2 Best Places in Coorg for River Rafting

Nestled between the misty hills adorned with aromatic coffee plantations, Coorg is one of the enchanting hill stations in Karnataka and among the top places to visit near Bangalore. Often referred to as the ‘Scotland of India’, the pristine hill station is famous for its tourist attractions, and the production of exquisite coffee and spices. Also, Coorg has been hailed as one of the most challenging destinations for white water rafting in India. The unique topography of the Coorg blessed by the wonderful Western Ghats makes this place an ideal for river rafting where one can enjoy with their family and friends through the gushing waters that will be etched in your memories forever. Tourists can immerse in a vacation replete with thrill and fun with two types of river rafting at Coorg that draw a huge number of tourists as part of Coorg Tour Packages.

Barapole River Rafting

Known for its fierce turbulence and magnificent white water, Barapole River Rafting in Coorg is one of the most challenging experiences in South India. The raft just covers a distance of around 3-4 km with rapids of various grades ranging from I to V. Flowing through the lush green forests of Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, rafting at Barapole River is a great way to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of wildlife and nature that lures thousands of tourists every year to Coorg, among the most scenic places to visit near Bangalore. The rapids are also called Big Bang, Ramba Samba, Wicked Witch, Morning Coffee, and Grasshopper. Besides, it is suggested to attend white-water rafting classes and mock drills before indulging in this activity. The white frothy river with speedy waters and rapids, flowing through beautiful landscapes, makes the white water rafting in Barapole River one of the most popular things to do in Coorg.

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Dubare River Rafting

A natural island formed by Cauvery River, Dubare Elephant Camp is a project undertaken by the forest department and jungle lodges & resorts. This camp has plenty of elephants that are trained under naturalists. The elephants used for Mysore Dussehra are trained at this camp. Visitors can participate in various activities involving elephants like feeding the elephants and bathing in the river as part of the Coorg tour. Besides, Dubare is also one of the popular places to visit near Mysore for river rafting. There are several rafting routes ranging from 1-hour trip to 3 hours. Since the rapids here are of grade I and II, the place is perfect for beginners and does not require special training. The raft passes through the beautiful forest where one can spot various animals and birds in their natural habitat. October to December is the best season for rafting in Coorg, among the prominent places to visit near Mysore.

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