks of the serene Upper Lake, it is one of the beautiful heritage structures in Bhopal, and among the top places to visit as part of Bhopal Packages.

Gohar Mahal was constructed in the year 1820 by the first female ruler of Bhopal, Qudsia Begum who is popularly known as Gohar Begum. This three-storied palace was the residential as well as a working place for the Begum. Maintained by Madhya Pradesh Tourism, it is one of the finest specimens of architecture and craftsmanship of the Nawabi era. Built with a perfect blend of Hindu and Mughal styles of architecture, the palace is ornamented with intricate interior carvings and beautiful decorations on the exterior.

The splendid three-storied structure has an entry from the lakeside. The surrounding of the palace is beautifully landscaped with lawns and flower gardens. It is a palace with two courtyards. The first part of it was Diwan-e-Aam, in which the common people were heard while the second part was Diwan-i-Khas, in which only the people with special rank in the city were allowed to come after permission. Right now these parts of the palace have been closed for safety. The great hall overlooks the idyllic Upper Lake, while the interiors of the hall host numerous ancient paintings and intricate woodwork.

Gohar Mahal has lost some of its original charm over the years, but it is undergoing restoration which will bring back its grandeur. This place has now become a site for exhibitions and displays of sorts.

Timings: 8 AM - 6 PM

Entry: Free