Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Coorg 2-Day Trip

Situated amidst the majestic mountains of Karnataka, Coorg is a destination that appeals to all kinds of travelers – whether you seek relaxation, nature’s beauty, or thrilling adventures. With its unparalleled natural landscapes, fragrant coffee plantations, diverse wildlife, and lush green hills intersected by flowing streams, Coorg is a gem waiting to be explored. This pristine hill station offers a plethora of tourist attractions, making it impossible to visit all in just a day or two. To make your trip planning easier, has curated a list of the best places to visit during your Coorg 2 day trip. Here are the recommendations:

Cauvery Nisargadhama

Nisargadhama, an enchanting island formed by the River Cauvery, is situated in Coorg, among the top hill stations near Bangalore. Established as a tourist attraction in 1988 by the Forest Department, this pristine island can be reached via a suspension bridge, making it an ideal spot to enjoy quality time with loved ones. Encompassing 64 acres, Nisargadhama boasts dense bamboo forests, sandalwood and teak trees, along with attractions like a Deer Park, Rabbit Park, Peacock Park, and Orchidarium, drawing in numerous visitors as part of the popular Coorg Leisure tour. Additionally, visitors can enjoy elephant rides and boating while exploring this picturesque island.

Abbey Falls

Situated amidst dense forests of the Western Ghats, Abbey Falls stands out as one of the most renowned waterfalls in Karnataka and a key attraction in Coorg family packages. With water flowing down from a height of 70 feet against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery, Abbey Falls offers a mesmerizing sight. The trekking path leading to the waterfall winds through lush coffee, cardamom, pepper, and spice plantations, making it a delightful experience for nature enthusiasts and photography lovers to capture the beauty of the natural world during a Coorg 2 day trip from Mysore. The waterfall appears majestic post-monsoon, particularly from October to December. Although swimming is not allowed in the falls, the serene ambiance of the place itself is sufficient to entice travelers seeking a tranquil retreat in the lap of Mother Nature.

Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort, located in the heart of Madikeri town, is a historical fort that retains its ancient allure. Regarded as one of the must-include places in Coorg 2 day trip itinerary, the fort was originally constructed by Mudduraja, the ruler of Coorg, in the late 17th century AD. Initially made of mud, the fort was later rebuilt in stone by Tipu Sultan in 1781 AD and renamed Jaffarabad. The fort features a two-story palace that spans about 110 feet in length, which was refurbished by the British who added a majestic clock tower in 1933 AD. Inside the palace, visitors can find a sculpture of a tortoise bearing King Vijayarajendra’s initials, as well as two life-size stone elephants. Additionally, there is a Gothic-style church with colorful stained glass windows that has been transformed into a museum by the Archaeological Department. The fort also houses the Mahatma Gandhi Public Library, the Kote Maha Ganapathi temple, and the district prison. Presently, the Madikeri Deputy Commissioner’s Office is located within the fort premises in Coorg, among the most scenic hill stations near Mysore.

Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat is a popular viewpoint situated in the picturesque hill town of Madikeri. This is one of the top tourist places to visit in Coorg and also a famous sunset point in Madikeri. The viewpoint is built on a high elevation with a commanding view of the cliffs and valleys. This lovely spot was once a favorite place of recreation for the King of Coorg. He used to spend time with his queen in the garden and watching the setting sun. The spot offers a breathtaking view of towering hills, green valleys studded with paddy fields. It is fascinating to watch the road to Mangalore like a curved ribbon lying in the valley. Raja’s Seat stands inside a splendid garden of seasonal flowers and musical fountains developed by the Karnataka Government. The garden becomes a colorful sight when the plants are in full bloom. The fountains dance to the tune of rhythmic music and gush out colorful water. The spot attracts lot of tourists and morning walkers as part of Coorg Luxury Packages.

Omkareswara Temple

The Omkareshwar Temple, constructed in 1820 CE by Lingarajendra, is a renowned ancient shrine situated in Coorg, among the top hill stations near Mangalore. This temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a prominent inclusion in Coorg tour from Mangalore. The Shivalinga enshrined within the temple is believed to have been brought from the sacred city of Varanasi. The architectural style of the temple combines elements of both Islamic and Gothic designs, featuring a grand central dome and four minarets at each corner. The walls are adorned with captivating paintings, while the windows are crafted with Panchaloha bars. Encircled by a picturesque pond, the temple attracts numerous local devotees and tourists who seek a glimpse of the divine Shivalinga housed within the sanctum. The primary festival celebrated here is Mahashivaratri, which is observed with great enthusiasm.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Situated along the banks of River Cauvery, Dubare Elephant Camp serves as an elephant training facility managed by the forest department and jungle lodges & resorts of Karnataka. Among the top places to visit near Bangalore, the camp houses several elephants that undergo training by naturalists, including those used during Mysore Dussehra.  Dubare is one of the best places to see the wildlife in Coorg. Visitors can engage in a variety of activities such as bathing elephants and feeding them a diet of ragi, jaggery, sugarcane, banana, and coconuts, which draws in a large number of tourists on Coorg 2 day trip from Mangalore. Additionally, tourists can enjoy trekking, elephant rides, coracle rides, bird watching, fishing, and river rafting in the area.

Chiklihole Dam

Located in close proximity to Nanjarayapattana town, Chiklihole Dam is a small reservoir constructed across the Chiklihole river within the Cauvery basin of Karnataka. Established in 1985, the dam serves the purpose of providing irrigation to the neighboring villages. Spanning 464.8 meters in length and standing at a height of 25.3 meters, the dam boasts a gross storage capacity of 5.097 mcm. The distinctive design of the dam itself serves as a major attraction for tourists who visit the dam as part of Coorg Honeymoon Packages. Featuring a semi-circular structure without any crest gates, the dam showcases a mesmerizing sight as water overflows like foam on its curved surface with an increase in inflow. The surroundings of Chiklihole reservoir are adorned with verdant greenery and diverse wildlife, creating a serene ambiance ideal for spending quality time with loved ones. Witnessing the sunset from the dam is a truly enchanting experience while in Coorg, among the top places to visit near Mysore. The dense forests and open spaces make for perfect picnic spots, offering an absolutely delightful setting for visitors.

Golden Temple / Tibetan Monastery – Bylakuppe

Bylakuppe, located on the Mysore-Coorg road, is a Tibetan refugee settlement that houses the magnificent Namdroling Monastery. This monastery, also known as the Golden Temple, was founded by Drubwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche in 1963. It is not only one of the most beautiful Buddhist monasteries in India but also the second largest Tibetan settlement in the country, following Dharamshala, one of the top places to visit near Delhi. Golden Temple entices visitors with its vibrant murals, towering 40 feet high gilded images of Guru Padmasambhava in the sanctum, serene temple complex, and distinctive Tibetan prayer rituals. As part of a Coorg tour from Bangalore, tourists from all corners of India and abroad flock to this sacred site. The main festival celebrated here is the Tibetan New Year, known as Losar, which takes place over a span of fifteen days in the months of February and March. This festival is marked with great enthusiasm and joy.

Harangi Dam

Built across the River Cauvery, Harangi Dam is built against a small stream, a tributary of Cauvery River situated at Hadgur village near Coorg, among the best tourist places near Mangalore. Known for its natural beauty and soothing atmosphere, the dam is 846 meters long with a height of 47 meters. It is the first dam to be built across the River Cauvery, and amongt the popular places to visit near Coorg. During monsoon season, the dam attracts huge number of tourists when the gates are opened, and the water is released. Also, one can spot a small garden and a stone statue of Goddess Cauvery near the dam as part of Coorg tour from Mysore.

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